How To Learn Drums Without A Kit

How To Learn Drums Without A Kit: Drumming Without Drums

How to learn drums without a kit? How should I practice without a drum kit? What are the things I can practice without using any drum kit? What things should I use if I do not have any drum kit? Many novice drummers still question whether there is a way to practice drumming without using any drum kit. Yes, there is, and now you are going to find out how.

There can be many reasons to practice drumming without using any drum kit. First is that drum kits can be really expensive for some. The next reason is that you cannot bring any drum kit to your house because of its bulky size, and they can also be very loud, which could disturb your neighbors when you are practicing. The last reason would be that it is either you are traveling, or you are at your workplace.

As drum kits can be a little out of your budget, there are still ways that you can do to practice drumming without having any of the drum kits to use. A great alternative for a drum set is for you to use a drum pad. A drum pad is a practice pad used by drummers to warm up quietly before performing.

You can also use a drum pad for practicing in your house as it is very portable and it does not take up much space, even in your room. It is highly recommended that you use drumsticks when hitting the drum pad, as it will also help you to be used to how to hold the drumsticks properly when playing the drums. It is only a small detail, but it is still important that, as a drummer, you know how to hold a drumstick properly.

When you are in your office and you feel the itch to practice, you can use the drum pad and drum sticks to practice in your break time. Of course, it would be impossible for you to bring a drum set to your office, except if you are working in a studio or in a music store, so it would be better for you to use a drum pad as you can practice silently with it.

You can also use a drum pad when you are traveling, as it would also be impossible for you to practice with your drum kit. Traveling can be a little bit boring sometimes; that is why practicing your drum skills can be a way for you to spend your time, and drum pads can greatly help you with that. It is quiet also, which is why it will not be a problem for the other passengers.

Ways To Practice Drumming Without A Drum Kit

Aside from using a drumstick and a drum pad to practice drumming without using a drum kit, there are also other ways you can still learn how to play the drums without any drum kit.

Air Drumming

Yes! Air drumming. Air drumming is a proven and tested way to practice drums without using a drum kit. Air drumming gives you the imagination that you are hitting the drum set, so you can imagine playing the drums while listening to a song. This method gives you muscle memory, especially if you do it using a pair of drumsticks. Air drumming is also free and silent, so it is one of the best ways to practice without disturbing anyone.

Pillows And Cushions

Using pillows or cushions can also be a great alternative to learning how to play the drums without using a drum kit. Hitting a pillow using the drumsticks, it will give a little to no bounce to it, so your hand will be used to working harder. You can see the benefit of using pillows after you play on drum heads as they are softer, which means that your hand reactions will also be a little bit faster than before.

Cardboard Boxes, Pots Or Pans

Another way to learn drums without a kit is to use cardboard boxes, pots, and pans that you can see in your kitchen. It is a great way to exercise your creativity as a drummer and an artist. Hitting the pot or the pan with a drumstick can sound very loud, while cardboards and other materials can sound great too.

Body Percussion And Ground Drumming

You can use other materials when practicing drumming, but you can also use your body for this purpose. Try to play a beat by hitting your thighs with your hands. Ground drumming with your feet will also give the feel that you are hitting the bass drum. It is a great method to exercise your feet by imagining that you are stepping on a drum pedal while playing a beat with your hands and thighs.

Bucket Drumming

Another excellent way to learn drums without a kit is to use buckets as your drum set. You can use your imagination that you are hitting the drum set with your sticks, but in reality, you are hitting the buckets. Buckets can sound loud too, so you can still hear yourself if you are still in the beat or not.

Electronic Drum Pad

Using a drum pad is an excellent option to learn drums without a kit. However, with the advanced technologies nowadays, an upgraded version of it is a better option, which is the electronic drum pad. It allows you to use headphones, so you can silently play and be able to hear what you are doing with a replicated drum sound.

Smartphone Applications

Aside from electronic drum pads, you can also learn drums without a kit by using your smartphone. There are already many phone applications that simulate the sound of a drum set and will allow you to play it like you are playing the drum kit. Even though you are just using your fingers, it still gives you the muscle memory needed to play drums, which is pretty important.

So, is there a way to learn drums without a kit? Yes, absolutely. It is not a hindrance that you do not have a drum kit as you can practice your drum skills everywhere and anywhere. Air drumming is the best for all situations as it is silent and free, while if you want to use items that replicate a drum kit, you can use a drum pad, as it is a quiet option to practice drumming.