is acoustic guitar harder than electric

Is Acoustic Guitar Harder Than Electric Guitar To Learn? 

You might be wondering if you should learn acoustic guitar or go with electric.

Is one easier than the other?

Will you learn one faster?

Is acoustic guitar harder than electric guitar to learn?

Do electric guitar and acoustic guitar use the same chords?

Well the good news is you can’t make a wrong decision here.

Whether you go with an electric or acoustic guitar as your first choice, you’re learning guitar.

This is because electric guitar and acoustic have more in common than they differ in.

Anyone who plays one can easily swap to the other, it might take them a few minutes to get used to the feel, but they are intrinsically the same.

I would recommend to beginners who want to pick out their first guitar, think about functionality, and what you want to play, rather than which type of guitar is easier.

Acoustic guitars are nice and simple to pick up, play and put back again.

Electric guitars need cables and amps, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but acoustic guitars are simpler and more straightforward..

Choose which type of guitar is more appealing to you, not which one is easier to learn, as you’ll quickly get past that hurdle.

Is acoustic guitar easier than electric guitar

No, acoustic guitar is not easier than electric.

Infact, learning the basic chords and scales will be easier on electric guitar, as beginners will often find electric guitar easier to fret.

However, this advantage will disappear within the first couple months of play, just that initially, electricity is easier.

Open chords are where you typically start learning, and open chords are a little harder to fret on acoustic guitar, compared to electric.

Are Acoustic guitars better than electric

No type of guitar is better, only better suited to the  style of music you’re playing.

It’s going to be tough to play speed metal on an acoustic guitar, and it’s going to look funny playing bluegrass on a Flying V.

The best guitar is the one suited for the style or genre you want to play.

If you want to learn tapping and run up and down the neck, a 12 fret dreadnought isn’t going to work for you.

However, a nice Ibanez will; find the guitar that suits your style.

Are electric guitars better than acoustic?

No, electric guitars are not better than acoustics, and the opposite also isn’t true.

You’ll be able to pick up the very basics of guitar a little faster at first.

However, we’re talking a couple weeks of initial playing that will be easier.

If you’re planning on learning guitar, you have years of learning and practicing ahead of you.

While it’s always a good idea to give yourself every advantage you can, this isn’t much of an advantage, even in the short term.

Get an acoustic or electric guitar, whichever one is a more attractive option.

Don’t worry about if acoustic guitar is harder than electric or vice versa.

Does Electric guitar and acoustic guitar have the same chords?

Yes, the chords are the same for both electric and acoustic guitar, and you can play every chord on either style of guitar.

The chords do not change, and neither do the frets, but some guitars might be easier to play some chords or pieces.

The actual fretboards of both electric and acoustic guitars are the same, so there is no difference in chords from one to another.

Electric isn’t harder than acoustic and acoustic isn’t harder than electric.

If you’re wondering which type of guitar you should get, don’t ask is acoustic guitar harder than electric, ask which one you want to play more!

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