How To Carry A Guitar Without A Case

How To Carry A Guitar Without A Case: Guitar Case Alternatives

How to travel with a guitar without a case? How can I carry my guitar without a guitar bag? Is it safe to carry a guitar without any case? Can I travel with my guitar even if there is no case? These are just some of the questions that are always asked when you have to travel with your guitar without using any case, and we have decided to give you some tips on how to safely travel with your guitar even if you do not use any case.

So, is it safe if I travel with my guitar without using any case? Although still, the best idea would be to use a guitar case for your guitar if you are planning to travel, but there are some ways that you can do to protect your guitar from getting damaged if the situation really requires you not to use a guitar case.

There are really many instances where you have to travel with your guitar, especially if you are a professional musician. Whether you go to a gig or studio, you would prefer to use your own guitar as you already have a better feel for it and have more time to use it. To travel with your guitars, the most usual mode of transportation would be either to get into a plane, car, ship, motorcycle, train, or the simplest of them all, walking.

The modes of transportation mentioned above would only be our scope of limitations for this discussion, as this is the most usual way to bring your guitar from one place to another. After all, our only goal is to find some ways to be able to travel with your guitar without using any case safely and without it getting any damage.

How To Travel With A Guitar Without A Case

When you travel with your guitar, it is really important that you have to be careful and protect it so that you can avoid damaging it on your journey. This is why it is important that you put the guitar on a hard case, as it is the best way to protect your guitar from getting chipped and damaged, but if you do not have any hard case, what can you do to protect your guitar?

If you do not have any hard case that you can use, then you should have a gig bag that can fit the guitar. So, if you are traveling with an acoustic guitar, then get an acoustic gig bag, but if you are traveling with an electric guitar, then get an electric gig bag.

Guitar gig bags are very easy to handle when you travel on a plane, a vehicle, or a ship, as they are very light and very portable compared to a hard case. If you are also planning to bring your guitar on a motorcycle, you can use its shoulder straps, as it is a very safe way to carry a guitar on any motorcycle. Similar to motorcycles, if you can just walk to your destination, you can either use the gig bag’s handle or the shoulder straps to carry it, as both of these ways are very easy to do.

So, what is a gig bag? A gig bag is a padded carrying case for musical instruments like guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, and many more. Gig bags are softer, lighter, and cheaper than the usual guitar hard cases. They are straightforward to carry as they come with a handle and a pair of shoulder straps, which makes them very comfortable as you can carry them on your back.

A gig bag also has ample space where you can put some of your guitar accessories. Cables, strings, guitar straps, tunes, capo, and many others can be placed in the pockets of a gig bag, as they usually have two or more in them. Remember to put a dehumidifier inside the gig bag if you are going into a place that is very humid while using a humidifier if the area has very low humidity.

How Can I Carry My Guitar Without A Guitar Bag?

If the situation pushes you not to use a guitar case or a gig bag, do not worry, as there are still many ways to travel safely with your guitar. Do not worry, as you are not limited to only using a guitar case or gig bags when traveling with your guitar, as these ways are even cheaper and still safe for your guitar.

The first option would be to use a special guitar shipping box. When you purchase a guitar online, they usually come with a special box that is made for safely shipping guitars. If you can get a special box like in these online guitar stores, it would be better, as they are made to transport guitars without using any case or gig bag.

After you have secured a special guitar box, you can now start to loosen the guitar strings and remove them. You can also just loosen them, depending on your preference, but it would be better if you remove them completely from the guitar. Remove also all guitar accessories like a clip-on tuner, capo, and many more, and place them in a separate box, as this will prevent cracks and scratches during traveling.

The next step is to pack the guitar. Whether you use bubble wrap or foam padding, both materials are all good options to protect your guitar from getting damaged. For me, I would prefer to use bubble wrap, as it is more accessible. Use the bubble wrap to wrap it around the guitar’s bridge and neck. This would be the first part of the guitar’s wrapping process.

After you have wrapped the neck and the head, start to focus on the guitar’s body. You have to use a large amount of bubble wrap as the instrument’s body has the widest measurements and is also a very important part of the guitar that could really affect the tone if damaged.

Double-check all areas if there are still spaces that you can fill, and if you have found some, fill them with more newspaper or cardboard. After filling all the spaces, ensure that the neck is appropriately packed and surrounded by a large amount of packaging material.

The last thing is to do a shake test. Try to shake the box well and listen if there is any movement. If you can still hear some movements, it means that you will have to apply more bubble wrap, but if there is none, then the guitar is already good to go with you on your travels.

Another way you can travel with your guitar safely without any case is to wrap the whole guitar with bubble wrap, but you do not have to put it in a special guitar box. It would still be safe, as long as you put a larger amount of bubble wrap in it, as they are designed to prevent damage from bumps and impacts. This is also ideal if you are traveling with your car and you were not able to find any guitar box to place your guitar in.

So, how to travel with a guitar without a case or a guitar bag? To be able to safely travel with your guitar without using a case or gig bag, wrap the whole guitar using bubble wrap or foam padding. Make sure that they are tightly wrapped to protect from the damage you get from accidental bumps.

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