Do I Need An Adjustable Piano Bench

Do I Need An Adjustable Piano Bench? Piano Bench Height

Do you really need an adjustable piano bench? What height should a piano bench be? What are the best piano benches that I could use in the market? If you are planning to buy one, join us as we are going to check out the advantages of using adjustable piano benches.

Advantages Of Adjustable And Non-Adjustable Piano Benches

When it comes to using an adjustable piano, there are some advantages to it, especially if you are a pianist yourself. The first is that you can make adjustments to the height of the bench, allowing you to find your comfort when you are playing the piano. Another thing is that it lacks a backrest compared to a normal sitting chair, which pushes you to develop good posture, as you can’t lean on anything.

Adjustable piano benches also offer you more stability compared to a regular chair. The last thing is that it gives you an elegant appearance, making you a more respectable musician, especially if the bench and the piano are made by the same manufacturer.

When it comes to non-adjustable piano benches, one of their advantages is that they are more affordable compared to adjustable piano benches. They also do not have a backrest, so you can enforce the proper posture on yourself, which will be a huge help in the long run, allowing you to play for longer periods without a break.

For very tall people and children, using an adjustable piano bench would be a great help. In playing the piano, your hands should be bent at 90 degrees when placing it on its keyboard, as this is highly recommended for correct posture. For tall people, especially those who are taller than 6’2″, their hands will bend too much, while for shorter people from 4’6″ below, their hands will also have a hard time achieving the proper angle. This is why adjustable piano benches would be a huge help if you are using one.

So, why shouldn’t you use a normal stool when playing the piano? One thing is that they are less comfortable compared to piano benches. You will need to be comfortable when playing, so you can play for longer hours. Stools are also less stable compared to a piano bench. Using a stool also does not give you a nice appearance. Although they are cheaper than piano benches, stools are not really a great option to sit on when playing the piano.

Top Piano Benches

Roland PB-500 Piano Bench

A flagship piano bench that would perfectly match Roland’s acoustic and digital pianos, the Roland PB-500 is an excellent piano bench to sit on for a long time. Made from high-quality wood and leather with a polished ebony gloss black finish, you can now sit with more comfort compared to other piano benches available in the market.

This piano bench can be continuously adjusted up to 10 cm, allowing you to have a better posture for more comfortable playing. It has a velvet-lined storage compartment, so you can hide your music books easily. Its cushioned leather seat really looks luxurious. As this is a high-end product, you can expect that it can also last very long, just like your piano.

On-Stage KT7800+ 

Although the brand is widely known for manufacturing high-quality mic and keyboard stands, they also have one of the best piano benches in the market with its KT7800+. This piano bench comes with a folding X-frame body and has a thick padded seat for a more comfortable sitting experience when playing for long periods.

As the KT7800+ is an adjustable piano bench, you can have four levels of height adjustment using a set of four locking holes. With its four fixed heights of 19″, 21″, 23″, and 25″, they can be a perfect bench to sit on for children or adults. Unfortunately, it does not come with storage; however, it gives you the portability you won’t get from other high-end piano benches.

Yamaha B1 Piano Bench

If you are looking for a traditional piano bench that can do its job correctly, making you comfortable throughout your playing time, then the Yamaha B1 piano bench is a perfect option that you should look at. This elegant bench is the perfect match for your acoustic piano made by Yamaha.

Made of solid wood and coming with a soft and comfortable cushion to sit on, this piano bench has the looks of a classical bench, making them very attractive to the eyes. It has heavy-duty legs, making them very stable and durable, so you can expect that it will last for a long time. Although it can be a little bit basic, you still get the comfort you can have from high-end piano benches available in the market.

Hercules KB200B 

If you have heard about the brand Hercules, then maybe you think of them as a guitar accessory brand; however, they also make high-quality keyboard and piano accessories, including piano benches. Based on its brand name, the Hercules KB200B is really known for its durability and being robust as a piano bench to sit on.

Although it is not the best-looking piano bench on the market, it can still do its job, giving you the comfort that would help you play for a long time without feeling any body pain and give you the durability that you can trust for a long time. If you are looking for a piano bench that you can depend on, the Hercules KB200 would be an excellent option for you.

With its portability, especially that it is foldable, you can easily bring it to your shows if you are playing live, rehearsals, or going to a studio to record. It has four levels of height adjustments from 480, 510, 530, and 560 millimeters for a more comfortable playing experience with the piano. So, whether a child or adult is using the piano bench, there would not be any problems with its adjustment.

Korg PC-770

When it comes to keyboards and digital pianos, one brand that always comes to every musician’s mind is the Korg. So, when they make a piano bench, you can really be sure that it is of high quality. The Korg PC-770 has a classic look for a piano bench, making it a perfect match for any piano out there. Thanks to its thick but soft cushion, you can have a highly comfortable sitting position, allowing you to play for extended periods without feeling any fatigue, especially on your back and waist.

This piano bench is perfect if there are multiple players who are going to use this when playing the piano, as it has two knobs on its sides, making it simple to adjust. It can also offer you plenty of height level adjustments, which would be perfect if you are really particular about the height adjustment feature.

So, do you really need an adjustable piano bench? What height should a piano bench be? If you are a child or a very tall person that is taller than 6’2″, then it is highly recommended to use an adjustable piano bench. The height of a piano bench must be that your hands would bend 90 degrees when it is placed on the piano’s keyboard, as this position will promote proper posture on playing the piano.