Are Electric Guitar Strings Good For Slide Guitar

Are Electric Guitar Strings Good For Slide Guitar? Slide Strings

Are electric guitar strings good for slide? What strings are best for slide guitar? Are heavier strings better for slide? How can I make my guitar strings slide better? Can you play slide on electric guitar? If you are a guitar player who likes to try sliding on an electric guitar and does not know what guitar strings to use, then you are in the right place. Join us as we are going to tackle the best guitar strings you can use for your electric guitar so that you can do the sliding technique.

Things To Look Out For In Choosing Guitar Strings For Playing Slide Guitar Techniques

Material Used

The first thing you should look out for in choosing the best guitar strings for you is the materials used in making them. If you want to do some slides on your electric guitar, then you should want to have some strings that can give you a rich tone with fullness and balance.

You’d want your guitar strings to give you a stronger attack and better sustain. So, if you are looking for a new set of strings, always consider the materials used for making them.


Another thing you should look out for when choosing guitar strings for sliding is their size. When it comes to slides, always remember to go for thicker and bigger guitar strings, as they always do a better job for this playing style. You should go as heavy as you can, as long as you only use it for this playing style, as they can be harder to use for other playing styles.

If you are still a beginner, then maybe you can try out for 0.011s as they are big, but they can still stay tuned for a long time without making any adjustments. As much as possible, never go for smaller than 0.010s, as they don’t sound good for this playing style.

Durable And Robust

The third thing that you should consider is whether they are durable or not. Remember that the strings are always put under pressure with the slide, so it means that there is always friction that comes with it. So, one of the best options that you can choose from is a set of guitar strings that is coated, as they protect the strings from easily breaking while still keeping their tone fresh all the time.

However, coated strings can have a reduced sustain, so you will still have to balance things out on which you would prefer to play with.

What Strings Are Best For Slide Guitar? 

GHS Boomers

If you are looking for the perfect electric guitar string to do slides on your electric guitar, then an excellent option for you is to go for a set of GHS Boomers. These guitar strings were introduced in 1975 and have been known as the Power String, which can be used for any genre of music. These nickel-plated guitar steel strings are wound over a round core to give you the bright tone and powerful attack that you deserve.

These guitar strings also individually come with the GHS Nitro Pack, which makes them resistant to corrosion, so you can still play your guitar strings for a long time without having to replace them all time. It can keep its tone for a long time and does not easily break, two of the best things that should always come with guitar strings. They are also budget-friendly, which is an additional advantage if you have a tight budget.

DR Pure Blues

Another excellent guitar string set option to have if you are a musician who always executes slides when playing the guitar is the DR Pure Blues. These guitar strings have a pure nickel wrap wire to give your electric guitar a uniquely warm and balanced sound, which is great, especially if you are using an electric guitar with humbucker pickups for your slides.

It has a round core wire to ensure perfect contact with the wrap wire, resulting in a dense and distinct vintage tone while having increased sustain, which is perfect for playing slides. These things will give you the classic American rock and blues feel with their warm and balanced sound while still having rich overtones and a vintage vibe. Smooth and highly sensitive, playing slides with these electric guitar strings will never be a hassle for you.

D’Addario EJ21 

Another set of guitar strings you can choose to play slides on your electric guitar is the D’Addario EJ21. One of its most popular electric guitar strings, the EJ21 comes with nickel-plated steel that is precisely wound and carefully drawn to become a high-carbon steel core with a hexagonal shape. This gives the guitar strings versatility with its intonation and brightness, perfect for playing in many different genres and styles.

So, if you prefer to play slides with these guitar strings, always go for the heaviest or heavier gauge to be able to achieve the sound of what you are hoping for.

Are Heavier Strings Better For Slide

So, are heavier strings better for slide? If you like to execute slides on your electric guitar, then you should go for the heavier and thicker guitar strings, as they are known to do a better job with this playing style. With heavier strings, they also come with improved sustain, which is highly needed for executing guitar slides.

On the other hand, if you are going to use thinner and lighter guitar strings, then you must expect that the tone would also lack a bit of sustain compared to heavier and thicker string gauges. You will also need to put more pressure on lighter guitar strings, which can be very tiring and painful if you have to do it for a long time.

How Can I Make My Guitar Strings Slide Better

Of course, the first thing you should do is to use an excellent set of strings meant for playing slides on electric guitars. There are many out there to choose from, and you can also try our above mentioned examples. In the end, you still have to use guitar strings that make you comfortable playing slides on your electric guitar.

The first thing that you can do is adjust your guitar’s actions. When using heavier gauge strings, you will also need to make some adjustments to your gear. If you get a fret buzz when playing with the guitar, then it means you will have to raise its action. As there is no exact height to set your strings, you must find your comfort level where you can execute slides while not experiencing any buzz frets.

Can You Play Slide On Electric Guitar

So, can you play slide on electric guitar? Absolutely, yes, there is no doubt about it. Using the correct guitar strings and setting them at their right action, you can surely play slide on an electric guitar without any problems.

So, are electric guitar strings good for slide guitar? There are some electric guitar strings that you can use if you prefer to do it on an electric guitar. When choosing one, just make sure that you use a heavier gauge for better sustain, as well.