Are dean guitar good

Are Dean Guitars Good? Why Are Dean Guitars So Cheap?

If you’re looking to purchase a Dean guitar you’re probably wondering “are dean guitars good?” If they are good, for some of them, Why are dean guitars so cheap?

Dean guitars makes a wide range of guitars, at various price ranges. Within these price ranges, the quality and parts are reflected in the price.

Whether you’re looking for a Kerry King or a Dimebag or even at their acoust range, Dean has a lot to offer.

Their classic body shapes are cool for some or might be labeled as the “worst shape” by others, it’s personal preference.

Dean guitars are good, well built guitars. While they have their quirks just like other brands, they offer cheap guitars great value guitars at the low end, and rock solid axes at the high end.

Is Dean Guitars a good brand

Yes, Dean guitars have been building solid, well respected guitars since the 1970s. 

Dean guitars often get overlooked by many guitarists due to their unique shapes and build styles.

If you look past the heavy look of some of the Dean line up of guitars, you’ll find solid performance and craftsmanship from the low end, entry level, all the way up to the high end performance level guitars.

In my own opinion, having played many Dean guitars, and even owning an entry level Dean bass guitar, they’re a great brand.

I personally am not huge into the sharp designs that is nearly trademarked for Dean, but I also can’t say they aren’t cool.

I’ve seen lots of people overlook Dean in the used market strictly based on their looks. People take one look at it and don’t want it.

That’s good news for those of us who do like them! If you want to judge a book by it’s cover, it’s your loss.

However, this is where a lot of the flack comes from. I’ve heard people say you’re paying for flash, when buying a Dean

That isn’t true at all. Personally, I haven’t seen too many Deans, new or used that were massively overpriced.

The value you get for the money, vs the quality you get is tremendous.

I’ve seen a poor Dimebag model sit at a used shop near me for years because no one wanted it.

The price tag was undervalued, and if I didn’t have a strict “no more guitars” policy, I’d be taking it home.

My point is that Dean makes solid guitars.

Even at the entry level, they’re no worse than what Epiphone puts out, so I’ve never understood the flack they get for making “flashy” guitars.

At the high end, you can easily compare some of the performance level models like the Razorback Dimebag to high end Ibanez.

Dean makes good guitars, whether you like the look of them or not, it would be silly to say they aren’t well made instruments.

Where are Dean Guitars made

Dean Guitars has made their instruments in many locations throughout the world, currently the U.S.A., Japan and Korea are the main locations that product the Dean brand.

This is actually quite impressive. Japan and Korea are two countries known for making guitars to a high standard.

I believe Korea is where they are making a lot of the entry to mid range Deans.

Personally, I’d prefer Korean made guitar over a Mexican made, the quality seems to be a little higher and the value for the price tag tend to be lower with korean models.

With manufacturing coming out of Asia you’d usually expect China or Indonesia, however, the Dean brand demands quality affordable production.

Are Korean made Dean guitars any good

Yes, Korean made Dean guitars are very well built. While they tend to make the entry to mid range instruments for Dean guitars, the craftsmanship still produces a fantastic guitar.

The high end Deans are usually made in the U.S.A. for that reason you can’t really compare the American craftsmanship to Korean, or even Japanese.

This is because they aren’t trying to produce the same guitar.

The Deans coming out of Asia are meant to be entry and intermediate level guitars, this means the hardware, detailing and overall time spent by the luthiers is less than the high end models.

The American made guitars use higher quality parts and materials, and allocate more time for their luthiers to work on them, resulting in better precision.

If you’re trying to argue that Korean made Dean guitars aren’t good, then you would also have to say that Fenders made in Mexico also aren’t as good, neither of which is true.

Some countries are known to produce better quality instruments, think America, Germany and Japan.

Others are known to produce lower quality, like China.

While Korea might not be at the top of everyone’s list of best guitar makers, I’d say it is among the top tier of global luthiers.

Why are dean guitars so cheap

Dean makes all their guitars under the same name. Their entry level models are the same level of quality as Fender’s Squier, or Gibson’s Epiphone.

You can buy a new entry level Dean for a few hundred dollars, just like a new Squier Strat

The difference is Dean doesn’t try to disassociate with their lower end range, which personally is something I respect.

They make guitars for musicians, and is a brand that a beginner can start with and grow with.

Then there’s the used market.

Like me, you’ve probably seen a used Dean guitar sitting at your local guitar shop for months, maybe even with a little dust on it.

Don’t hate me for saying this, but I’m not sure Dean is as popular as it once was.

I’ve seen lots of used Deans on in, only for them to have price reductions to get them to sell.

So yes, Dean Guitars are a little cheaper in some cases, however, in this case, price does not reflect quality.

Does Dean make good guitars

Whether you want a Dean Cadillac, or a Dean acoustic, you’ll be getting a great guitar.

You’ll be getting a look that is nearly classic in the guitar world, with the signature shapes and headstocks that every guitarist know, even if they don’t love them.

Dean makes not just good guitars, but great ones. If you’re looking for a Dean I would recommend checking out the used market and seeing if you can find any forgotten ones out there like I’ve mentioned above.

Dean gets a lot of flack from guitar enthusiast, but I think it’s a little undue.

Dean makes good guitars!

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