how to find a deal on a guitar

How To Get A Deal On A Guitar: Finding Guitar Deals

So, how to get a deal on a guitar? When should I buy, to get a great deal on a guitar? Where should I buy to get a great deal on guitars? These questions are usually asked by guitar enthusiasts all over the world. Guitars can be cheap or expensive sometimes, but there is no better way to buy a guitar other than having great discounts.

Buying guitars can be a little tricky sometimes as different stores offer different prices for one specific guitar. With the current situation nowadays, buyers can easily find great deals online. The only problem is whether you know what websites you should go to in order to find these kinds of deals.  

Guitar stores and boutiques are also places that you’d want to go if you are trying to find a great deal on guitars. They offer a variety of guitar models, and usually, they endorse different manufacturers of guitars. From entry-level to custom guitars, they can always be found in guitar stores and boutiques and offered at different price categories for every level of guitar player.

You can also find great deals on guitars in pawnshops, bidding sites, or even on social media platforms. Usually, musicians have a social media group or even websites where they sell their used stuff like guitars, and you can undoubtedly find a great bargain in these groups. Some guitar players sell their guitars for them to be able to upgrade their gears also, which is why they usually sell them for a low price.

How To Find The Best Deal For A Guitar?

Online guitar stores

For online guitar stores, they usually offer discounts for specific holidays like Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving. Online guitar stores also offer big discounts when their anniversary comes up, which happens annually. Therefore, you have to watch out for these dates and mark your calendars, as many guitar enthusiasts are also waiting for these days to get new guitars with great bargains.

When a guitar brand’s anniversary also comes up, online guitar stores usually offer discounts for the specific brand. A great example of this is the Fender company. Online guitar stores typically offer great discounts for Fender guitars in the month of September because the company was founded in the month of September in the year of 1946.

Online guitar stores also offer trade-in discounts where you offer to trade your old guitar and buy a new guitar from them in exchange for a discounted percentage, or the value of the old guitar will be deducted from the amount you are going to pay for the new guitar.

Online guitar stores also sell used guitars from those that were returned to them by buyers who were maybe not satisfied with the guitar, or there were some scratches or issues with the guitar, or possibly the guitar was mistakenly delivered to the buyer. You can expect these guitars to be sold at a lower price than before.

Local guitar stores

Just like most online guitar stores, local guitar stores and boutiques also offer discounts in specific seasons or holidays like summer sales, Halloween, or Independence Day sales. Most physical guitar stores also have an online website, so you should expect that they are offering the same bargains every time except in particular situations.

You can also find some fantastic deals on old stocks of guitars in a local guitar store. Although these are old stocks, they are still brand new and have never been owned by someone, that is why you can still find greatly conditioned guitars that are sold for a very low price. These great deals also happen when new stocks of guitars will be arriving, which is why there is an urgency to sell the older guitars.

Local guitar stores also offer discounts for guitar brands either having their anniversary or introducing newer models, which is why they are offering introductory prices. Anniversary of guitar brands usually means that the guitars under the brand will be sold in great deals. Suppose you are wondering why guitar companies are giving these huge discounts. In that case, they will also greatly benefit from the profit because many guitars will be sold because of their very attractive prices.

Local guitar stores also offer trade-in discounts for your older guitars if you are buying a new one. This is a great deal when you are trying to upgrade your guitar by purchasing a new one, rendering your old guitar to be rarely used. Rather than letting your old guitar rot in your home, availing a trade-in discount will help you dispose of your old guitar and acquire a new guitar at a lower price.

Musicians selling their own gears

If you are a musician, then there is also a huge possibility that you know many musicians in your area. When musicians upgrade their gears like their guitars, then there is a chance that they will also be selling their old guitars to help fund their plan in purchasing a new one.

You should try to grab these deals as there is a huge possibility that the guitars will be sold for a low price, and you can rely upon that these guitars were taken good care of by their owners.

You should find social media groups that are composed of musicians like on Facebook to be able to find these kinds of deals easily. Watch out for these deals, but you should also be careful and try to check the guitar first before officially purchasing it.


Pawn Shops can also be a great place when you are finding great deals on guitars. If you prefer used guitars, pawn shops can be a great place to try to, as musicians usually pawn their guitars ending up in their forfeiture. Always remember that pawnshops do not buy or sell garbage; that is why you can really trust the guitars that are sold are still in excellent condition.

When you also try to buy guitars in a pawnshop, you can also negotiate the price of the guitar you want to buy. You will really need to have skills on how to haggle to get a great deal on your preferred guitar.

Bidding sites

You can also find great deals on bidding sites like eBay, as they are offering an auction on the guitars they are selling. You just have to be the highest bidder to get the guitar you want, but you should also be careful not to overbid, which results in you buying the guitar over its value.

Many great guitars are sold on these auction sites, so you just have to be smart in dealing with these kinds of transactions.

Guitar packages

Some guitar companies offer impressive guitar packages at affordable prices. Guitar packages usually include an electric or acoustic guitar, a guitar amplifier, a guitar strap, a guitar cable, and sometimes they come with some picks and tuner.

These guitar packages are sold at a very low price. You will save money purchasing a guitar package rather than purchasing all the items in the guitar package separately. These guitar packages are beneficial for beginners who want to have a decent gear to practice with.

Are guitar prices negotiable?

Guitar prices can be negotiated for some situations if you are trying to buy a guitar from a musician, a pawnshop, or an auction site, as their selling prices are not fixed in these kinds of transactions. However, it will be very difficult to negotiate the price of the guitar you want when it comes to buying online and at local guitar stores as their prices are fixed even though they are giving discounts.

All in all, purchasing guitars at discounted prices is a tremendous advantage for musicians who have tighter budgets. Knowing how to get a deal on guitars and knowing where and when to buy one is a great skill to learn as you will be able to save lots of money that you can use to buy for your amplifiers or pedals.

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