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Do All Guitar Cases Fit All Guitars? Guitar Case Sizing

Do all guitar cases fit all guitars? The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is easy to play, portable and does not need to be plugged in an amplifier to play it. There are approximately 1.6 million acoustic guitars that were sold in the United States alone in 2020.

One of the reasons many loves to play an acoustic guitar is because it is light, and you can bring it anywhere as it does not need electricity to produce a sound. The only problem in bringing a guitar anywhere is that it is prone to damage. Some acoustic guitars are built well enough to take a beating, and others are more susceptible to cracking.

To protect their guitars from taking a beating that could lead to some cracks, musicians purchase a guitar case as it helps absorb the effects of impacts on the acoustic guitar. An example of acoustic guitar that needs to be regularly put in a guitar case is a solid-top acoustic guitar, as its design is the most susceptible to cracking.

There are many acoustic guitars, and all of them have specific guitar case types that fit them. Therefore, it is essential to know what type your guitar is to be able to get an appropriate guitar case that will exactly match your acoustic guitar.

How do I know if my guitar case will fit?

If you really want to buy an acoustic guitar case, the best method to know if your acoustic guitar will fit is to go physically to the music store to try it. This is the safest way to purchase an acoustic guitar case, as you can personally determine if the case fits your guitar or not.

Sadly, our current situation sometimes forbids us to go to our favorite local music store. As online purchasing has become a norm even in the music industry, it is vital that you know what you are doing and you know what you are purchasing.

It is essential that you know what your guitar’s body type is. All acoustic guitars do not have the exact sizes, which is similar to acoustic guitar cases. Most of the music store websites include the dimensions of an acoustic guitar case it is selling. By also measuring your acoustic guitar, it will give you an idea of whether it will fit or not.

If your acoustic guitar is manufactured by a famous brand, there is a possibility that there is a specific acoustic guitar case for you. This information is available on music store websites or the brand’s website. This will save you time as these are reliable sources in purchasing musical equipment.

Are all acoustic guitar the same size?

There are different acoustic guitar types, which means that there are different sizes. There are also specific types of acoustic guitar to be used in performances; that is why there are different types of acoustic guitars.

An example of a type of guitar is the dreadnought guitar. As its name would suggest, this acoustic guitar makes a big sound. This is the most common shape of an acoustic guitar that you can see in music stores as this is the most classic of all of the acoustic guitar sizes. It has a sizeable bulky body that allows for a lot of sounds to bounce around, which results in plenty of low frequencies.

Another example is the jumbo-sized acoustic guitar. This is the largest of all acoustic guitar sizes and produces a large warm tone. The jumbo-sized acoustic guitar has a very loud, powerful sound and is ideal for players with a strong strumming style. Due to its large size, it tends to be more expensive.

There are also small-scaled acoustic guitars. The half-size acoustic guitar, as its name would suggest, is half the size of an acoustic guitar. This is very popular with kids who struggle to play a standard-sized acoustic guitar. There is also a three quarter-size guitar, which is the perfect size for ages 8-12 years old. These sizes produce quieter and less full sounding than full-sized guitars but are also cheaper.

There are still many sizes of acoustic guitar, and it is essential for you to recognize them all to avoid mistakes in buying the perfect guitar case for your acoustic guitar.

What are the dimensions of an acoustic guitar case?

There are really no definite dimensions of guitar cases for all acoustic guitar sizes as many manufacturing companies have their designs. But to have a perspective on the dimensions of the different acoustic guitar cases, we will look at the company Gator, one of the most renowned makers of guitar cases, on what different sizes of guitar cases they are offering.

Dimensions of some acoustic guitar case manufactured by Gator:

Body TypeBody LengthBody HeightLower Bout WidthGuitar WaistUpper Bout WidthOverall Length
¾ – size20.25″4.6″13.5″9.5”10.25”37.50”

These measurements will give you a better idea of choosing the guitar case that will fit your acoustic guitar. So, if you prefer buying online, you should measure your acoustic guitar before purchasing an acoustic guitar case.

How are guitar cases measured?

In buying an acoustic guitar case, it is also essential to know the dimensions of your guitar. Having the dimensions of your guitar will also give you an idea of what acoustic guitar case you should buy.

There are six measurements that one must look at to make sure the acoustic guitar will fit in the case properly.

  • Upper Bout Width
  • Lower Bout Width
  • Guitar Waist
  •  Total Length
  • Body Length
  • Body Height

The upper bout width is the measurement across the width of the guitar at the widest point of the upper bout. This is roughly just above the soundhole if the guitar is standing upright.

The lower bout width is the measurement across the width of the guitar at the widest point of the lower bout. This is below the guitar’s bridge as it is the widest part of the guitar.

The guitar waist is the measurement of the narrowest part of the body. This is the point between the upper and lower bouts. In measuring the total length, you have to measure the top of the body where the neck meets the soundboard right down to the bottom.

You should follow these measuring methods before buying an acoustic guitar to make sure that your guitar will suit perfectly in the case.

Ensuring your case fits you guitar

Overall, there is really no definite size for acoustic guitar cases. With different body types for acoustic guitars, there are also different sizes of acoustic guitar cases. For this reason, you must have a basic understanding of the specifications of your acoustic guitar.

You must bring your acoustic guitar to the store to find the guitar case that will perfectly suit it. But if you are forced to purchase online due to some circumstances, you must already measure your acoustic guitar before buying a guitar case.

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