how to carry a guitar on a motorcycle

How To Carry A Guitar On A Motorcycle: Guitar On Motorcycle

Since the invention of stringed instruments, it has already been considered portable and easy to bring anywhere. When performers travel to other places to perform, they usually carry their stringed instruments with them.

In today’s setting, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments that is considered to be portable. You can bring it easily anywhere due to its lightweight. That is why many beginners choose to purchase a guitar, as they can easily practice anywhere they want.

In all types of guitars, the acoustic guitar is the most portable is it does not need a guitar amplifier to be able to listen to its produced sound. You can bring an acoustic guitar to the beach, park, school, or even almost anywhere, and still, you can play it.

For the professional musicians who mainly use a guitar in live performances or recording, they are usually required to bring their guitars to the venue. This is why the guitars that will be used in the gig must be safely transported to the venue.

Any form of transportation can transport guitars; air, sea and land. Usually, guitars are transported using a private car or public transit, but they can also carry them with a motorcycle. Although it is not a recommendable way to bring a guitar by using a motorcycle, there are still ways how to carry a guitar on a motorcycle safely.

Can you carry a guitar on a motorcycle

One way on how to carry a guitar on a motorcycle is to use a guitar gig bag. A gig bag is defined as a padded, soft-sided bag used to store and transport musical instruments, most commonly a guitar or bass guitar. There are different sizes of gig bag as there are also different sizes of guitars. That is why it is important to know your guitar’s body type before purchasing a guitar gig bag.

Most of the time, electric guitar gig bags and acoustic guitar do not have the same size. You must know the dimensions of your guitar as it is an essential factor in purchasing a gig bag online. As much as possible, if you are buying a gig bag in a local music store, bring your guitar to determine if it will fit or not.

Put your guitar in your gig bag and make sure that you zip it tightly. If possible, use a padlock in the zippers to avoid the zippers unzipping themselves. Put on the gig bag straps and adjust them to prevent them from falling off.

The second way to carry a guitar on your motorcycle is to use a guitar hard case with straps. Guitar hard cases are more expensive than gig bags, but it is more durable and offers more protection if your guitar falls. Usually, it is made from polycarbonate or plastic, and sometimes even metal or wood, but all these materials are durable for these types of cases.

Like the gig bag strap, you need to wear the straps on your shoulder and adjust them to prevent them from falling off.

Mounting a guitar to a motorcycle

There are also mounting devices for motorcycles that can mount a guitar gig bag or hard case. Usually, the gig bag or guitar hard case is placed on either the right or left side of the guitar. This method is really safe for guitars and is also the most comfortable method in carrying a guitar on a motorcycle. Although, it is tough to purchase this type of mounting device due to its limited production.

If your area allows you to have an additional passenger in your motorcycle, then he/she can carry the guitar for you even it does not have any gig bag or hard case. He/she just needs to hold the neck of the guitar tightly and place its body into his/her thigh to support the weight. However, this method is hazardous because of the air resistance you will encounter during your travel.

There are very limited ways how to carry a guitar on a motorcycle. But the important thing is always to think of the driver’s safety first. A motorcycle accident can also damage the guitar; that is why riding safely in a motorcycle is the most important thing after all.

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