are cort acoustic guitars good

Are Cort Acoustic Guitars Good? Cort Guitar Brand

Whether you are starting to get into guitars or simply looking to try out something new, you might be asking yourself: are Cort acoustic guitars good? Cort guitars are especially attractive if you are not looking to break the bank. Their prices, comparatively, are quite accessible to all musicians. This means that they are very commonly selected by both beginners and professionals.

Though Cort acoustic guitars are a subsection of instruments on their own, they naturally perform at varying levels depending on their overall price. On one hand, we have the starter models, which are not at all expensive, and on the other hand, we have the Cort Cut Craft guitar series, which can run up to 1500 dollars.

The price you pay for an instrument will reflect the expected performance of that instrument, and Cort guitars are no exception. Still, that leaves our question, “Are Cort acoustic guitars good?” This article will cover the basics of Cort acoustic guitars, and what type of value you can expect from them.

What Value Can You Get From a Cort Acoustic Guitar?

By checking out some of the models available, we can start to take a look at what you can expect from a Cort guitar. We’ll start by comparing the features and specs of multiple guitar series against their cost to get a proper feeling of their value.

Here is a peek at Cort Acoustic guitars:

Cort Earth Series

The Cort Earth series features several guitars such as the Earth50, 70, 80, 100, 200, and 300 models. Aside from these, it also comes in other models such as the Earth Grand and Earth Mini, and all of these can be made with a variety of woods. 

You will find that the prices range from $200 to $500, which is surprisingly cheap when you consider that they come with solid wood tops. Additionally, most of these models feature the ability to use amplifiers and come in left-handed versions.

For the price you pay, you can rest assured that you’ll be happy to have such a guitar as a beginner, and maybe even beyond that stage.

Cort GA Cutaway Series

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, then we should move to the Cort CA Cutaway series. This series provides a much better sound compared to the Earth series and is still quite affordable compared to some other guitars on the market. This guitar is still good for beginners that are looking to get started with a solid acoustic guitar

In this series, the most common choices are the Cort GAMY-BV and Cort GAPF-BV Grand Auditorium versions, which can be purchased for around $500 to $600, depending on your location.

Both these models are cut-away designs that sport a beveled armrest, which makes playing them a far more comfortable experience. This series offers everything that the Earth series does, and more. For the price, you are getting a great value that can be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs alike.

Cort AD810

This particular Cort acoustic guitar is one of the most popular Cort guitars ever, and for good reason. Naturally, we are talking about the Cort AD810 OP Dreadnought.

This guitar draws its value from its simplicity. It doesn’t offer anything like the two previous series, but it does the basics extremely well. This allows it to deliver a fantastic acoustic guitar sound without a heavy price tag. 

As far as wood goes, the AD810 has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, which is standard in many other current guitars.

The reason why this particular guitar is so popular, even among guitars with many more features, is its low price range of $100 to $200. This relatively inexpensive cost makes the AD810 very accessible and reliable for beginners. 

Is a Cort Guitar Good For Beginners?

To answer the question, is the Cort guitar good for beginners? The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but it does depend on what Cort guitar you are looking at. The ideal Cort guitar for beginners is likely the Earth Series, as it does come with many of the basics that starting musicians may not have yet.

For instance, the Earth Pack comes with the Earth60 acoustic guitar, a digital tuner, a gig bag, some picks, and a pack of spare strings. That pack alone should save you some extra cash that could be used to get even more gear. 

If you want something that is more expensive but comes with features to justify the cost, then the Cort MR710F Acoustic-Electric is something to consider. It is sold for around $550, but it does come with a hard case for your troubles. 

Cort Acoustic Guitars: Solid Entry for Any Musician

Ultimately, there is no end to the number of guitars for beginners to start off with, but you can rest assured that the Cort series has been able to completely justify their price by providing excellent value on their guitars.

Feel free to take a look at the wide range of selections available on Cort guitars, and don’t be afraid to try one out if you get the chance.

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