Can You Use Pedals With Fender Mustang GTX100 Amp

Can You Use Pedals With Fender Mustang GTX100 Amp?

The Fender Mustang GTX100 is an impressive amplifier packed with its own effects but can you use other pedals with it? Beginners and pro guitar players are intrigued whether they can still incorporate their own set of pedals with a guitar amp that is already chock full of amazing features. After all, musicians want to have a certain level of flexibility when it comes to shaping their own sound and they want to know if the Mustang GTX100 can meet their needs.

Released in 2020, the Fender Mustang GTX series is another groundbreaking achievement for the world’s leading guitar manufacturer. With its highly-sophisticated digital technology, the Mustang GTX100 provides musicians with vast tonal options, as well as unprecedented control over their sound.

Meet the Fender Mustang GTX100

With its surprisingly affordable price tag in the 5 hundred dollar range, the GTX100 is one of the most impressive guitar amplifiers in Fender’s expansive lineup. 

Let us take a look at the features that make the Fender Mustang GTX100 an absolute steal:

Wide array of presets

The Mustang GTX boasts 200 basic and genre-specific presets that will allow guitar players to easily emulate guitar tone for a variety of styles such as pop, country, jazz and rock. 

Amp modeling and effects

Right at the tip of your fingers, the GTX provides 40 amp models which include Fender’s classic Blues Jr and Vibro King, the EVH 5150, as well as Marshall amplifiers. 

A total of 73 effects, including classic overdrive, fuzz, delay and pitch shifter pedals are also jam-packed into this versatile amplifier. This will grant guitarists access to endless sonic possibilities without having to lug around too many pedals on tour.

Footswitch with looper

One of the Fender Mustang GTX100’s strongest features is the GTX-7 7-button footswitch that comes with it upon purchase. This is essential especially in a live setting, to make the browsing of your presets more convenient. 

Furthermore, the footswitch can be used to control the GTX100’s phenomenal looping capabilities. Allowing up to 60 seconds of record time, the looper is a valuable tool for practicing, as well as creating original compositions on your own.

Crystal-clear user interface

The Fender Mustang GTX100’s intuitive interface consists of an LCD color display with a large encoder dial and three soft-touch keys. Simple and free of any unnecessary complexities, finding your desired sound on this guitar amplifier is the most convenient experience for guitar players of any level.

Wireless System

With the onboard Wifi on the Mustang GTX, you can download presets from the Fender cloud without the need of a laptop or a desktop. You may also use the Fender Tone 3.0 app to aid you in finding the best settings.

Fender Tone 3.0

Fender Tone 3.0 is an amazing app that allows you to explore, download, modify, backup and even restore your presets. Welcome to the digital/mobile era of guitar amplification and tone shaping.

High-quality speaker

The Celestion Special Design speaker is durable and can match the outstanding sound quality of more expensive Fender amplifiers.

Can you use pedals along with the footswitch? 

Even though the Fender Mustang GTX100 already has all your basic needs to sculpt your unique sound, it is understandable that not all guitar players share the same preferences. 

Whether you already own a set of pedals that you are accustomed to, or you want to add more to your arsenal, the GTX100 can accommodate external effects pedals without interfering with the footswitch. You can use the FX send/return ports to achieve seamless integration together with the footswitch. 

Some shoegazing artists have even experimented on using stereo to create two layers of sound with different effects coming out of each channel. Imagine the mind blowing creativity that could come out of this setup.

Can you gig with a Fender Mustang GTX100?

Don’t let the size of the Mustang GTX deceive you, these beasts can get loud enough to be heard over a really wild drummer, without straining the amplifier too much. These amplifiers are perfect for more intimate venues such as bars and clubs, but a little miking will be enough to boost its sound if you are going to use it in a bigger concert hall or a ballroom.

A major advantage of bringing a Fender Mustang GTX100 to your gigs is that you can have the exact settings that you have prepared in your studio and the process of preparation onstage will be a lot less tedious. 

You may now eliminate the need to bring large pedal boards to complete your sound as you can rely on the amp’s own effects and control it with the foot switch. But if total freedom is what you are after and wish to employ some of your favorite guitar pedals, then go ahead, the Mustang GTX100 can handle any kind of effects setup that you have.

Fender has undoubtedly surpassed their past innovations with the Mustang GTX100 and we can expect the landscape of music being molded once again by the legendary guitar brand.