Do You Tip A Piano Tuner

Do You Tip A Piano Tuner? Tipping Piano Technicians

Do you tip piano tuners? Is it an obligation to give an additional tip to a piano tuner? Is it customary to give a tip to a piano tuner? Are there any rules or laws about tipping a piano tuner? If you have a piano that needs to be tuned, and you do not know how to do it yourself, then you should go to a piano tuner who has the experience to tune your piano so that you can also use it to its purpose. Although beautiful to look at, pianos are not only made as a design but it is also meant to be played.

In this article, we are going to find out how much it is going to cost you to hire a piano tuner to tune your piano and whether you are required to tip him or her after doing the job. We are also going to check out how to become a piano tuner and what are the basic concepts of tuning a piano, so you have a better idea of how hard it is to become a piano tuner.

So, what is a piano tuner? A piano tuner, also known by many as a piano technician or piano tech, is a person who makes small adjustments to the tension of a piano’s strings and aligns the intervals between their tones so that the piano is in tune. Some piano tuners also offer services like piano restorations and repairs.

How Often Should I Tune My Piano?

So, how often should you tune your piano? As the piano is a precious musical instrument that you should always take care of, especially since they are generally expensive, you should always tune them twice a year as a general rule of thumb. However, if it is too exposed to temperature and humidity, there is a high possibility that you will have to tune your piano four to six times a year.

When buying a new piano, you will have to tune it at least four times in its first year, as it will still adjust to its new environment, especially if there is a change in temperature and humidity from what it used to. One setup that will make your piano get out of tune easily is when you place it in front of a window that is facing the sun. It also gets out of tune easily if it is frequently exposed to beam lights.

Why Your Piano Goes Out Of Tune

So, why does your piano go out of tune when it is that expensive? When it comes to musical instruments like the piano, it is typical that they will go out of tune after some time and here are some of the reasons why:

It Goes Out Of Tune With Time

When it comes to a musical instrument like the piano, many musicians consider it to be a good sign if it is out of tune. Why is that? As it is one of the instruments that change slightly when frequently used, this also means that you are also playing with it a lot.

When a piano is left alone for a long time, it can also make it out of tune. However, keeping your piano all alone in the corner is not good to do, as it will lessen its lifespan. So, if you have one that sitting around your home or studio, it is now the right time to hire a piano tuner to tune it back and play with it or risk damaging it in the long run.

Weather Changes

As we all know that a piano is mostly made out of wood, it also means that it is highly susceptible to sudden temperature and humidity changes. As high humidity forces the wood to absorb more water, it results in the expansion of the instrument’s casing, which in the end, will alter the piano’s sound. When in the dry season, piano strings are also known to slack, making them out of tune.

So, if you want to keep your piano in tune for a long time, it would be better if you try to avoid placing it in spots where it will be exposed to open air and direct sunlight, as it can do more damage than you are thinking of.

Improperly Transported To Its Current Position

Aside from the fact that it is expensive, it is also a heavy musical instrument to carry around. So, if you have transported it from one place to another, there is a high possibility that it was never done properly. When it comes to moving your piano, always remember that you should hire people that have experience in doing it, as it is a delicate instrument that could easily get damaged if you have no idea what you are doing.

How Much Should You Pay A Piano Tuner To Do Its Job

So, how much is the rate for hiring a piano technician to tune your piano? Depending on their experience and reputation as piano tuners, it can range from $50 up to $250 as their flat rate. Some renowned piano tuners will charge you per hour. Tuning a piano can take 1.5 up to 2 hours, so you should be able to estimate how much you are going to pay if you are charged per hour.

These are just estimates of how much it would cost you to hire a piano technician to tune your piano. So, if you do not want to tune it more times than normal, you should follow the things mentioned above.

How To Become A Piano Tuner

If you think you want to learn how to tune your piano so that you can do it on your own and avoid expenses, then you should go to accredited schools that offer services to train you to become a piano technician or tuner. There are some areas where the schools will give you a license to become a piano technician, which is great, especially if you are looking to make a business out of your newly acquired skill.

The first to become a piano tuner is to take lessons from any accredited institution that has the capacity to give you the needed knowledge to become a piano technician. Like any other education, you will also need to spend time learning to become a piano tuner. Some hands-on activities will be given to you to check if you understand what things are needed to do in that specific situation.

You should also expect that you will be given quizzes to test your knowledge as a student. Lastly, you will be given a final exam that you should be able to pass before you are given a license to become a piano tuner. So, if you think that you are back to the days when you are a student, then yes, you are correct.

Do You Tip A Piano Tuner

As you already know what a person should go through to become a piano tuner or technician, you now have a better idea of whether you should still give a tip or not. Although giving a tip to a piano tuner is not compulsory, if you are more than satisfied with the work, then it would still be ideal for giving a tip. Remember that you will have to hire a piano tuner at least twice a year, so it is important you already have established a good relationship with your piano tuner.

So, do you tip a piano tuner? Although you are not required, it would be better if you give a tip to your piano tuner, as long as you are satisfied with the work. You will still need to tune your piano at least twice a year, so getting friendly with your piano tuner will only do more good to you in the end.