Are Expensive Acoustic Guitars Easier to Play?

One thing beginners look for when buying guitars is the ease of playing and sound quality. But does the guitar’s cost determine how easy it is to play or the sound quality? What is the difference between expensive and affordable guitars?

Are expensive guitars easier to play?

Well, nobody will crucify you when you say that expensive acoustic guitars are made better and feature high-quality components that make them easier to play. The expensive acoustic guitars are generally made from better-quality wood and have many other features that make them sound better.

Why some expensive guitars are easier to play:

Here are some reasons why more expensive acoustic guitars are easier to play.

Quality Materials and Parts

Highly-priced guitars are made from quality materials and parts. The guitar neck is rigid, which makes notes easy to fret. It also keeps the instrument’s intonation perfect all along the neck, making playing chords easier because open strings don’t sound different when fretted at different places on the neck.

Higher-priced guitars usually feature wooden bridge pins that hold the strings firmly and keep them from slipping. Most beginner guitars feature plastic or metal bridge pins that allow the strings to slip, making the guitar harder to play because it causes out-of-tune notes.

A better-quality guitar will also have a soundboard that produces good resonance without buzzing, especially for recording studio owners.

Better Electronics

Higher-quality guitars have better components for their electronic pickups, which are necessary to be heard in a recording studio. Also, look for two separate volume knobs to control the tone of each pickup separately.

You must know that the proper wiring of an acoustic guitar needs the skills of an experienced technician. A perfectly wired guitar will no doubt play and sound better, and that also means you’ll have to pay more for it.

The Setup Process

For a guitar to play well, the setup process must be thorough. The setup process involves making specific adjustments to the guitar neck, nut & saddle, the bridge, and other electronic components.

The fretwork is also a time-consuming and expensive process involving hammering into the fretboard, levelling, crowning, polishing, and dressing. After this, the technical still run the guitar through a fret machine to make it even better. There’s no doubt that the guitar will be easier to play with all these processes. But all that comes at a higher price.

Expensive Guitars Have No Problem Staying in Tune

The low-end guitars are not the best at staying in tune. It is hard to keep them in good shape all the time; they are made out of lower quality wood and have less precise construction by human hand.

On the other hand, high-end guitars are built with more precision, resulting in better tuning ability. You won’t have problems staying in tune even after playing these kinds of guitars for a long time as they always stay in shape. This is the kind of guitar you can easily carry with you to a recording studio and play your tunes.

No Manufacturing Flaws

High-end guitars often have zero manufacturing flaws that might interfere with playability. The frets are perfectly set with no sharp ends, and all the electronics function properly. When the manufacturer maintains excellent standards, you’ll definitely have no problem playing that guitar.

Expensive Guitars Feel Good on the Hands

So, how does your guitar feel when playing? A guitar made with quality components and well-built functioning will keep you happy and satisfied even if you have to shell out a lot of money. If you’re out testing some acoustic guitars, take your time to consider how each feels compared to their costs.

So, Should You Buy Expensive Acoustic Guitars?

There’s no doubt that expensive guitars are made with a lot of care and attention to detail. If you’re a serious musician, it is always best to invest in a high-quality product that will bring you joy every time you pick it up.

However, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to an instrument that has just the right features for your budget. You can always start with a cheaper guitar when launching your music journey and upgrade if your playing leads you in that direction.

Also, you should consider the manufacturer of the acoustic guitar when making the purchase. Major manufacturers in the market usually maintain good qualities and craftmanship regardless of the price of the guitar. You’ll never go wrong with any guitar as long as you buy it from a reputable manufacturer.

While expensive guitars have all the qualities that make them sound better and easier to play, it doesn’t mean that cheaper ones are of poor quality. The lower the price of a guitar, the better value it has because you get all you pay for—good sound and great features.

The rule of thumb when buying your first guitar is to not be entrapped by price alone. Instead, consider different qualities in guitars, such as the wood type for the body. If you can afford it, go for better pickups or hardware.

So yes, expensive guitars are easier to play, but only in the sense that the guitar is high quality and precise.

Remember that your guitar is an investment worth making. So, ensure you go to your most trusted guitar dealer and choose one from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure you do the testing and choose what you think feels better for you.

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