Are Sabian AAX Cymbals Good

Are Sabian AAX Cymbals Good? Who Plays Sabian AAX?

Are Sabian AAX cymbals good? Are there any famous drummers that use Sabian AAX cymbals? What material are Sabian AAX cymbals made of? Are Sabian AAX cymbals good for beginners? Are you interested in buying a set of Sabian AAX cymbals? If you are, join us, as we are going to check out the most renowned drummers who have ever used the Sabian AAX in their setup, whether in recording or live performances.

Top Artists That Uses Sabian AAX

Mike Portnoy

An American musician and drummer, Mike Portnoy, is famous for being the former drummer, backing vocalist, and one of the founders of the renowned progressive metal band Dream Theater. He is also widely known for his side projects and band, but he has still been active in the drumming scene, being the drummer of some bands, such as Avenge Sevenfold, Adrenaline Mob, OSI, and many more.

As one of the most famous Sabian artists of all time, Mike Portnoy has been known for using Sabian AAX and HHX in his cymbal setup. One of the AAX cymbals in his typical setup is the 18-inch AAX O-Zone Crash. This cymbal is known for its bright and shimmering sound, which is perfect for the genre Mike is playing. It also has a multi-holed design, giving it a faster decay.

Another AAX cymbal in his usual setup is the 18-inch AAX X-Plosion Crash. Made of high-quality B20 bronze with a medium-thin weight, giving the cymbal is a bright and explosive attack. Having this in your cymbal lineups really gives some presence and power to your sound. No wonder this has been a regular in Mike Portnoy’s cymbal lineups.

Ray Luzier

Another metal drummer on the list, Ray Luzier, is an American musician and the drummer of the popular nu-metal band Korn since April 2009. He also played for some rock and roll bands, such as Army of Anyone, The David Lee Roth Band, Bang Tango, and many more. He has also been a long-time Sabian artist and has been using AAX cymbals in most of his performances with his current band.

One of his favorite cymbals from Sabian is the 19-inch AAX X-Plosion Crash cymbal, which really suits his playing style being a nu-metal drummer. Made using B20 Bronze with a medium thin weight, the cymbal is able to give a bright sound with an explosive attack that is able to give some presence and power, which is highly needed for playing such genres.

Chris Turner

Another AAX fanatic on our list, Chris Turner, is a British musician and metal drummer that is famous for his power and accuracy when playing his kit. Although known as a heavy hitter, Chris’ influences for his style of playing is from Jojo Mayer and Chris Coleman. Today, Chris plays for the band Oceans Ate Alaska, which he also co-founded in 2007.

One cymbal that you will regularly see in his setup is the 14-inch AAX Hi-Hats. These hi-hats are known for their crisp and versatile sound. These things are also made of B20 Bronze with a thin top and a medium bottom, giving it a slightly darker tone, which is perfect for playing in studios and stages.

Another Sabian cymbal in his collection is the 22-inch AAX Thin Ride, which is thinner and has a slightly darker tone compared to the usual AAX rides. It is also versatile, as you can use it as a crash if you prefer crash cymbals with larger sizes. Although it can give some dark tones, it can still sound sharp and high as well.

The third cymbal on his usual gear is the 18-inch AAX Aero Crash. This cymbal has a unique hole pattern, which gives the cymbal a balanced and cutting sound with a faster decay. It has a medium-thin weight and is made of B20 Bronze, allowing it to have that high-end sound that professional drummers love while still being durable for hard hitters.

Chris Turner also uses a china cymbal in his cymbal setup, and he usually uses a 12-inch Sabian AAX Mini Chinese, which gives him the signature Chinese cymbal sound with some power even at its small size. It also gives you an edgy attack and a faster decay rate. This cymbal is also used by many for playing quick accent punches. Made of B20 Bronze and has a thin weight, you can really expect that this cymbal is going to give you that sound that professional drummers love.

The fifth Sabian cymbal in his setup is the 10-inch AAX Air Splash. It gives him the punchy and cutting sound that splashes should sound. It has six holes around the middle part of the cymbal, which gives it a shorter decay, and with the use of the unique AAX hammering and lathering, it results in lots of depth and substance. It has an extra-thin weight and is made of B20 Bronze.

Jojo Mayer

If you think that Sabian AAX cymbals are only for metal and hard rock drummers, then think again. The next on our list is a Swiss musician and drummer that plays jazz, jungle, fusion, and many more genres, Mr. Jojo Mayer. He is famous for his ability to play unique rhythms, and he has been a huge inspiration and influence to many drummers nowadays.

As a Sabian artist for a very long time, one of his go-to cymbals when playing in his performance is the 22-inch AAX Omni. As a cymbal designed by him personally, the cymbal is pretty known for its versatility, making it perfect for playing with different genres. The cymbal has two distinct playing surfaces, with one being a medium unlathed center and a thin outer area. Depending on your preference, you can use the cymbal as either a ride or a crash.

Tomas Haake

Another metal drummer on our list, Tomas Haake, is a Swedish musician and drummer who plays for the extreme metal band Meshuggah. He is widely known for his exceptional technical ability and his polymeters; Tomas is considered by many to be one of the best metal drummers of his generation. Being a long-time Sabian artist, he is also known for helping the company introduce the AAXtreme Chinese cymbals.

One of the cymbals he always uses in playing is the 19-inch AAX X-treme Chinese cymbal, which gives him that oriental punch tone and focused power. It has a fast decay and cutting sound, which is perfect for playing the metal genre.

Are Sabian AAX Cymbals Good For Beginners

Sabian AAX cymbals are not only good for beginners, but they are also a great option for intermediate and professional drummers. Many professional drummers are using them for their high-quality sound that is able to suit many varieties of applications. These cymbals are also able to shine out and cut through the mix. So, although they are not the top-of-the-line products from Sabian, they are still widely renowned as go-to cymbals from the many legendary drummers in the business.

Are Sabian AAX cymbals good? Not good, but great. These cymbals are the ones that you can rely upon any time, as they not only produce great cymbal sound, but they are also very durable and are perfect for hard-hitting drummers.