Are Apollo Drums Good

Are Apollo Drums Good? Apollo Drum Brand

Are Apollo Drums good? A classic drum brand that can be unfamiliar to many young drummers and musicians nowadays, some of the brand’s drum sets are still for sale at websites that sell used musical equipment at a much more affordable price, making them a target to many that are looking for a cheap kit to own. That’s why we are here to give you some insights on whether to go for them or not.

History Of Apollo Drums

In the early 1960s, the Apollo Drum Company embarked on a partnership with Star Drums, a prominent Japanese drum manufacturer. This collaboration aimed to produce drums specifically tailored for the American market. The resulting instruments featured Japanese-made shells and hardware bearing the Apollo brand name.

The introduction of the Apollo/Star drums received a warm reception from drummers, contributing significantly to establishing Apollo as a leading brand in the drum industry. The combination of Japanese craftsmanship and Apollo’s reputation for quality proved to be a winning formula. These drums showcased excellent sound, durability, and attention to detail, further solidifying Apollo’s position in the market.

However, the partnership between Apollo and Star was relatively short-lived, as it faced challenges that led to its eventual dissolution in the late 1960s. One contributing factor was Star Drums’ inability to meet the stringent quality standards set by Apollo Drum Company. As a result, the collaboration did not fulfill its long-term objectives.

Simultaneously, Apollo Drum Company was also keen on expanding its manufacturing capabilities within the United States. This strategic decision likely influenced the discontinuation of the Apollo/Star drums, as Apollo sought to shift production and maintain greater control over its manufacturing processes.

Despite the brief duration of the Apollo/Star partnership, the legacy of these drums endures. Collectors and vintage drum enthusiasts hold them in high regard due to their rarity and historical significance. The limited availability of these drums has contributed to their desirability and collectible status, with prices reaching thousands of dollars in the market.

The Apollo/Star drums, produced as a result of the collaboration between Apollo Drum Company and Star Drums, made a significant impact in the 1960s. Though the partnership was relatively short-lived, the drums gained recognition and played a pivotal role in establishing Apollo as a reputable drum brand. Today, the Apollo/Star drums hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and vintage drum enthusiasts, standing as prized artifacts of drumming history.

Build Quality

Apollo Drums gained a reputation for their exceptional build quality at an affordable price, making them highly sought after by drummers, collectors, and vintage drum enthusiasts. The drums boasted a combination of high-quality materials, innovative features, and durability.

The shells of Apollo Drums were crafted using premium materials such as mahogany, which makes them affordable but still able to deliver a great sound. These woods are renowned for their tonal characteristics, offering a rich, resonant sound. Multiple plies of wood were used in the construction of the shells, providing strength and durability to withstand the rigors of regular playing.

The hardware on Apollo Drums was made of brass, a corrosion-resistant material. Chrome hardware added a touch of elegance and ensured longevity and reliability. The robust components, including lugs, hoops, and tension rods, contributed to the drums’ overall stability and tuning consistency.

In addition to their high-quality materials, Apollo Drums were known for their innovative features. The unique tom mounting system employed by Apollo allowed for maximum resonance and sustain, enabling the drums to project their full sound potential. 

Apollo Drums were built to last, with careful attention to detail in their construction. The shells and hardware were meticulously assembled and finished with a clear coat of lacquer, providing protection against the elements and maintaining their visual appeal over time.

Due to its discontinued production, today, Apollo Drums still have a reputation for exceptional build quality and unique sound characteristics, making them a coveted choice among collectors and vintage drum enthusiasts.

Apollo Jazz Festival

The Apollo Jazz Festival drum set is highly regarded for its outstanding sound and build quality, making it a preferred choice among jazz drummers. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this drum set offers a range of features contributing to its exceptional performance.

When it comes to build quality, the Apollo Jazz Festival drum set exemplifies the craftsmanship associated with the Apollo brand. It has a 9-ply shell that is carefully chosen for its tonal characteristics and durability. The multiple plies used in the shell construction ensure strength and resonance, allowing the drums to produce a warm and articulate sound. The overall construction of the drum set is solid, ensuring stability and reliability during performances.

The Apollo Jazz Festival drum set also includes notable features that enhance its performance capabilities. The zip action foot pedal, a hallmark of the Apollo brand, offers smooth and responsive action, allowing drummers to execute intricate footwork with precision and ease. This pedal is designed to provide optimal control and sensitivity, essential for jazz drumming techniques.

Another notable feature of the Apollo Jazz Festival drum set is the chrome bass drum hoops. These hoops add a touch of visual elegance and contribute to the bass drum’s overall durability and tuning stability. The chrome-plated hoops provide a clean and defined attack, enhancing the drum’s projection and presence.

Furthermore, the drum set incorporates a multi-position tom holder, allowing for versatile placement and adjustability of the tom drums. This feature enables drummers to find their preferred positioning, optimizing playability and comfort while ensuring the toms are in an optimal sonic position.

Apollo Commander 

The Apollo Commander drum set is renowned for its exceptional sound and build quality, making it a preferred choice among newbie and intermediate-level drummers seeking affordable drum kits that can do the job. This drum set combines meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and thoughtful design features to deliver an outstanding playing experience.

In terms of build quality, the Apollo Commander drum set upholds the reputation of the Apollo brand. The shells are constructed with precision using 9-ply wood, ensuring strength, durability, and optimal resonance. The multiple plies contribute to a robust shell construction that can withstand the rigors of frequent playing while producing a rich and well-defined sound.

The hardware of the Apollo Commander drum set is thoughtfully designed to provide stability and reliability. The flush base heavily chromed snare stands and hi-hat stands offer a sleek and stylish appearance and ensure sturdy support for the respective instruments. The chromed finish enhances the durability of the hardware while adding an appealing aesthetic touch.

The snare drum, a centerpiece of the drum set, is equipped with triple-flange hoops. These hoops enhance the drum’s attack and projection, providing a clear and defined sound. The triple-flange design also offers increased sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing for nuanced playing dynamics and articulation.

The overall sound quality of the Apollo Commander drum set is outstanding. The combination of high-quality shells, precision hardware, and thoughtful design elements results in a balanced and versatile sound. 

The drums deliver a wide dynamic range, allowing drummers to explore various musical styles and genres. The Apollo Commander drum set offers exceptional tonal characteristics and projection, whether played softly for subtle jazz grooves or with intensity for powerful rock beats.

So, are Apollo Drums good? Yes, for the price that they are sold, especially nowadays, they are really great options. They also have some features that can be unique and way above their price point, which is impressive.