How To Learn Drums Quickly

How To Learn Drums Quickly: Faster Drum Progression

How to learn drums quickly? How long does one learn how to play drums? What are the things I should do to learn how to play the drums fast? What are things that I should focus on learning how to play the drums quickly? What would it take for me to expedite my learning experience with the drums?

The questions above are usually raised by some people who prefer to take some shortcuts in learning how to play the drums or those who are really eager to learn how to play the drums quickly. So, if you are any of the two, maybe it is time for you to know what it would really take for you to learn to play the drums quickly.

So, normally, how long would it take for a person to learn how to play the drums? Usually, it would take three to six months for a person to learn the basics of drumming. Some factors can really affect the speed of one’s development in playing the drums, and a great example would be the amount of time you would spend practicing how to play the drums.

We all believe that practice makes perfect, right? So, the less amount you spend your time practicing the drums will greatly slow down your development as a drummer. You will really have to spend more time than usual if you are interested in learning the drums quickly, and maybe even you have to sacrifice your time rather than giving more time to rest.

Normally, after three to six months of learning the basics of how to play the drums, you can already start to play along with a song. Being able to play along with any music is a great sign that you have improved as a drummer. After a year or two of practicing, you should try to play in a band, as it also helps you develop your overall skill as a drummer.

Ways To Learn The Drums Quicker

It would be best if you remembered that there is no quick fix or shortcuts in learning how to play the drums; however, there are things you can do to expedite your learning experience with the drums. Your goal is to be more advanced in your drum skills compared to the timeline given to other people with normal practice time and routines.

Focus On A Particular Thing One At A Time

Before you start doing everything, plan first which drum skill or technique you would want to learn and master, and stick to it until you have learned how to perform it. Although you can try to learn everything at the same time, it would take much effort from you, which could lead to possible exhaustion if you simultaneously practice everything.

If you want to learn how to play a drum beat or a drum rudiment, then focus on it and master it before jumping to the next one. However, you will also have to give more time to practice your chosen skill to help accelerate your development as a drummer.

If you are learning how to play a song, then learn it section by section rather than going all through the sections in just one time. Learn how to play the beat, the fills, and the transition in one specific section before going to the next section.

Find Your Preferred Speed

If you are practicing with your drum techniques and rudiments, it would be better for you to start with the speed you are most comfortable with. Do not try to quickly begin with fast speeds if you cannot play the slower tempos yet, or else it will leave you frustrated. Try not to put yourself into a frustrating situation as it would lead you to get discouraged, which can hinder your development.

If you are practicing with some drum rudiments, try to find your comfortable speed before practicing to faster beats. If you have already mastered a specific speed, try to add ten to fifteen beats per minute to determine your new target speed. When it comes to playing a drum rudiment or fill, figure out the speed where you play it perfectly, and try to be faster than that.

Use A Metronome

If you master playing the drums while using a metronome early in your drumming journey, then it is a huge advantage for you as a drummer. When you play in live or recording performances, they always use a metronome, so the time would really come when you will need to learn how to use a metronome.

Start with slower beats when you are using a metronome, even though you think you can play fast beats already. Playing at a slower pace helps more in developing muscle memory, so when the right moment you increase your speed, you can already play without any problems. Always remember never to increase your speed unless you can already perform the technique flawlessly.

Increase Speed Slowly And Keep Going

When you can already play at a specific speed flawlessly, then you should increase the speed slowly. This part would really need much patience for you, but you must remember that doing this thing will greatly improve your development in less time compared to when you immediately increase the speed drastically. Enjoy the process always to make things fruitful.

Once you have reached a goal, do not limit yourself in your comfort zone, as you should try to achieve greater things. Try to add another ten or fifteen beats per minute as your goal speed until you can flawlessly play with it. If you achieve your goal, then make it faster again.

Try To Play In A Band

If you feel that you can already play along with most songs that will be given to you, you should try to find and join a band. Playing in a band will greatly help you accelerate your level as a drummer. You can encounter many experiences and learn that you cannot get from just practicing alone.

If you want to know how to learn the drums quickly, playing in a band will be a big help in your desire to achieve things faster. When you play with better musicians, it also gives you the challenge to become better quickly, so you must surround yourself with a support group that helps in your journey to becoming a drummer.

Be Physically And Mentally Ready

If you want to know how to learn drums quickly, you will really need to be healthy physically and mentally. You should understand that you will need to spend more time practicing than normal if you want to accelerate things. It will be tiring; that is why you need to be physically ready.

Surely you will face some challenges and frustrations, but if you are mentally ready to take your drum skills to another level quickly, then all the roadblocks that you will encounter in your drumming journey will not become a problem but will make you a better drummer.

So, how can I learn drums quickly? You should spend more time practicing and focus on practicing a specific technique or skill before jumping to the next. Lastly, you need to be physically ready and mentally tough, as it will not be an easy task to do.