Breedlove VS Taylor Guitars

Breedlove VS Taylor Guitars: Which Brand Makes Better Guitars?

You might be looking at getting a new acoustic guitar. If so you’ve definitely heard of Taylor Guitars, but you might not be as familiar with Breedlove’s brand. Breedlove VS Taylor Guitars makes for a great comparison case study.

While both brands offer a great quality instrument, I personally would recommend Taylor over Breedlove guitars, when comparing similar models and price ranges.

I’ll discuss why I came to this conclusion below!

Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars, founded by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, have been making outstanding guitars since the 1970s. Based out of California, Taylor guitars is the epitome of American Made quality

Taylor Guitars are known for their specialized “NT” or bolt-on necks, and their own pickups called the “Expression System”.

Some notable guitarist who choose Taylor Guitars include Prince, Zac Brown, Dave Matthews and Taylor Swift.

With a wide range of nice guitars, it’s no wonder for many big names have been spotted choosing the Taylor brand.

Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars was founded in the 1990s by Steve Henderson and Larry Breedlove. These two were former Taylor Guitar employees! That’s right, two former Taylor employees left to start their own guitar brand, and have now gotten it to the point where perspective buyers are now looking at which one to choose.

Breedlove aims to make guitars that combine traditional crafting techniques, with modern tech.

One notable endeavor made by Breedlove is obtain the world’s largest legal supply of Brazilian Rosewood. Using it to make their guitars all that more exclusive and unique. 

Differences Between Taylor and Breedlove

Both American guitar brands are solid, quality guitars. American guitar makers are arguably the best in the world and these are two brands that you could use to argue that!

The differences between the two brands are more like splitting hairs than night and day differences. Both offer a beautiful acoustic sound that is a crowd pleaser. 

I would say that Taylor offers a more traditional sound and organic tone. Versus Breedlove that typically has brighter overtones.

If you’re looking to get a more middle of the road guitar that can do everything, you’re looking for a Taylor.

If you want something a little spicier, perhaps Breedlove is more of what you want.

The bolt-on neck of Taylor guitars is the biggest difference in build between both manufacturers style. The neck joint on a Breedlove is still the traditional method of two pieces.

The advantage of having a bolt-on neck is that neck resets and adjustments will be cheaper, easier and more precise. 

This is because you can shim and adjust the height on Taylors vs Breedlove where you’ll need to remove the neck with more “assertive” means.

Though I have to say choosing a guitar based on future repair work you might not ever need is not ideal, and why I mentioned it can be like splitting hairs.

If you really want to see the differences between Breedlove VS Taylor guitars, you’ll need to go down and try a few out in person.

This might be a little tricky. Taylors are EVERYWHERE, Breedloves, not so much. Perhaps it is a regional thing from where I’m located, but I rarely see Breedloves in the flesh.

Alternatively you can’t swing a stick without hitting a Taylor at your local music shop.

What is better Taylor or Breedlove Guitars?

 Personal Preference is the only real and factual answer to this question. Go play both and let them do the talking for you.

Personally, if I was going to shop between Breedlove VS taylor, I bet I would choose a Taylor, but that’s just me.

I found a funny tidbit on an online forum while learning about Breedlove’s brand, with reference to the fact that the founders of Breedlove are former employees of Taylor.

“The Students have not yet become the masters.”

While of course anecdotal, Taylor guitars does in my opinion have a slight edge in terms of quality. funnily enough, one of the founders, Larry Breedlove actually returned to Taylor Guitars, and both companies remain on what appears to be good terms, even as competitors.

One thing I also found online is that a lot of guitarist are saying after testing some Breedloves, they just didn’t blow them away or scream “BUY ME“. 

While buying a guitar isn’t quite like getting your wand in the Harry Potter universe, I knew I was going to buy my Taylor after just a couple strums.

So if you’re wondering about Breedlove VS Taylor Guitars, I’ll only say that they are very comparable in terms of quality and price. Taylor does seem to have a slight hair splitting advantages in some categories.

Of course, at the end of the day, only one thing matters. How the guitar feels and plays for YOU.

Go test out of few and see which ones choose you!

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