Are Drums A Good Instrument To Learn

Are Drums A Good Instrument To Learn? Drum Benefits

Are drums a good instrument to learn? What are the benefits I can get from learning the drums? What personal things will be improved if I learn how to play the drums? What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning the drums? 

The questions above are mostly asked by those individuals who are interested in learning the instrument but are still hesitant as to whether they can get some benefits from doing it or not. So, if you are one of them, you are now going to find out if it would be worth it or not.

The drums have already been invented for a long time since there are still some pieces of evidence found that say that their first versions were made in the 6th century B.C. The oldest drum kit that is still functional today would age more than 100 years, so you can really see that even now, the drums is still an important instrument in the music industry.

Suppose you analyze the history of drums and its importance in the music industry today. In that case, you can really conclude that because of its substantial number of years being relevant as a musical instrument, there are really many people who would love to be a drummer someday as they can see some huge advantages and benefits of being a drummer.

The Good Benefits Of Learning To Play The Drums

Able To Reduce Stress

If you feel that life is getting more stressful, maybe you need to learn how to play an instrument like the drums. Playing the drums can relieve some physical and psychological stress, even just for a few minutes, as playing the instrument can boost your mood.

In a scientific study done by some legitimate researchers, they said that when you play the drums, your brain immediately releases some endorphins, which really makes you feel good. The researchers concluded that the active performance of playing the music was the reason why your brain generates a high number of endorphins. This result clearly shows that playing the drums greatly reduces your stress levels.

Playing the drums is also an excellent therapeutic tool. Recent research says that playing the drums also accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. Not only stress, but it also has a positive effect on depression, behavioral issues, fatigue, and grief.

It Boosts Your Brain Power And Increases Academic Performance

When playing the drums, your brain forces your non-dominant side to coordinate and strengthen your non-dominant limbs. Because of all these things, playing the drums greatly improves your coordination with your body, as your hands and feet need to work together simultaneously when you play it.

In a recent study, researchers found out that playing the drums makes your brain think uniquely compared to other activities, and they concluded that playing the instrument boosts brain power. Being able to understand how rhythms work is a complicated brain process that a drummer is used to doing, and being exposed more to these activities significantly improves the IQ level of a person.

Playing the drums also increases the academic performance of a person as music enables a person to learn multiplication tables and mathematical formulas easier. It also helps you improve your knowledge of English as drumming helps you to identify emotional cues, which is a skill that is used to identify a character’s thought processes and motives.

In an academic experiment done by a renowned researcher, it was found that those students who were taught using rhythm notation performed better on tests with fractions, and those children that acquired logical thinking from music classes were able to solve problems unrelated to music problems.

Develops Your Confidence And Improves Communication Skills

One of the advantages of knowing how to play the drums is that it greatly improves your confidence. Learning this instrument requires a strong mindset that you will need to learn more complex drum techniques to become a better drummer, and this takes a lot of guts for you to do it all the way, which is why being a drummer helps you to stay confident no matter what.

Being a musical student, you can also communicate better with those people who have musical training or knowledge. If you are a drummer that is in a band, then you should notice that you can communicate with your bandmates easily when playing.

Drumming also teaches you some non-verbal signs and cues, which helps you to understand between the lines in terms of communicating with other people.

It Is A Lifelong Learning And You Can Also Earn Money

Knowing how to play an instrument like the drums is lifelong learning that you will never forget, especially if you frequently practice until you get old. It enhances your life more, so there is really no reason to stop learning the drums, as learning in life does not also stop.

For professional and legendary drummers, drumming is their way to earn money. Playing in a gig, you can earn some money on it, but playing in a concert or in recording sessions gives you better compensation for your skills. Learning how to play the drums can be a hobby, but it can also be the answer to your dreams of becoming famous and rich.

So, are drums a good instrument to learn? Yes, absolutely. There are many reasons why you should learn how to play the drums, and one of them is it releases you from the stress and pressure you feel. It also improves your intelligence, and it also allows you to earn some money if you become a professional drummer.