Are Wilkinson Guitar Pickups Any Good

Are Wilkinson Guitar Pickups Any Good? Wilkinson Guitar Pickups

Are Wilkinson guitar pickups any good? They may not be the most popular name in the pickup business, but their products are highly-regarded even by some of the best musicians, as well as other industry experts. 

Guitarists who have delved further into the world of electric guitars are aware of the great quality being offered by amazing brand names outside of the usual ones. In a saturated market dominated by the likes of Gibson and Fender, it may be difficult for some brand names to gain the high level of attention that bigger companies have established. 

However, countless instrument companies are constantly stepping their game up to deliver amazing gears and devices to satiate the needs of hungry musicians around the world. Wilkinson is one of the companies that bravely answered the call to solve problems in guitar production and make the lives of musicians hassle-free.

Since Wilkinson specializes in guitar parts, they never needed aggressive marketing strategies to promote their name because their highly-dependable hardware and electronics can often be found in various well-known guitar brands. This is the main reason why Wilkinson is not at par with the Ibanez’s and the Yamaha’s of the world when it comes to public recognition, but they continue to be a force to reckon with in this vibrant industry.

Trev Wilkinson: Meet the man behind Wilkinson pickups

Whenever the subject of the greatest guitar innovators is brought up, it is not too common for the name Trevor Wilkinson to pop up in the conversation. It is important to note however, that Wilkinson is one of the most important figures in the guitar-making pantheon and he has worked with luminaries such as Wayne Charvel, Seth Love and Leo Fender, during his five-decade tenure.

From design, construction and manufacturing, “guitar guru” Trev Wilkinson possesses an in-depth understanding of how instruments are built, to go along with his profound grasp of guitar history. Wilkinson solved a lot of guitar problems and he is well-respected for sharing the solutions with his fellow musicians and instrument-builders.

Guitar companies such as Encore, Fret-King and Vintage are all indebted to the contributions of Trevor Wilkinson, especially in the electronics and hardware department. It is without a doubt that Wilkinson’s know-how in guitar-making helped turn the aforementioned guitar brands into globally competitive entities.

The rumors are true, Wilkinson guitar pickups are really that good, thanks to its founder, we are blessed with a trustworthy option that could help us achieve great sound at affordable prices.

Where are Wilkinson pickups made?

Today, Wilkinson pickups are produced at their factories in Japan, China and South Korea. Originally intended for Fret-King guitars, Wilkinson pickups are inspired by 1950s-1960s American vintage guitars and were designed in the United Kingdom, where Trevor Wilkinson also established his company.

Aside from pickups, Wilkinson also produces other guitar parts such as machine heads, bridge, saddles and tremolo systems.

Are Wilkinson pickups potted?

In order to reduce the chances of turning microphonic in the future, Wilkinsons pickups are wax potted. Microphonic pickups are guitar pickups that suddenly start to pick up other sounds other than the strings, much like how a microphone would work. 

Wax potting, which involves enveloping the fine wire coils with wax to hinder their movement, is a reliable measure to prevent pickups from turning microphonic.

What kind of pickups does Wilkinson offer?

Those who are inquiring if Wilkinson guitar pickups are any good should check out the company’s amazing products. They have almost all sorts of pickups and they are priced very reasonably, considering the great quality that they can offer. For example, a pair of Wilkinson WHHB high output alnico humbucker pickups costs about $150, while a set of alnico Stratocaster pickups are available at around $145. 

They also have a number of ceramic pickups in their catalog if you are looking for a much cheaper option (their MWHS high output ceramic Strat pickups are sold at just $47.95 each set, while the ceramic zebra humbucker set costs about $60).

Below are more pickup models from Wilkinson:

  • Alnico Mini Humbucker – Chrome
  • Alnico Mini Humbucker –  Gold
  • Telecaster Alnico – Chrome
  • Telecaster Ceramic – Gold
  • Alnico V Broadcaster Type
  • Vintage Humbucker – Gold
  • P90 MW90 Ceramic Soapbar – Cream/Black
  • Vintage 60s Voiced Single Coil – Black/White
  • Jazz Bass

How good are Wilkinson guitar pickups?

Wilkinson guitar pickups are really good, although they are not the most trendy name in the market. The company has produced affordable pickups that are highly-regarded by even the most discerning guitar players for their tone and durability.

Wilkinson is a company that draws a lot of confidence from its founder whose integrity and abilities has influenced guitar companies and builders everywhere. The quality of their products, from tuning pegs to pickups are definitely a reflection of Trev Wilkinson’s undying passion for music, as well as his tireless work ethic towards guitar-making.

You may scour YouTube to view several reliable test run videos pitting Wilkinson guitar pickups against some of the best brands in the market. If you are still doubting whether Wilkinson guitar pickups are any good, seeing and hearing them rocking it out versus DiMarzio, Gibson and Seymour Duncan will easily change your mind.