How Long Do Drum Sets Last

How Long Do Drum Sets Last? Drum Set Lifespan

So, how long do drum sets last? Do acoustic drum sets break on their own? Do more expensive drum sets last longer than cheaper ones? How long do electric drums last? Drum set lifespans can always be a typical question for those who are still new to owning a drum set or those even interested in buying one, so we are going to find out how long do drum sets last really.

Drum sets can be categorized as junior drum sets, entry-level drum sets, mid-level drum sets, professional level drum sets, and custom-made drum sets. This also means that they are made with different qualities of the materials used depending on their price points. The qualities of the materials used in these drum sets are a big factor to consider when it comes to their lifespan.

Drums are believed to have been invented in the 6th century B.C., but the oldest drum set that has been preserved up to this day is the Jazz-Er-Up. The drum set was manufactured in 1918 as the first drum set offered by Ludwig Drum Company. The set comes with a single bass drum and a pedal, a snare drum, two cymbals, and a woodblock.

If a drum set comes with durable materials and is taken care of in the correct way, then there is a huge chance it can last for a lifetime. Looking at some musical store websites, you can still see drum sets that are more than 50 to 60 years of age that have been on the selling block right now with an enormous price tag.

With proper maintenance, there is no reason that professional drum sets cannot reach a lifetime. But for the record, there are still many drum sets that are already old that are still in great condition. It really just depends on the materials used in making these drum sets and how they are taken care of.

On the other hand, electronic drums are starting to get some attention as of late, as there are manufacturers that are already producing professional versions of these kits. Most of the electronic drum sets are exceptionally built, but they would need to be taken care of regularly as electronics are also involved with these kits.

Can A Drum Set Break?

Drum sets can break on their own after a very long time. With age, drum shells also degrade, which can lead to drum sets breaking down. Hardware can also break down after long years of using the drum set. Traveling with your drum set can and frequent use without maintenance is also one of the reasons that lessen its longevity.

Do More Expensive Drum Sets Last Longer Compared To Cheaper Ones?

Junior Drum Sets

Junior drum sets are made for kids who want to learn how to play drums but would be having difficulties with traditional drums because of size issues. Usually, these are the cheapest drum sets available in stores, as they also have smaller shells to accommodate their target consumers.

The problem with these drum sets is that they are cheap, which is why the quality of the materials that are used in making them is also not that great. With frequent use and practice, its hardware usually breaks down first, before other parts of the drums follow through. Usually, these drum sets have a lifespan of three to five years, but if you are great at taking care of them, they can reach up to 7 years.

Entry-Level Drum Sets

Entry-level drum sets are the cheapest when it comes to regular-size drum kits. Some of these kits are greatly built, especially those manufactured by top drum companies. These drum sets are perfect for beginners who frequently practice and for those who usually bring their kits to their gig but do not want to use their expensive drum kits so that they will not get scratched.

These drum sets usually come with chrome hardware, but some sets also come with plastic. Chrome hardware usually lasts longer than plastic, so cheaper entry-level drum sets with plastic hardware do not really last that long, even if you take care of it. Entry-level drum sets usually have a life span of eight to twelve years before they start to break down.

Mid-Level Drum Sets

Mid-level drum sets are one of the best when it comes to value over worth. They are all perfect for novice drummers, gigging drummers, and even professional drummers, as many of them really sound good that they can already be used on live and recording performances.

These drum sets come with great hardware. I personally own one, and it has already been eight years, and from that period, I have only done minimal repair and maintenance. These drum sets usually last for fifteen to twenty years before it starts to degrade and break, which is really great for its price range.

Professional Drum Sets

Professional drum sets are usually seen in concerts and studios where professional and legendary drummers use them. These sets really sound great, and they are also exceptionally built. They are also one of the most expensive in these categories. You can see many iconic drum sets that are in the professional level category.

These drum sets come with high-quality hardware, and their shells are exceptionally made, which is why you can still see some of these drum sets that are still in great condition after more than 50 years. These sets are built to last for a long time if only taken care of properly. These are one of the most expensive, but they can also last for a lifetime.

Custom-Made Drum Sets

These drum sets are the most expensive as they are what you call customized drum sets. Drum companies usually use top-quality materials for making the hardware and the shells for these drum sets, so they really last for a long time.

If you look for online musical stores, you can still see plenty of custom-made drum sets from the 1950s and 1960s. This is evidence of how they are exceptionally built, and with the proper maintenance, they can really last for a long time.

How Long Do Electronic Drums Last?

Electronic drums are highly sophisticated compared to acoustic drums, but they still sound good, especially those expensive ones, but not that great compared to the original acoustic drums. These drum sets usually come with cables, so you have to be careful with them, or it will be a hassle for you.

With the new technologies today, you can already hit hard with these drum sets, which is great, but you still need to be careful with them. With proper care and maintenance, electronic drum sets can go for a long time too. Usually, they last for ten to fifteen years, but some can go up to twenty years, especially those expensive ones.

So, how long do drum sets last? It really depends, as cheaper ones are really the first to break down before those more expensive sets because of the quality of the materials used for their shells and hardware. All in all, if drum sets are taken care of properly and will be given proper maintenance, they can really go for really long, as some would last for a lifetime.