how to fix a loose guitar strap screw

How To Fix A Loose Guitar Strap Screw: Loose Strap Screw

So, how to fix a loose guitar strap screw? How do you fix a stripped screw on a guitar strap? Is it an important thing to fix a loose guitar strap screw? The strap button is an integral part of your guitar as it also has its purpose, so when the screw that comes with the button starts to get loose, there is really a need for you to repair it. The question would be how, and that is what we are going to discuss in this article, as you will learn how to do it on your own in the future.

So first, what is a strap button? A strap button is a metal button that is screwed into the body of acoustic, electric, or bass guitars. A guitar strap is attached to it, especially in live performances, when a guitar player chooses to stand while playing his instrument rather than sitting on a chair.

In a usual setup, there are always two strap buttons on a guitar. One is placed on the body of the guitar or at the top horn of an electric guitar with a cutaway design, while the other strap button is usually positioned at the end of the guitar body’s mid-point. By using a guitar strap, you can safely carry your guitar while you are playing, as it securely holds your guitar from falling to the floor.

So, when did strap buttons start to be attached to guitars? In the old days, guitar players usually played their guitars while they sat down. However, after the first modern guitar maker was established, C.F. Martin, the acoustic guitar, started to be heavily used in concerts. For guitar players to be able to stand while playing the instrument, an end pin was invented to be able to attach some guitar strap onto it. This design is still being used to this day.

How Do You Fix A Stripped Screw On A Guitar Strap?

Tighten It With A Screwdriver

Strap button screws can get loose over time, but before doing anything to them, you should try to tighten them back by using a screwdriver. Sometimes we already think of ways to fix or replace a strap button screw, but we always forget to try to tighten it back to check if it can still be used or not.

To fix it using a screwdriver, grab one and try to turn it clockwise. If it gets to the point that the screw gets tightened, then the button screw is still in good condition and does not need to be replaced. However, if it is still loose, then drastic measures will be needed to fix it, as it is very dangerous to use a loose button screw on your guitar, as it can cause your guitar to fall on the floor as a result of the screw slipping on the guitar’s body.

Use A Toothpick

Yes, a toothpick. You can use a toothpick to solve this problem. Using a toothpick to fix loose button screws is one of the easiest options you can do when you encounter these problems. It is also a tried and tested method by many musicians, so you can be sure that this will work on your guitar if you have this problem.

The first thing you should do is to unscrew the button screw. After, get a thin toothpick and place it in the screw hole. The toothpick will serve as something that the button screw can grab on and thread in the hole. One thing you should avoid when doing this method is using glue. Using glue for this method will lead to future problems with your guitar, as your guitar could crack or break off the screw within.

Making The Button Screw Hole Tinier Than Before

In this method, using glue is already necessary. The first step is to get a Q-tip and put a little amount of super glue in it. Apply the glue to the interior of the screw hole. Once you are done, let the glue dry before repeating the process again. This will give a few coats in the hole.

Once the glue starts to get hardened on the screw hole, this can be used as something for the screw to hold onto. However, refrain from making too many layers of glue, or else you will have to force the screw in the guitar hole, which could cause you to repeat the whole process again.

Another thing you must remember when executing this method is to ensure that the glue is already dry and hard and avoid using glue just to secure the screw in the hole. This is a very important thing to remember, or else you will have to repeat the process again.

Using Drill Bits In Fixing A Strap Button Screw

When the screw has ripped up the guitar’s body while tearing the guitar’s lacquer finish, you should do something about it. One thing you can do is to use a countersink bit to enlarge the remains of the screw hole. Use a hardwood dowel to prevent the bit from destroying the paint. After, use a larger twist bit and start to drill the hole.

The next thing is to measure the length of the screw hole by stuffing a screwdriver into it. Check the depth and put some masking tape on the screwdriver. Get the dowel and start to cut it based on the length of the hole. Remember that it is okay for the dowel to be shorter, as it will protrude from the guitar’s body if it is longer than the screw hole.

Next, you put glue on the dowel so that it can stick in the hole securely. After doing it, you start pushing the dowel down the screw hole. Use a block of wood to protect the guitar from being struck by a hammer. You need swift in doing this step, as the glue can get hard fast.

The next step is to dry up the glue and clean the excess in the exterior if there is some. After it dries up, the dowel is now a reinforced part of the guitar’s body and can be used for the screw to hold onto. Remember that in picking a drill bit, the button screw must be bigger compared to the drill bit, or else you will risk repeating the whole process again.

Start to put the button screw back in its place. You can use soap to lubricate the screw, so it would be easier to screw it back to its place. Use a screwdriver and twist it counterclockwise. Remember not to force the screw in turning it to avoid damaging it. After the screw gets back to its place tightly, you are now good to go, and you can already attach a guitar strap to it.

So, how do you fix a stripped screw on a guitar strap? There are many ways you can fix this issue, but the first thing you do is try to screw it back first, and if it does not work, then that is the time when you should do some things to fix it. One thing you can try is to use a toothpick, while the second option is to use glue.

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