Are Gibson Guitar Strings Good

Are Gibson Guitar Strings Good? Gibson Guitar Strings

Are Gibson guitar strings good? Are Gibson guitar strings durable? Do Gibson guitar strings sound good? Do Gibson guitar strings last for a long time? Who doesn’t know about Gibson and its legendary guitars? But did you know they manufacture one of the best product lineups of guitar strings in the world? If not, then join us, and let’s find out everything about the guitar strings manufactured by Gibson.

Although the company was founded in 1902, it was still in 1927 when they first made their metal guitar strings. Until now, they still make high-quality guitar strings that are widely used by professional musicians all over the world.

Electric Guitar Strings

Gibson Brite Wire Reinforced

Are you looking for the perfect electric guitar strings to be used with your Gibson electric guitar without breaking the bank? The Gibson Brite Wire Reinforced may be what you are looking for. These electric guitar strings come with a nickel-plated steel wound to give you the powerful guitar tone and sustain you’ expect from a Gibson electric guitar. 

As it is made in the USA, you can trust that you won’t be changing a new set of guitar strings for a long time, thanks to its high-carbon steel core to give you the durability that you should always look for in a guitar string. Made and approved by the famous Gibson’s Master Luthiers, its winding process gives the strings the crisp attack and high-volume output that is perfect for Gibson guitars.

The Gibson Brite Wire Reinforced electric guitar strings come in three size options: ultra-light, light, and medium. Depending on your preferred string gauge, choosing either of the three will give you the comfort you may have never ever experienced with other budget-friendly guitar strings while playing the guitar.

Gibson Vintage Reissue

If you want to give your electric guitar a similar feel to a Gibson Custom electric guitar, one step closer to achieving that goal is to use Gibson Vintage Reissue electric guitar strings. Manufactured just like those electric guitar strings in the 1950s, these guitar strings are made in the USA and are used as the stock strings for Gibson Custom guitars made at the Gibson’s Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

These electric guitar strings are purely nickel-wrapped, so you can surely get a bright and vintage tone similar to those when the guitars and strings that were produced by Gibson were still in their original factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The guitar strings are precisely wounded at a speed that Gibson sets to ensure that it will meet their high standards while giving you the original vintage feel that it was meant to provide every guitar player using this set of strings.

The Gibson Vintage Reissue guitar strings are also resistant to corrosion, so you can expect that you won’t have to replace these electric guitar strings all the time compared to its competition. The guitar strings are available in three different gauge tensions: ultra-light, light, and medium, so you can have a variety of options to choose from that would suit your preference.

Gibson Les Paul Premium Electric Guitar Strings

Do you want to push your Gibson Les Paul to its maximum potential? One of the best things to do to get closer to that goal is to use Gibson’s Les Paul Premium electric guitar strings. Invented by the legendary Les Paul with the help of Gibson, these guitar strings are tailor-made for every Les Paul electric guitar out there. It comes with a hex-shaped steel core that is wrapped with pure nickel to give you the warm tone and smooth feel that you get from a Gibson Les Paul.

It also comes with unique silk-wrapped ends to give the guitar player a genuine vintage tone that is perfect for playing, whether in recording studios or live performances, while eliminating the ambient noise that is very annoying to hear. Aside from its famous and legendary Les Paul guitar, this is another excellence that Les Paul has contributed to the electric guitar industry. Aside from the fact that it is premium, being a perfect string match for a legendary guitar is also one of its advantages versus its competition.

As it was developed and approved by Les Paul himself, these guitar strings are available in three different string gauge measures: ultra-light, light, and medium, allowing you to choose your preferred string gauge that would make you comfortable playing your Gibson Les Paul electric guitar anywhere.

Gibson Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings

One of the most expensive guitar strings coming from Gibson’s Guitar Accessories catalog, the Gibson Flatwound electric guitar strings are specifically manufactured for all Gibson’s arch top guitars made in its current manufacturing facility in Nashville, Tennessee. So, if you are a jazz guitarist, this must be one of your go-to options when you need to replace your guitar strings.

As these guitar strings are a match made in heaven for electric jazz guitars, especially with those that come with arch tops, you can get a vintage feel with the fat and rounded tone that comes from Gibson’s archtop guitars that are made in the USA. These guitar strings have a hex-shaped steel core wire and are wounded using flat stainless steel around their exterior. With Gibson’s machinery, its computer-controlled winding process ensures that the strings are very comfortable to play with while having the tone that you should look for in a jazz guitar.

These flatwound strings are known for their softness and smooth tone, and you can notice that it does not produce any string noise compared to other guitar strings in the market, so you can really be comfortable using these guitar strings for your guitar. Available in two string gauge tension options: ultra-light and light, you can choose which of two is your preference for your electric jazz guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Gibson Coated Phosphor Bronze Strings

One of the more expensive options that you can get from Gibson’s acoustic guitar strings product line, the Gibson Coated Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings come with a high-carbon hex-shaped steel core and are thoroughly and securely wrapped with phosphor bronze, resulting in a mellow low-end production while delivering clear highs, making it really balanced.

Gibson uses its own polymer coating on these guitar strings, which results in them having longer playing life while having a preserved tone. These guitar strings are used as stock strings for Gibson’s acoustic guitars that are made in its Acoustic facility located in Boseman, Montana, so you can expect that it has the similar warmth and clarity that you get from Gibson’s high-end acoustic guitars.

These acoustic guitar strings are available in two different string tension values, so you can either have an ultra-light or light gauge to choose from for your acoustic guitar. Either of the two will surely make you more comfortable playing your acoustic guitar while having an improved tone that surely matches your playing style.

So, are Gibson guitar strings good? If you are an owner of a Gibson guitar, then you should really also use guitar strings made by Gibson, as they are designed and manufactured with their guitars in mind. Even if you do not own a Gibson guitar, you can still use their strings, as they are known to be of high quality.