Can You Play Drums In A Storage Unit

Can You Play Drums In A Storage Unit

Can you play drums in a storage unit? Why should I consider renting a storage unit for practicing the drums? What factors should I look into before renting out a storage unit for playing the drums? If you are planning to rent a storage unit so you can practice playing the drums without any distractions, join us as we are going to check out the answers to all these questions.

Why Should You Consider Playing Drums In A Storage Unit?

Practice is always an essential factor in the development of every person to become better at what they do, whether you are an athlete, student, musician, or anything. So, if you are a drummer, there is very less chance for you to become great or even a professional in a sense if you do not put some of your time into practicing. However, there are some situations that put you in a spot where it would be very challenging for you to practice.

One of the reasons is that you do not have any space to play your drum kit. As most musicians practice in their homes, there are also some of them that are having a hard time practicing because they do not have any space for their gear, especially drum kits, which are known to take up a huge space.

As space is usually an issue where you can comfortably place your drum kit, another reason why it is hard to practice with drum kits is because of the noise that it produces, especially if you are using an acoustic one. As a musician, you would prefer not to disturb anyone that is living in your home or even your neighbors, as playing the drums in the area can be very distracting to them, especially when some are sleeping. You also do not want to face the repercussions of someone filing a noise complaint against you.

You should also avoid playing the drum kit in your home if there are babies near you to avoid waking them up, especially if they are asleep, as this can also be a hassle to the respected parents of the child. You must always consider other people, especially on this matter, as this can end up in legal issues if you force yourself to do what you want rather than thinking of what is good for the many.

So, if you are in this situation and it is impossible for you to practice and play your drum kit in your home, one of the best spots you can do it is in storage units. Not only is there less chance that you are going to disturb other people with your playing, but usually, there is also much space for your acoustic drum kit, so it won’t be a problem.

However, there are still some factors that you should consider before getting a storage unit for your drum kit, as we are going to discuss in the next part of the article.

What Factors Should You Consider In Getting A Storage Unit To Play The Drums

Rules And Regulations

So, if you do not have a storage unit in your home, then the next thing is to look for one that you can rent. However, before closing the deal, if you have already found one, you should always ask about their rules and regulations about playing the drums inside the storage unit and whether it is allowed or not, as not all allow you to play musical instruments inside these units.

As there are some ordinances regarding noise in many areas, you should always consult the owner of the storage unit you are planning first before getting one so that you won’t have to waste money and still not be able to play your drum kit. There are also some places that will allow you to play it with a time restriction, so if there is, you should know about it to avoid any legal repercussions.


The second thing you consider in getting a storage unit to be able to play the drums is its space. You should always think of the space that allows you to comfortably place your drum kit without having to mind your kit banging with each other. As you play with your kit, you should also be comfortable with your surroundings and avoid the feeling that you are squeezed out because of your unit’s tight space.

Temperature Control

The third thing that you must consider before renting a storage unit for your drum kit is that it should have temperature control. This is an important feature that your storage unit must have as it is expected that you are going to leave your drum kit in storage after practicing or playing with it, and you do not want to store it in places where the temperature is constantly and uncontrollably changing.

Too much humidity can dry out the wood shells of your drum kit and could corrode the hardware of the drum kit with time, which is why it can do serious damage to your gear if you let it be inside a storage unit where you cannot control its room temperature. Repairing or changing parts alone can be costly; how much more if you are going to need to buy a new drum kit, as there is a chance that it would end up beyond repair.

Too much exposure to cold temperatures can also make your drum heads and cymbals brittle. This will result in your drum kit going out of tune easily. As cymbals can also be very expensive, you do not want to place them in storage units that have very low temperatures, as it can affect their durability, resulting in them breaking easily.

Can You Soundproof It Or Not

As there are also times that people will visit their storage units, you would not want to disturb them with your loud drum kit. So, the best way to deal with noise is to soundproof the storage unit. Before getting one, you should check if you can place some acoustic foams inside the area, or you can put any materials that can absorb the sound, so it won’t be that loud when people are listening to you playing the drums.

Alternative Ways To Play Drums Quietly

If renting a storage unit is not an option for you, you can try to get an electronic drum kit, so you can still practice your chops without disturbing any people or even your neighbors at your home. This method is really an effective way to deal with the noise that comes with playing the drums. With electronic drum kits, you can still listen to yourself playing using headphones, which is a nice way of monitoring yourself.

The second way is to change your drum heads and cymbals with those silent ones. Nowadays, there are a lot of drum heads and cymbals that produce low volume, which is designed for drummers to still be able to play at their own homes without having to disturb other people. As electronic drum kits can be very expensive, this method is a cheap alternative way for you to be able to play the drums again at your home.

So, can you play drums in a storage unit? In typical situations, yes, storage unit owners usually allow musicians to play their musical instruments inside the room. However, there are some limitations, usually with time. There are also others that restrict you from doing it, so you better ask first if you are allowed to play with your drum kit before renting one.