How Good Are Mexican Fenders

How Good Are Mexican Fenders? Mexican Made Fenders

How good are the Mexican Fenders? Do they sound good? Are these guitars durable? How do they compare to American and Japanese-made Fenders? If you are not familiar with Mexican Fender, we understand that there will be some doubts about the quality of these guitars, which is why we will help you discover the truth about these guitars.

So, when did Fender start to make guitars in Mexico? After Fender was able to open its flagship factory in 1985 in Corona, California, the company established its second factory in 1987 in Ensalada, Mexico. This moment began the making of the widely renowned but more affordable Mexican-made Fender guitars.

In 1991, the first Mexican Fender Stratocasters were manufactured in its facility in Ensalada. They are called Fender Special Stratocaster or also known as Standard Strat Special Edition. They were priced above the Squier guitars but below the Japanese-made Fender guitars.

The second notable guitar made in Mexico that Fender introduced was the Toronados. These guitars are part of their Deluxe Series, equipped with higher specifications than their Standard Series guitars. The guitar’s body shape is a combination of Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar, giving it a unique design. One of the most notable guitar players that were able to use this guitar was John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Guitar players have always sought-after fender guitars made in Mexico as they are great-sounding guitars at a more affordable price. They are perfect for intermediate-level and professional guitar players as they can do the job, whether in recording or live performances.

How Can You Tell If A Fender Guitar Is Made In Mexico?

There are already many models that were made in Fender’s manufacturing facility in Ensalada, Mexico, which is why it can be challenging to determine whether the guitar you have owned or bought was made in Mexico or not. There are also Fender guitars that were made in America and Japan, which adds to the challenge of determining the guitars that are only made in Mexico.

If you do not know whether your Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Mustang, or other Fender guitars are made in Mexico, then there is the easiest way to find out. It would be best if you located where the serial number is imprinted. Most Mexican Fender guitars have their serial number in their headstock. 

If the serial number is located in the headstock of the guitar, then you can already determine whether the guitar was made in Mexico or not. If the first letter of the serial number starts with the letter “M,” then the guitar is made in Mexico.

If you want to know whether the Mexican Fender guitar was made in the 1990s or in the 2000s, then you should check the second letter in the guitar’s serial number. The second letter is “N,” then it means the guitar was made in the 1990s, but if the second letter of the serial number is “Z,” then it means that the guitar was made in the 2000s.

So, if the serial number is “MN547796,” then it means that the guitar was made in Mexico, and it was made in the 1990s. If the serial number of the Fender guitar is “MZ5117514,” then it means the guitar was made in Fender’s manufacturing facility in Mexico, and it was made in the 2000s.

Another way to determine if your Fender guitar is made in Mexico is whether there is a “Made in Mexico” line imprinted in the guitar’s headstock. If there is, then the guitar is made in Mexico, but if there is none, then you should double-check the guitar’s serial number, and maybe the guitar is just not really made in Fender’s Mexican factory.

Are Mexican Fender Guitars Any Good?

The Fender guitars that are made in Mexico are now available in four different models: the Player, Player Plus, Vintera, and the Noventa.


The Fender Player guitars are the cheapest of all the Fender guitars that are made in Mexico, but it is one of the most sought-after guitars that Fender has ever produced. From what I have tried in the Player Series, their Telecaster is really my favorite.

The Player Telecaster produces the warmest sound compared to the Japanese and American-Made Telecasters. The neck position of the guitar’s pickup really sounds nice. For their Stratocasters and other models, they are also great guitars, especially for intermediate-level guitar players.

Player Plus

The Fender Player Plus guitars are an upgraded version of the Player Series. They come with noiseless pickups, which is one of the more known pickups made by Fender. They also have extended pickup switching options and active/passive circuitry, which the Player Series does not have. Overall, the Fender Player Plus is a great mid-level guitar.


The Vintera guitars are the Mexican Fender’s version of the classic 50s, 60’s, and 70s American-made Fender guitars. These guitars sound great with their classic tones, so if you are looking for a classic Fender tone with an affordable price tag, you should go for a Fender Vintera guitar.


The Noventa guitars are really unique for a Fender guitar as they are all equipped with a single-coil pickup in a humbucker casing. They are easier to identify because of this feature. These guitars really sound good for a mid-level guitar, and their aesthetics are also pretty great.

All in all, Mexican Fenders are excellent guitars. They sound great and are really durable. These guitars are also affordable, which makes them a dream guitar for players who have a tight budget.

Are Mexican Strats And Teles As Good As Their American Counterparts?

American-made Stratocasters are really the gold standard when it comes to Strats, so no Mexican-made Strats can match them. However, Mexican Fender Strats are still great guitars, and they are perfect for mid-level guitar players who are into recording and playing in gigs. They are also more affordable than American Strats, so more guitar players prefer them, especially those who have tighter budgets.

For their Telecasters, I really prefer them to the American and Japanese ones. They have a very wary sound, especially when using its neck pickup, that you cannot find in the American and Japanese Teles. They are also the most affordable compared to the other two guitars.

Overall, Mexican Fender guitars are really great for their price ranges. They really sound great and are very comfortable to play with. The hardware used for these guitars is also very durable. It would not be easy to find other mid-level guitars that can match up to what these Mexican Fender guitars can offer.

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