Can You Plug Headphones Into An Electronic Drum Set

Can You Plug Headphones Into An Electronic Drum Set?

So, how can you plug headphones into an electronic drum set? Do you need a speaker to hear from the electronic drums? How can you listen to your electronic drums without headphones? How can you listen to music while playing the electronic drums? There are really many questions when it comes to electronic drums, especially not many drummers are familiar with them yet.

So, what is an electronic drum set? An electronic drum set is a modern percussion instrument that is designed as an alternative to an acoustic drum set. An Electronic drum set consists of a sound module that generates synthesized and sampled sounds triggered by pads equipped with built-in sensors.

The first electronic drum set was invented in the early 1970s by Graeme Edge, a professional drummer, in collaboration with Brian Groves, a Sussex University professor. The drum set was first used in the song “Procession,” in the 1971 album Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.

The first commercial electronic drum set that was released on the market was the Pollard Syndrum. This drum set consists of an electric sound generator and one or more drum pads. The drum set was released by Pollard Industries in 1976. This drum set quickly gained attention from high-profile drummers and percussionists at that time, but after some years, the product failed to take the next step, as the company also had some financial failures on its own.

As of today, there are drummers that already use electronic drum sets in their recording and live performances. However, many still doubt them and would still prefer to use an acoustic drum kit.

One of the advantages of using an electronic drum kit is that it does not produce much noise, especially if you are using headphones. You can use it for practice without waking up your neighbor, and you can travel with it if you are going to your gig because it’s lightweight, and you can easily assemble it when you are already at the venue.

Do You Need A Speaker To Hear Electronic Drums?

One of the elements of an electronic drum set is the sound system. This is where you are able to listen to the electronic drum, as, unlike acoustic drums, it only produces sound electronically. To be able to hear the sound of the electronic drum set, you will need to use either a headphone or a drum amplifier.

You do not necessarily need a speaker to be able to hear what you are playing in the drum set, as you can use headphones to listen to it. This is perfect if you are living in a small house and you were not able to treat your room acoustically. By using headphones for your electronic drum set, you will also avoid disturbing your neighbors, as only you can hear what you are playing.

If you do not want to use a headphone, you can still use a drum amplifier. This is great if you are playing in a band, as they can also hear what you are playing in the drum set. If you are practicing in your home, you can adjust the amplifier’s volume so that no one will be disturbed in your playing.

Some drummers also use monitor speakers as their sound system for their drum kits, while others use a keyboard amplifier, as both are capable of producing the same frequency response as they are full-range speakers. You can also connect your electronic drum set directly to the speaker, but you need to first connect it to a direct box for safety purposes, or else you risk damaging the speakers.

How Can You Listen To Music While Playing Electronic Drums?

With the help of technological advancements today, you can already listen to music on your headphones while playing the electronic drum set. This is very helpful when you are practicing, but you do not want to disturb other people, especially those that are sleeping already.

Most of the electronic drum sets now have their own auxiliary inputs so that you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your electronic drum set. With this, you can play a song in your audio source, and you can play with it. You can all hear this in your headphones.

If you only have a drum amplifier, you can still do it as most of these types of amplifiers have their own auxiliary input. Connect your device with it, play a song, and then play along with the drum set. You can all hear it from the drum amplifier.

What Type Of Headphone Should I Use For My Electronic Drum Set?

As of today, there are many available headphones in the market, and there are really no specific products that are only made for electronic drum sets. These three examples are the perfect options for buying headphones for your electronic drum set.

The first option is the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. These headphones produce excellent high, mid, and lows, so you can get the complete frequency response that a drum set produces. This headphone has an open-back design.

The second option is the Sennheiser HD 650. It has a flat sound to allow you to have a mix on your own in your drum module. It also has an open-back design.

The third option is the Roland RH-300. Roland is a famous company for making high-end electronic drums, so it is rational that they should make high-quality headphones like the RH-300. Its lows are punchy, and its mids and highs are crisp and articulate. Unlike the two headphones mentioned above, this one has a closed-back design.

So, to the question, can you plug headphones into an electronic drum set? Then the answer is yes; you can plug headphones into an electronic drum set. All electronic drum sets have a dedicated socket to where you can plug in your headphones. This is an excellent advantage if you want to practice for the whole night, as you can avoid disturbing other people, especially those who are already asleep.