Can You Paint A Drum Set

Can You Paint A Drum Set? Painting Drum kits

So, can you paint a drum set? What kind of paint do you use for a drum set? Can you change the color of your drum kit? What are the benefits of painting your drum set? These are the usual questions from drummers who own old drum sets that their finishes are already deteriorating. So, if you are one of them, you are now going to find out if you can paint your drum set or not.

Drum sets usually come with beautiful finishes, but after some time, they can also deteriorate if not taken care of properly. Drum’s hardware can also corrode, and rust can take over if it is not cleaned frequently and properly. The best way to solve this problem is to repaint your old drum set. It protects your hardware from corroding, and it will give your old drum set a new and refreshing look.

Aside from protecting your drum set, you can also paint your drum set if you just want your gear to have a new look. Some drummers really just want to paint their drum sets so that they will look the same as the drum sets of their favorite drummers have. Doing these things can also motivate you to be better, even if it is just a small thing.

Before painting a drum set, just one thing is always to plan what it is that you want your drum set to look like, or else you will regret it for a very long time. Painting a drum set can be a very tiring task, but it can also be a rewarding task, especially if you have done it beautifully.

What Kind Of Paint Does Drum Companies Use In Their Drum Sets?

Drum companies nowadays use either Lacquer or Acrylic enamel paints for their drum sets. Depending on what type of finish the drum set has, but some companies dry-stain their drum sets, then clear-coat over that. Even though the drum set has a solid color or sparkle, they still get a few clear coats to enhance the finish and provide a more durable outer layer.

How To Paint A Drum Set Using A Spray Paint?

Before painting your drum set, you must first imagine what would be the end result, so you can stick to your plan all the way. It is very important to have a plan instead, so when you are starting to paint your drum set, you won’t change your mind, as unplanned changes can result badly for your drum set.

The second step is to disassemble your drum kit and organize its parts. You will need to take your drum set apart and keep all the hardware separately so that you can decide to paint them also or not.

The next step is to tape up everything that you would not want to be painted. It will really take time to do this step, but it is also an essential part of achieving high-quality results. Tape every hole of the drum kit, even the complete inside shell, so that the paint will not affect it. Even the air vents must be taped off.

Before you start to paint the outer part of the drum shells, sand first the wraps lightly so the paint would stick lightly. If you have not tried painting a drum set, you should use a primer first that is high-quality before you use your spray paint.

After putting the primer, you can already spray paint the outer part of your drum set. It would be better if you spray it twice so that you will have two layers of paint before putting some varnish on it. You have to wait for 15 minutes before you start to put the second layer of paint, and after the second layer, you will have to wait for another three hours to let it dry, so that you can apply the varnish.

After the varnish is already dry, the next step, which is very rewarding, is to remove all the tape that you put in the drum set. By removing it, you can already see the beautiful painting job you have done to your drum set. The last step is to reassemble back your drum kit and use some chrome polish on your hardware; then, you are done.

How To Have A Sparkle Finish For Your Drum Set?

Drum sets with sparkle finishes are really beautiful to look at. So, if you want your drum set to have a sparkle finish, then you have to follow these steps correctly.

First is the preparation. Start to remove all the parts of the drum shells, and next is to remove the drum wrap completely from the drum shells. Use a drywall compound and carpenter’s glue with a 3:1 ratio into the unwrapped drum shells. The next step is to sand the drum shells a little bit.

The next step is to paint a base coat. The best sparkle finish option is to use rust or metallic paint for its base coat. After applying it, let it dry first before you apply the oil-based lacquer, which will be your second layer. Apply the lacquer twice to have a solid result.

After the lacquer has totally dried up with the glitter, you can already start applying a clear coat to the drum shells. Your best option for a clear coat is water-based polyurethane. You can apply how many coats you want, but 20 to 25 is a recommendable number before you start to sand the drum shells.

After you have sanded the shells smoothly, wrap them up and assemble all the parts and hardware that were removed, and put them back where they belong. You now have a drum set with a sparkling finish.

What Are The Benefits Of Painting Your Drum Set?

By painting your drum set, you are protecting it from getting rust. Rust can really damage your drum set, which is one of the main reasons why drum sets break on their own. By painting your old drum set, you have extended its lifespan. 

Another benefit is you gave your drum set a new and beautiful look. As a drummer, you will also feel re-energized seeing what you have done to your drum set. This is only a little thing to do, but it helps you so much as a drummer.

So, can you paint a drum set? Yes, there is no stopping you from painting your drum set, but there are necessary steps that you should follow, or else you will mess up your precious drum set, and I know that you do not want that, do you? You can use spray paints for your drum set but make a plan first before you start doing anything.