Is Easter A Good Drum Brand

Is Easter A Good Drum Brand? Are Easter Drums Good?

Is Eastar a good drum brand? How are these drum kits sound and build quality? How do they compare to other entry-level drum kits and more high-end ones? That’s what we are here to find out.

History Of Easter Drums

Eastar Drums is a relatively new player in the musical instrument industry, with a focus on producing affordable and accessible percussion instruments, particularly drum kits and accessories. 

Eastar Drums is a brand that is based in China, and its mission was to create musical instruments that were not only budget-friendly but also of reasonable quality to make music accessible to a broader audience.

Eastar initially started as a manufacturer of accessories such as drumsticks, drumheads, and percussion instruments. However, the company soon expanded its product range to include drum kits, catering to the needs of beginner and intermediate drummers seeking affordable options.

Over the years, Eastar Drums has gained recognition for providing entry-level drum kits that offer value for money. Their product lineup includes various drum kit configurations, from basic starter kits to more comprehensive packages, allowing aspiring drummers to choose instruments that suit their needs and budget.

While Eastar Drums may not have the long history of some established drum manufacturers, they have carved out a niche in the market by offering accessible and functional percussion instruments. Their commitment to affordability and accessibility has made music education and drumming more attainable for countless beginners and aspiring drummers.

Build Quality

Is Eastar a good drum brand when it comes to build quality? Eastar Drums is a company known for producing a wide range of percussion instruments, including drum sets, snare drums, and various hand percussion instruments. The build quality of their drum kits can vary depending on the specific model and price range, but Eastar is generally recognized for offering budget-friendly options suitable for beginners and intermediate players. 


Eastar drum kits are typically constructed from various types of wood, with poplar being a common choice for the shell material in their entry-level drum sets. Poplar is a lightweight wood that provides a balanced tone and affordability. Higher-end models may feature shells made from maple, birch, or other hardwoods, offering improved resonance and durability.

The hardware on Eastar drum kits, such as the drum lugs, rims, and stands, is generally made from durable materials like steel or chrome-plated metal. The quality of hardware components can impact the overall stability and longevity of the kit.

Craftsmanship And Construction

Eastar pays attention to shell construction techniques, with an emphasis on precision and alignment. Well-constructed shells contribute to a drum kit’s overall sound quality and resonance. The shells are often designed to maximize projection and tone.

The proper mounting of hardware components is crucial to the stability and playability of a drum kit. Eastar typically ensures that hardware is securely attached to the shells, reducing the risk of hardware loosening or rattling during play.

Finishes And Aesthetics

Eastar drum kits are available in various finishes, from solid colors to wood grains. The quality of the finish can affect the drum kit’s appearance and durability. Eastar aims to provide visually appealing finishes, but the durability may vary depending on the specific model.

The design and aesthetics of Eastar drum kits are often tailored to appeal to beginners and young drummers. These kits are typically visually appealing and can include features like colored drum heads and hardware.

Durability And Longevity

Eastar’s entry-level drum kits are designed to be durable and withstand regular practice and play. However, they may require more frequent maintenance and tuning compared to higher-end drum kits.

Playability And Performance

The ability to hold tuning is essential for a drum kit’s performance. Eastar drums are designed to provide tuning stability, allowing drummers to maintain consistent sound quality during practice and performance.

Eastar ensures that hardware components, such as pedal mechanisms and tension rods, function smoothly and reliably. This contributes to the drum kit’s playability and performance.

Eastar Drums offers a range of drum kits with varying build qualities to cater to different skill levels and budgets. Their entry-level kits are designed for beginners and offer reliable construction suitable for practice and learning. As the price range increases, the build quality and materials used tend to improve, resulting in enhanced durability and sound quality. 

While Eastar may not compete with premium drum manufacturers in terms of build quality, they provide accessible options for those looking to start their drumming journey without breaking the bank.

Sound Quality

Is Eastar a good drum brand when it comes to sound quality? Eastar Drums, known for offering budget-friendly drum kits, provide a sound quality that caters to beginner and intermediate drummers. While their drums may not rival the tonal depth and complexity of high-end professional kits, they offer a satisfactory playing experience with certain distinctive characteristics.

Rich And Warm Tonal Character

Eastar’s drum kits, particularly those in the entry-level range, exhibit a warm tonal character. The shells, often constructed from poplar wood, produce a balanced and moderate warmth suitable for various musical styles. This warmth provides a pleasant foundation for drummers learning to explore different sounds.

Some higher-end Eastar kits may feature shells made from hardwoods like birch. These materials contribute to a richer and more resonant tonal character compared to poplar. The choice of wood can significantly enhance the warmth and depth of the drum kit’s sound.

Dynamic Range

Eastar drum kits offer a reasonable dynamic range, allowing drummers to explore different levels of volume and expression. While they may not have the same degree of dynamic responsiveness as professional-grade kits, they provide a suitable range for beginners and intermediate players to develop their skills.

Drummers can further adjust the dynamic response by experimenting with different drumhead choices. While Eastar kits come with basic drumheads, upgrading to higher-quality drumheads can enhance the dynamic range and tonal versatility of the kit.

Attack And Resonance

Eastar drums typically feature a balanced attack, allowing for clear and defined articulation when striking the drumheads. This characteristic is essential for beginners to develop their technique and control over drumming dynamics.

The resonance of Eastar drum kits may vary depending on the specific model and shell material. While entry-level kits may have a more modest resonance, higher-end models constructed from hardwoods can produce a more pronounced and sustained resonance, contributing to a fuller sound.


Eastar drum kits are versatile enough to accommodate various musical styles, making them a good choice for drummers who want to explore different genres. The warmth and moderate tonal character allow for flexibility in playing jazz, rock, pop, and more.

Drummers can enhance the versatility of their Eastar kits by making upgrades such as changing drumheads, adding cymbals, or experimenting with different tuning options. These modifications can help tailor the sound to specific genres and playing preferences.

Eastar Drums offer a sound quality that aligns with the expectations of beginner and intermediate drummers. Their drum kits provide a warm tonal character, a reasonable dynamic range, a balanced attack, and versatility across various musical styles. 

While they may not match the tonal complexity and responsiveness of high-end professional kits, Eastar drums offer a solid foundation for drummers to develop their skills and explore their musical creativity without breaking the bank.

Is Eastar a good drum brand? For entry-level options, they are really great options to try. Another great thing about Eastar is that it offers drum kits made of Birch shells aside from their regular wood shells, which is preferred by many drummers due to its tone.