Can You Play Drums And Sing At The Same Time

Can You Play Drums And Sing At The Same Time?

Can you play drums and sing at the same time? Are there any famous drummers that also sing at the same time? Join us as we are going to find out if it would be possible to do these things at the same time.

How Can You Play Drums And Sing At The Same Time

It is not impossible to play drums and sing at the same time, as there are many legendary drummers that are also either the lead or backup vocals on their bands. As long as you can stay in the beat while singing, you can still sing; however, as drummers typically sit all the time when they perform, it can be challenging if you are also singing all the time. Just put a mic close to your mouth, and then you can already sing while playing the drums.

Top Drummers That Can Also Sing

Karen Carpenter

When it comes to drummers that can also sing at the same time, Karen Carpenter’s name is going to be the first name on their minds with many people. Being the singer and drummer of one of the most famous American pop groups of all time, the Carpenters, Karen has become one of the first female drummers to gain that much reputation in the music industry.

When she was still young, she was able to develop a signature style that comes in a mix of pop and jazz, and even though she preferred to play the drums, her singing voice made her the great frontwoman that the group needed. With many years in the band, they were able to release some of the most famous songs of their time and are still sung by many today, including the songs Top Of The World and Close To You.

Phil Collins

Another legendary drummer on our list, Phil Collins, is not only famous for his impressive chops but also known for his singing talent. As the drummer and lead singer of the renowned band Genesis, it was not really his first role when he entered the band. However, when their original lead singer left the group, Phil had to take the unoccupied position, and within a short time, he was able to prove that he had the skills to do the two roles at the same time without any issue.

He is also known as a solo performer during his illustrious career. He had achieved three UK and seven US number-one singles as a solo artist. He also had the greatest number of top 40 singles in the 1980s as a band member of Genesis.

As a singer of Genesis, he is known for singing some classic Genesis songs, such as I Know What I Like and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. As a solo artist, he is also known for songs like Against All Odds, Another Day in Paradise, In The Air Tonight, and many others.

Don Henley

Being the drummer and one of the prominent founding members of one of the most famous rock bands of all time, Eagles, Don Henley has not only one of the most illustrious careers as a musician in a band but also as a solo performer. If you are not familiar with the band, then maybe you are missing a whole lot of your life.

As the band was created in 1971, Don has already been there as a songwriter, singer, and drummer until its disbandment in 1980. Don was known for being the lead vocals of some famous songs, such as Witchy Woman, Hotel California, Get Over It, The Long Run, Desperado, Best Of My Love, Life In The Fast Lane, One Of These Nights, and many more.

As a solo artist, Don also had success in it after he started in 1982 and released his debut album, I Can’t Stand Still. His hits as a solo performer include The Boys Of Summer, The End Of The Innocence, Not Enough Love In The World, Sunset Grill, Dirty Laundry, The Heart Of The Matter, The Last Worthless Evening, All She Wants To Do Is Dance, and many more.

Ringo Starr

Another iconic drummer from a legendary band on our list; if you do not know who Ringo is, then maybe you really hate music. Ringo Starr is an English musician known widely as the drummer of the legendary band Beatles. However, Ringo also sang some of the band’s songs, usually once on each of their albums, such as Yellow Submarine and With A Little Help From My Friends. He is also a co-songwriter for some of their famous songs, such as Don’t Pass Me By and Octopus’s Garden.

Although he is not known as a vocalist, his contribution as a musician to the band has been a huge part of their success, and they have been an inspiration to those many who want to follow in their footsteps as one of the most iconic bands of their time. As a drummer, he is widely known for being left-handed, which is why he was able to easily develop his own technique, which is pretty unique compared to others.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as a member of the Beatles, and 27 years later, he was inducted at the same institution as a solo artist, as he was the last Beatle member to be inducted as a solo one. His impact as a drummer and a member of the Beatles will never be forgotten in music history.

Dave Grohl

Considered by many to be one of the best modern drummers nowadays, Dave Grohl has been one of the most iconic figures in the rock music industry in these modern times. Although he is now usually seen as the lead vocalist of the famous rock band Foo Fighters, which he was also the founder of, he first started to be on the scene as the drummer of the legendary grunge band Nirvana from 1990 up to 1994.

He is known for his unique style, which is a combination of rock, punk, and metal, and thanks to his impressive voice, many have compared him to the newer version of the classic rock singer Robert Plant. Considered by many as one of the most influential rock musicians in the last twenty years, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Nirvana band member in 2014 and as a Foo Fighter band member in 2021.

Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor is an English musician that is primarily known as the drummer of the legendary band Queen. He is also a singer and songwriter for the band and is capable of playing other musical instruments aside from the drums. As a composer, he is widely credited for some of the band’s famous songs, such as Radio Ga Ga and A Kind of Magic. 

His amazing voice and his stage presence made him an obvious choice to front the band some of the time, as he could carry the band even if he were on the drums singing while on the center stage.

So, can you play drums and sing at the same time? Absolutely, yes. Although it can be a little difficult as you need to multitask to get things done, especially since you stay on beat while singing, and you probably also have to sit all the time while singing and playing drums; however, this is not an impossible thing to do.