Are Electronic Drum Kits Good To Learn On

Are Electronic Drum Kits Good To Learn On? Electric drum Kits

Are electronic drum kits good to learn on? What are the positives and negatives of using an electronic drum kit and an acoustic drum kit? Are there really any differences between the two types of drum kits? These are the usual questions that always come out when a novice drummer plans to buy a drum kit. So, if you are one of them, you are in the right place as we will help you to make the right decision.

So, what is an electronic drum kit? The electronic drum kit is designed as the primary alternative to an acoustic drum kit. It consists of an electronic sound module that is able to produce a sound like a drum kit, and the drum pads need to be struck by drum sticks, similar to what you do in an acoustic drum kit.

So, how does it work? Every time you strike any of the drum pads, it generates an electronic signal that is transmitted to the cables into the drum module. The sound signal from the drum module can be amplified using a drum amplifier, or you can also plug it into the P.A. system. You can also plug a headphone into the sound module to be able to hear the sound of the electronic drum kit.

Since the first electronic drum kit was invented in the early 1970s by Graeme Edge, the electronic drum kit has been a solid option as a practice kit for drummers. As of today, many drummers are already using electronic drum kits as their gear in playing live and recording performances. Using an electronic drum kit also gives you some advantages, and more and more drummers are buying this type of drum kit.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Electronic Drum Kit?

Volume Control

One of the advantages of using an electronic drum kit if you frequently practice is its volume control. The problem with acoustic drum kits is that they can be very loud, especially if it is placed in a small house. Its loudness can easily disturb everyone in your home or even your neighbors, which is why you rarely see acoustic drum kits in houses, except if it is placed in a special room like a home studio.

This is where the electronic drum kit really shines. You can easily control the volume of the kit even if you hit the drum pads so hard. You can also isolate the sound it is producing by inserting a headphone into its sound module. You can use a drum amplifier or even a keyboard amplifier and control the volume from there.

Using an electronic drum kit is a better option for practicing drums if you are concerned with the volume. Yes, you can change the drum heads and the cymbals of the acoustic drum kits into those purposely muted heads and cymbals, but it will still be louder compared to the noise from an electronic drum kit. Just by using headphones, you can practice on your own without disturbing anyone.


If you own an acoustic drum kit, then you may already know that it is really hard to bring your drum kit anywhere you want to. If you are a musician who frequently travels, then perhaps you should not go for an acoustic drum kit as it would be a burden for you to bring it anywhere because of its size.

On the other hand, electronic drum kits are very portable as you can disassemble them if you want to bring them on to another location. They are also lighter compared to acoustic drums, and they take up less space, so it would be easier to place them in your vehicle if you have one. You can also easily assemble it, which is really an advantage if you are required to set up your gear fast.

Easy To Record

If you are into recording, then maybe you should go for an electronic drum kit. Most electronic drum kits nowadays allow you to record what you have played on the equipment. Recording this will enable you to check the mistakes you have made so that you can work and improve on them. It is really a crucial part of developing your skills on how to play the drums.

Does Not Take Up Too Much Space

If you are looking for a drum kit to place in your house as a practice kit, then maybe you should go for an electronic drum kit. Because of the size of an acoustic drum kit, it would be really hard to fit it in a small house, which is why electronic drum kits are the way to go when space is one of the main issues in your home.

Why Should You Go For An Acoustic Drum Kit?

When it comes to its feel and response, there is no one that can really replace what an acoustic drum kit can give you. As you can notice, there are still more acoustic drum kits used in live performances and studio recordings than electronic drum kits, and this is because these kits cannot replicate what you can feel when you are hitting an acoustic drum kit.

Most professionals and legends would still really prefer to play and listen to the sound of an acoustic drum kit than the simulated sound produced by an electronic drum kit. Although there are many advantages to using an electronic drum kit, for most professional drummers, they would still prefer to use an acoustic drum kit for these reasons.

So, are electronic drum kits good to learn on? Yes, practicing with an electronic drum kit is a great option to learn how to play the drums. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to practice, which allows you to control its volume, has better portability, less space, and you can also record your playing, then you should go for an electronic drum kit rather than an acoustic drum kit.