Are Olympia Guitar Strings Any Good

Are Olympia Guitar Strings Any Good? Olympia Guitar String Quality

Are Olympia guitar strings any good? Do Olympia guitar strings sound good? What materials are used in making Olympia guitar strings? When did Olympia start making guitar strings? Do Olympia guitar strings only make acoustic and electric guitar strings? When it comes to guitar strings, most musicians have a preferred brand to use, but as a musician also, it would be better if you know other guitar string brands that you are going to use in the future.

Olympia is a guitar brand that may not be that popular with many musicians, which is why I think we should check their products, as they have already been in the guitar string industry for a long time, so maybe they are really good strings. It is also good for us to check out unfamiliar brands, as you will have an idea in the future if you should use a guitar string set from them or not.

So, when did Olympia start making guitar strings? Although not that popular compared to other guitar string brands like Ernie Ball and D’Addario, they have been one of the older guitar brands worldwide that have been manufacturing high-quality guitar strings. Their products are sold in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

The company was founded and is still located in Korea. It started in 1984 and has been one of the most popular guitar strings in the country. They have dominated the guitar string industry in Korea, as their manufacturing facility is also located in the same country. With their vast experience in making guitar strings combined with international standard quality, they have established an impressive reputation for making high-quality guitar strings with more affordable price tags compared to other competitors.

All of its guitar strings are made in its in-house manufacturing facility, and they are all hand-made, so you can really say that they are durable guitar strings to use with.

Electric Guitar Strings

Olympia Electric Standard Nickel Wound

One of the most popular guitar strings made by Olympia, its Electric Guitar Standard Nickel Wound series is an excellent product line for guitar strings as they are made of high-quality materials. Olympia uses solid nickel-plated steel wire for the strings, and it is wrapped around with a hexagonal core wire, resulting in very durable guitar strings that can last longer compared to other guitar strings. It also gives the guitar a better sound performance, which you do not see on other guitar strings.

It is available in five variations for its tension, an extra super light, a super light, an extra light, a regular light, and a regular. So, if you like using nickel-wound guitar strings, you can have a lot of options with Olympia Electric Standard Nickel Wound, depending on your preference for string tension.

Olympia Electric HQ Round Core

If you are looking to add some warmth to your electric guitar’s tone, then maybe you should consider putting Olympia’s HQ Round Core guitar strings on your guitar. Its round core wires are designed to have more contact with the winding. The wire also contacts the round pipe with the same pressure throughout the circumference of the latter, resulting in a denser guitar string. This will also give the guitar string an improved sustain and a more vintage sound.

The HQ Round Core is available in two variations of string tensions: a normal and a light one. So, whether of the two you are going to choose, you will always get the additional warm tone that maybe your electric guitar lacks.

Olympia HQ Flatwound 

If you prefer your guitar strings to be silkier and have a smoother feel to play, then you should highly consider Olympia’s HQ Flatwound guitar strings. Aside from its string’s smooth surface, it is also enhanced by having light abrasive polishing. Many musicians like that these guitar strings produce very little noise when they are playing, and they have a longer life compared to other guitar strings.

The HQ Flatwound is available in three variations in terms of guitar string tension: normal, heavy, and heavier. Using either of the three will give your guitar a mellow tone with a balanced feeling.

Olympia HQ Stainless Steel

When it comes to high-quality guitar strings with a stainless-steel feature, Olympia also has its own version for that. Olympia’s HQ Stainless Steel is an excellent option to look at if you are looking for a brighter guitar tone with a more boosted high-frequency response and a more enhanced low performance.

The HQ Stainless Steel is only available in super light string tension, and it is perfect for playing modern metal and rock genres as these stainless strings tend to put more stress on the higher frequencies. So, if you are a metal or rock guitarist, you should highly consider using these strings.

Olympia HQ Nickel Wound

If you already thought that Olympia had already made its best nickel wound version in its Standard series, then you are wrong, as it still has the HQ Nickel Wound series. A high-quality guitar string, they are made using nickel-plated stainless steel that is wrapped around American hexagon steel core wire. It gives the strings a longer playing life and also an improved tone for better guitar playing.

The HQ Nickel Wound is available in four different string tension options: a super light, regular light, light top, and medium top. Any of the guitar string sets will give your electric guitar an impressive guitar tone with durability and accuracy.

Olympia Pro CTE Nickel Wound

Olympia’s flagship guitar strings, the Olympia Pro CTE Nickel Wound guitar strings, are high-quality strings made of the best nickel-plated steel wire and are wrapped around an American hexagonal steel core wire. Made using the best technologies that Olympia has to offer, you can trust that using these strings will greatly improve your guitar’s tone, and they also last longer as they come with an anti-corrosion feature.

Available in four string tension options, the Olympia Pro CTE Nickel Wound guitar strings are an excellent option if you are looking for guitar strings that can give an excellent guitar tone while also having durability and accurate performance that is needed for playing music professionally.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Olympia Pro CTA Phosphor Bronze

One of Olympia’s flagship acoustic guitar string product series, the Pro CTA Phosphor Bronze, are made of alloy with 94.8% copper and 5% tin, which gives them durability and longer playing life compared to other regular bronze alloy strings. It also has a small amount of phosphorus in the alloy, giving the guitar strings a bright tone with a longer sustain.

It is available in three different variations of string tension: an extra light, custom light, and light. The strings can vibrate consistently with better amplitude, giving a clearer, sharper, and more accurate guitar tone. It is also resistant to corrosion, so you can always play your acoustic guitar with fresh strings anytime.

Are Olympia guitar strings any good? For the price point that they are sold, they are really a good brand for guitar strings to use too. The strings improve the guitar’s tone for the better, and they are also very durable. Made from high-quality materials, Olympia guitar strings are an excellent option if you are looking to use high-value guitar strings with an affordable price tag.