Is Baby Oil Or Olive Oil Good For Guitar Strings

Is Baby Oil Or Olive Oil Good For Guitar Strings?

Is baby oil or olive oil good for guitar strings? Is baby oil on guitar strings beneficial in the end? Should I put olive oil on guitar strings? Will putting oil on my guitar strings do damage to the guitar’s fretboard? Is there any specific wood material that could get damaged when you put oil on the strings? As taking care of a guitar is an important thing to do to prolong its life, there are things that you do in taking care of your guitar that you also think are good but can have harmful effects on it.

So, does baby oil on guitar strings can do good or not? Does putting olive oil on guitar strings can damage the guitar? Let us find out before you make any decision that could risk damaging your guitar at the end of it, as they can be costly.

If you are really a musician, you would love to keep your guitar in its best condition, and not only would you like it to look good, but you would also like your strings to have a longer life, as replacing them every time can be very costly, especially if you do it frequently.

This is why many guitar owners apply baby oil or olive oil on the guitar strings in hopes that it will have a better lifespan. The only question is, is it safe? That is what we are going to find out.

Is Putting Baby Oil On Guitar Strings Safe?

So, is putting baby oil on guitar strings safe? Yes, but not too much. If you want to put baby oil on the guitar strings, use a cloth and soak a little part of it with baby oil before you apply and wipe it to the strings so that you can fully apply them. Using baby oil can extend the guitar strings’ lifespan, and it is also smoother to play with them.

Baby oil on guitar strings could also protect them from getting rusty, which is very helpful when playing the guitar. Who wants to play the guitar with rusty strings? No one, right? This is why applying a small amount of baby oil to them will be needed if you want to play smoothly without hurting your fingers.

But the next question is, is it safe for the guitar’s fretboard? As fretboards are also made of natural wood, they can also dry with time. If your fretboard reaches the point that it is really dried out, it can get shattered, wear out, and can get damaged. This is why it is also important that you put oil on your fretboard and not only on your guitar strings.

So, is it safe to use baby oil on the guitar strings if you have a Maple, Ebony, and Rosewood fretboard? For Rosewood fretboards, you can safely apply baby oil on guitar strings, as it can also be used in cleaning Rosewood fretboards. They usually use plain mineral oil in cleaning and shining Rosewood fretboards, but remember that baby oil is also mineral oil but with fragrance only, so there will be no issue with it after all.

For Maple fretboards, they usually do not require any oiling as they have an impervious layer with a soft finish. However, there are some guitars that come with an unfinished Maple fretboard, so if it happens to you, you can try to apply a little amount of baby oil on the strings, as it can help the fretboard to get back to its optimal condition.

Lastly, for Ebony fretboards, you should try to avoid putting some baby oil on the strings, as mineral oil, like baby oil, has a lot of various chemical blends and can damage the guitar, as it usually does not easily dry out compared to other cleaning agents. If you want to apply baby oil, you should use one with a low-molecular version.

Is Putting Olive Oil On Guitar Strings Safe?

So, is it safe to apply olive oil on guitar strings? If you are planning to put some olive oil on the guitar strings, then please don’t. When you are talking about bringing your guitar to its best condition, please stay away from saying the word olive oil. You drink it and use it for cooking, but do not try to use it to clean and protect your guitar from corrosion, or you risk damaging it in the long run.

Why? Olive oil has some acidic properties that could really damage your guitar if you apply it. Strings should be protected from getting rusty, and using olive oil on them can only put them at more risk of being rusty. This is why you should also avoid applying olive oil on guitar strings.

As you should not try to put olive oil on your guitar strings, you should also avoid putting some olive oil on your fretboard. Putting olive oil on a guitar wood can only do more damage rather than good to your guitar, and you do not want to do it, as repairing or replacing a guitar fretboard can be very expensive.

So, for Rosewood, Ebony, Maple, and other types of fretboards? Always avoid using olive oil on cleaning your guitar so that you can also prevent damaging it. If your guitar strings and fretboard needs oiling, you can try mineral oil, lemon oil, or linseed oil, as these are the usual ingredients used in cleaning these parts of the guitar.

So, is baby oil or olive oil good for guitar strings? If you want to use baby oil on your guitar strings, it can be a good thing, but for olive oil, you should really avoid doing it. Baby oil can help your guitar strings add some lifespan, and they can also be smoother to play with, but for olive oil, they have too many acidic properties that could just damage your guitar in the long run.