Do Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value

Do Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value? Investing In Fender Guitar

Do Fender guitars appreciate in value? Do Fender guitars depreciate? Do Fender guitars hold their value? What is the most expensive Fender guitar that was sold in an auction? When it comes to the value of Fender guitars, I believe many are really curious about them, as buying a guitar can also be considered an investment; it just depends on whether it is good or bad.

When you buy a guitar from a famous company like Fender, of course, you will hope that it does not lose its value over time, as there will be a possibility that you will have to sell it to other buyers. So, when you buy a Fender guitar, does it hold its value over time or depreciate after how many years? That is what we are going to find out.

We all know that Fender is one of the most sought-after guitar brands in the world, but it is still not an assurance that their guitars will not depreciate over time, as they have lots of product lines with different price tags. One thing is sure, and it is that Fender takes up a massive chunk of the market share when it comes to most traded musical instruments. This only means that their guitars hold the most value after being owned.

Buying guitars can be a good investment for the long term, especially if you know how to take care of them, as their condition can be a huge factor in determining their current price. So, if you are looking out for a guitar to invest your money in, buying a Fender would be a good move for you. However, not all their guitars can appreciate their value over time, except in some circumstances, and we are going to find out what Fender guitars are under this category.

Which Fender Guitars Appreciate In Value?

American-Made Fender Guitars

All Fender guitars made in the US are expensive, but they have their high price tags for a reason. When it comes to price-to-value ratio, these guitars are really on the top of everyone’s lists. So, over time, even if they get old, they still hold their value in the market. Depending on its condition, its price can go up after 20 to 30 years.

US guitars are known to be able to hold their values over time, so US-made Fender guitars are not an exception to that rule.

Fender Custom-Shop Guitars

When you are looking for the most expensive guitars on the market, one thing you should check out is the Fender Custom Shop guitars. These guitars tend to increase in value over time, so having one of these guitars is really a good investment. Different Fender Master Builders make these guitars, so, understandably, these guitars come with very expensive price tags immediately.

These guitars usually go up from 10 to 15 percent from their original price after it reaches more than ten years. Trusted experts make these guitars in making guitars, so you can expect to be able to sell these guitars at a higher price when it gets older.

Fender Vintage Guitars

If you are familiar with the saying that old is gold, then you’ll understand the connection between vintage guitars and high prices. Fender vintage guitars are a rare commodity that guitar collectors always dream of being included in their collections. Fender vintage guitars from the 50s and 60s are very expensive, and the more they get older, the more expensive they will also get. That is how the value of Fender vintage guitars works in the market.

Fender Signature Artist Guitars

When it comes to signature guitars, they are really sought-after by their fans, so with more demand, it is also no wonder they are sold at high prices. However, not all signature guitars are able to retain their value over time unless they become vintage guitars. 

This rule is the opposite for the discontinued Fender signature guitars. A great example is the discontinued John Mayer Signature Stratocaster. The guitar was discontinued in 2014, and after Fender decided to stop manufacturing these guitars, their value skyrocketed to almost three of its original value. This is why if you have a discontinued Fender signature guitar in your collection, its price can still go up the longer you keep it.

The Most Expensive Fender Guitars Sold In The World

Fender Eric Clapton Blackie Stratocaster

Sold for almost a million dollars in an auction done in 2004, the Fender Blackie Stratocaster is one of the most expensive Fender guitars sold in the world. The story of the guitar starts with Eric Clapton deciding to buy six guitars while giving one each to George Harrison, Pete Townshend, and Steve Winwood.

As there were still three guitars left, Eric decided to patch the parts together from the remaining guitars, which resulted in the Blackie. The guitar is one of the most famous guitars ever, as Eric used it in recording and live performances.

Bob Dylan 1964 Fender Stratocaster

Also sold for almost a million dollars in an auction, the Bob Dylan 1964 Fender Stratocaster also has its share of some historical value to the music industry. The guitar is the first electric guitar that Bob Dylan used in a live performance, and one thing to remember is that his fans booed him on stage as they were not impressed with his choice of guitar.

The guitar was used at the Newport Festival in 1965, and this became Dylan’s start in transitioning into using electronic musical equipment. This is why there is no wonder that this guitar is sold for a very expensive price tag.

Jimi Hendrix 1968 Fender Stratocaster

Another Fender Stratocaster signature guitar makes our list. The Jimi Hendrix 1968 Fender Strat is one of the most expensive guitars sold in an auction, as it reached almost two million dollars. The guitar all comes with stock parts, and it has an Olympic White finish, which is really not that special, but because the late Jimi Hendrix owns it, then its value is really very high.

The guitar was used in the 1969 Woodstock music festival, where he made his unforgettable performance of The Star-Spangled Banner. With its share in the history of the music world, there is no wonder that the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, was willing to pay the price for the legendary guitar.

Reach Out To Asia Fender Stratocaster

Maybe one of the most expensive guitars in the world, if not it, the Reach Out To Asia Fender Stratocaster was a result of Bryan Adams’ Reach Out To Asia project, which is its purpose was to help the victims of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, which more than 200,000 people lost their lives because of the disaster.

Nineteen famous guitarists have their signatures inscribed on the guitar, including Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, Keith Richards, and many more. The guitar was sold for almost three million dollars, which is really one of the highest in the history of the guitar.

So, do Fender guitars appreciate in value? In most cases, their guitars really appreciate in value over time, especially their guitars that are made in the US. However, not all their guitars have the same effect when they get older, but still, depending on their condition, they can still be sold at a high price.