Good Strings For Fingerstyle Guitar

Good Strings For Fingerstyle Guitar: Fingerstyle Guitar Strings

What are some good strings for a fingerstyle guitar? How to choose finger style guitar strings to use? Are there any differences between strings that are specifically made for fingerstyle guitar playing compared to the normal style of playing the guitar? Join us as we are going to find out the best guitar strings for fingerstyle playing.

How To Choose The Right Guitar Strings For Fingerstyle Guitar Playing


When it comes to choosing a set of guitar strings for fingerstyle playing, one thing you should consider is their gauge. Typically, the lighter gauge is the better option for fingerstyle guitar players, as they give a softer feel, which is an advantage, especially if you are still beginning to learn with this style of playing.

As lighter strings have the least tension, there is also resistance to your fingers. Remember that comfortability is still very important, especially if you are learning a new skill. However, you can still try to use medium or heavier strings and check if it suits your taste.

String Material

Another thing that you should consider when buying a set of strings for fingerstyle guitar players is the materials that are used in making guitar strings. With different materials used, it also means that all of these options also do not sound alike. As brass strings tend to have the brightest tone, and silk and steel are known to have the mellowest, it really ends up to your preference.

As of today, the most popular choice for guitar players is phosphorus bronze. As it tends to be in the middle of them all, many love its balance, and it is also known for its tone to last longer, which is why more and more fingerstyle guitar players go for these guitar strings.

Coated Or Not

The third thing you should consider in choosing guitar strings for fingerstyle playing is whether it is coated or not. Coated guitar strings are usually covered with a layer of polymer, as it gives the strings protection from the usual wear and tears. Many musicians prefer to use coated strings because they are protected from dirt, sweat, grime, and many more sticky substances that can be a distraction when you are playing.

However, there are many musicians who prefer to use non-coated strings as well, especially those who are old-school who are looking for the classic fingerpicking style tone that comes with non-coated guitar strings.

What Are The Best Strings For Fingerstyle Guitar 

Here are some of the best strings for fingerstyle guitars that you can buy online and in music stores:

D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze

If you are looking for an excellent set of guitar strings that would suit your playing style as a fingerstyle guitarist, then the D’Addario EJ 16 would be a great choice for you. Known for making high-quality guitar strings, D’Addario has made one of the best guitar strings in the market today with the EJ16.

Even with their low price, they still sound good. These strings are also famous for their versatility, so whether you use them for fingerpicking, fingerstyle playing, or strumming, they still deliver the tone that you’d expect from them. With its balanced and warm tone, its value is really great considering its price point.

Ernie Ball Earthwood

Another guitar string from a legendary guitar accessory manufacturer, the Ernie Ball Earthwood, is a great option for musicians who are looking for nice guitar strings without breaking the bank. Considered to be one of the most famous acoustic guitar strings globally, Earthwood is known for its versatility and affordability. Whether you use it for fingerpicking, fingerstyle playing, or strumming, you won’t really have a problem with this set of guitar strings.

As it is made from Phosphor Bronze, you get a rich and warm tone, especially if it is fresh from its packaging. However, they tend to lose their warm and clear tone after some time, so you would have to change your guitar strings more often if you love to retain their beautiful tone.

Elixir Nanoweb

If you are not familiar with Elixir Nanoweb guitar strings, then now is the right time for you to learn something about these guitar strings. As one of the best acoustic guitar strings globally, it is also one of the most frequently used by professional and performing musicians. Its Nanoweb coating protects the strings from sticky things that can distract you from playing your guitar.

As they take your acoustic guitar’s tone to the next level, it is also protected from corrosion, which can be damaging to your guitar strings, as they are one of the main reasons why guitar strings easily break for a short period of time. So, with this, you won’t have to worry about any of your guitar strings breaking while you are performing on stage or in the middle of a recording session.

Martin Retro MM13

When it comes to acoustic guitars and strings, one brand that comes to mind that belongs, the best is Martin. As Martin Guitars is a legend of its own, its strings are also top-notch, especially its Retro MM13, which is specifically designed for musicians who are looking for acoustic guitar strings that can be used for fingerstyle playing. It has a balanced and nice tone that is perfect for fingerstyle playing and fingerpicking, so you won’t have any problem with these strings if that is your preferred playing style.

It is also not that expensive for a Martin guitar string, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality tone for your fingerstyle playing with these guitar strings.

Godin Acoustic Strings

As Godin is known for their acoustic guitars, which are great options for fingerstyle playing and fingerpicking, they also make great guitar strings for the said playing styles. Their guitar strings are made of light phosphor bronze and do deliver a very clear and balanced tone for your guitar. Not only that they are durable and can last for a long time before you have to replace them, but it is also very affordable, which is a good thing for fingerstyle guitar players who have a tight budget.

Martin MA540FX

If you want to go for a set of uncoated strings for your acoustic guitar, then the best option that you can go for is to get a Martin MA540FX. As these guitar strings are made explicitly for fingerstyle guitar players, it has increased flexibility with better sustain compared to other guitar strings while still having the natural tone that comes with uncoated strings.

With these guitar strings, you can play them for a long time without feeling fatigued, which makes it a very comfortable set of guitar strings to play with. It is also not that expensive for a Martin guitar string, so you can really expect it to be of high quality. Remember to always go for the light gauge strings for this set of strings, as they can be difficult to hold down, especially for its heavier gauges.

So, how to check for the best fingerstyle guitar strings for you? The things to consider in buying a set of guitar strings for your playing are its gauge, materials used, and whether it is coated or non-coated.