Are Collarlock Drums Good

Are Collarlock Drums Good? Collarlock Drum Brand

Are Collarlock Drums good? If you have seen and got interested in the used Collarlock drum kits sold on websites that sell used music equipment but are unfamiliar with the brand, then you are at the perfect place. Join us as we are going to check out whether Collarlock drums are worth the hype.

History Of Collarlock Drums

Collarlock Drums, a brand known for its unique tom mounting system and high-quality craftsmanship, made its mark in the drumming world from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s. Originally called Collarlock Drum Racks, the company initially specialized in drum racks and quickly established itself as a prominent player in the industry. 

In the early 1980s, they expanded their offerings to include drum sets, initially using shells from other manufacturers before eventually producing their own.

One of the defining features of Collarlock drums was their innovative tom mounting system. Using a collar-and-pin design, drummers could make quick and easy adjustments, allowing optimal positioning and tuning flexibility. This unique feature sets Collarlock drums apart from other brands, garnering attention from professional drummers seeking reliable and convenient solutions.

In 1992, Collarlock Drum Racks underwent significant development when it was acquired by Drum Workshop (DW), a renowned drum manufacturing company recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation. The acquisition enabled Collarlock Drums to benefit from DW’s extensive resources and expertise, ensuring the continuation of the brand’s legacy while also integrating new advancements.

Under DW’s ownership, Collarlock drums continued to be manufactured for a few more years, maintaining their high quality and innovative design reputation. However, as the industry evolved, DW eventually decided to discontinue the Collarlock brand, focusing on other product lines.

Despite the brand’s discontinuation, Collarlock drums remain highly sought after by collectors and vintage drum enthusiasts. Their reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, unique features, and distinctive sound has stood the test of time. Professional drummers recognized the quality and performance of Collarlock drums, contributing to their popularity during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Today, the legacy of Collarlock drums lives on through the appreciation and admiration of collectors and drum enthusiasts. The brand’s innovative spirit and commitment to craftsmanship continue to resonate within the drumming community, solidifying Collarlock’s place in drumming history.

Collarlock Drums significantly impacted the drumming industry with their unique tom mounting system and dedication to quality. Their acquisition by Drum Workshop further strengthened their position, allowing for the integration of DW’s expertise. 

Although the Collarlock brand was eventually discontinued, the drums remain highly regarded by collectors and vintage enthusiasts, testifying to their enduring quality and distinctive sound.

Import Series

The Collarlock Import Series offers drummers an affordable option without compromising on quality. Despite its budget-friendly price, this series is crafted with high-quality materials that ensure excellent performance and durability. With 6-ply composite shells and hoops, these drums are built to withstand the demands of gigging and touring.

The Collarlock Import Series delivers a bright and articulate tone when it comes to sound. The maple shells produce a clear and resonant sound that is both dynamic and expressive. Its hoops contribute to better projection and sustain, allowing each drum stroke to cut through the mix with clarity. The toms are tuned to a medium-high pitch, providing a bright and cutting sound, while the bass drum resonates with depth and richness.

The build quality of the Collarlock Import Series is impressive. The shells are constructed with 6-ply construction, ensuring strength and durability for long-lasting performance. The hardware, made of corrosion-resistant chrome, is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. The lugs and hoops add to the overall strength and durability of the drums, while the metal tom mounts provide stability and reliability.

The Collarlock Import Series offers drummers exceptional value for their money. The combination of bright and articulate sound, solid construction, and affordable price makes it an ideal choice for drummers of various skill levels and musical styles. Whether you’re playing rock, pop, or jazz, these drums will deliver the sound and performance you need.

Reviews of the Collarlock Import Series consistently praise its sound and build quality. Many commend the bright and articulate sound of the shells and recommend the series as a budget-friendly option. Thanks to their strong construction and high-quality materials, they are also known for their durability. Others, especially beginners and intermediate players, appreciate the ease of play and value offered by the Collarlock Import Series.

The Collarlock Import Series proves affordable drums can still provide exceptional sound and build quality. With its composite shells and durable construction, this series offers drummers a bright, articulate sound that can cut through any genre. 

Although discontinued, you can still see some Collarlock Import Series sold on websites that sell used music gear, and they provide reliable performance and excellent value, making it a top choice for drummers seeking quality on a budget.


The Collarlock C-Series stands as a premium drum set renowned for its warm and punchy sound. Crafted with select shells and chrome hardware, this series incorporates several features that enhance both its sonic qualities and playability.

The sound produced by the Collarlock C-Series is characterized by its warmth and punch. The maple shells provide a full and resonant tone, while the brass hardware enhances projection and sustain. The toms are tuned to a medium-low pitch, resulting in a warm and fat sound, while the bass drum delivers deep and punchy tones.

The Collarlock C-Series boasts various features that further augment its sound and playability. One of them is its FAST tom size. The toms of the Collarlock C-Series are meticulously sized to optimize fast playing. Measuring 10″x8″, 12″x9″, and 14″x11″, these toms facilitate quick and precise movements.

The batter heads on the Collarlock C-Series are designed with one side coated and the other clear. This combination produces a warm and punchy sound with added attack. Its bass drum incorporates a tone control pillow, allowing drummers to adjust the bass drum sound by manipulating overtones.

The toms of the Collarlock C-Series are equipped with suspension-style mounts. This innovative design suspends the toms from the bass drum, reducing vibrations and minimizing feedback. The stands accompanying the Collarlock C-Series are constructed with heavy-duty double-bracing. This robust design ensures stability and durability, even during intense performances.

The snare stand of the Collarlock C-Series features a dual 3-way configuration, enabling versatile positioning options to accommodate various playing styles. Lastly, the bass drum pedal of the Collarlock C-Series boasts a chain drive mechanism with a stabilizing plate. This configuration ensures smooth and responsive pedal action while reducing unwanted vibrations.

In terms of build quality, the Collarlock C-Series excels. The construction of the shells guarantees strength and durability, while the chrome hardware exhibits resistance to corrosion. Its lugs and hoops enhance the overall sturdiness of the drums, while the metal tom mounts further reinforce their durability.

The Collarlock C-Series represents excellent value for drummers seeking a warm and punchy drum set with the outstanding build quality and an array of features that enhance sound and playability. Suitable for various genres, including rock, pop, and jazz, this series is a top choice for discerning drummers who prioritize both performance and versatility.

So, are Collarlock Drums good? Yes, they are a great option in their heyday if you are looking for a budget drum kit that can give you impressive sound while withstanding the wear and tear that comes with frequent playing with the equipment.