How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano Tuning

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano Tuning? Learn Piano Tuning

How long does it take to learn piano tuning? Is learning how to tune a piano difficult? Will it take time to learn piano tuning? What are the skills needed to learn how to tune a piano? Can I learn piano tuning on my own? Piano tuning difficulty, is it easy or hard? When it comes to tuning a piano, not every musician has the knowledge to do it, unlike other musical instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums, which many are more familiar with tuning them. So, back to the question, is it really that hard? and how long would it take me to learn how to tune a piano?

Piano Tuning Difficulty: Hard Or Easy?

Is tuning a piano hard or easy? Unlike other common musical instruments, such as guitars, bass, and drums, tuning a piano is a difficult thing to do and even learn. Is it really essential to tune a piano, and is that a frequent thing to do? Usually, pianos are tuned twice a year, depending on the weather condition and if there is a sudden humidity change in the environment where the piano is located. 

So, how long does it take to learn piano tuning? Most schools offer piano tuning courses that can last up to three years; however, thanks to online teaching, students can now finish the lessons within six to twelve months, as long as they put more time into finishing every lesson in their own homes.

As it is not an easy thing to learn, it would be very hard for you to study it on your own, maybe only if you are a gifted or a genius person. So, if you do not have any idea how to tune your piano, either get a certified piano technician or go to school and learn it for yourself, as maybe doing things on your own can result in damage, which can be more costly in the end.

Famous Schools For Learning Piano Tuning

Piano Technician Academy

Located in Arizona, USA, the Piano Technician Academy is a school that offers courses, such as being a piano technician, where you can learn how to tune and repair a piano. Their teaching mode is online, so this would be ideal for those who just want to stay in their home to learn new skills while keeping themselves as safe as possible, especially with the health scare that has been ongoing for almost three years already.

The course is divided into 14 lessons, where they will have to answer a quiz consisting of 8 to 10 questions, whether it is a multiple choice, true or false, or matching the part and tool after every lesson. After the last lesson of the course, a student must take a final exam consisting of 50 questions and must pass it to finish the course.

The school recommends that the course must be finished within the first 12 months; however, you can request an extension if needed. They also recommended that a student spend 8 to 10 hours for the first two lessons and 20 to 30 hours for the remaining lessons. You will be given PDF documents that can be printed for every lesson, and you will also be sent instructional videos from their top-notch and highly experienced instructors, although they can’t be downloaded.

The Piano Technician Academy designed the course as a training program for those who want to take the Piano Technicians Guild’s Registered Piano Technicians Examinations, which will be a huge help for you if you pass it, as you can use it in promoting yourself as piano tuner if you are ever thinking of becoming one in the future. With its experience of training more than 350 students per year in over 50 nations, they are really known for delivering top-notch students in the world of piano tuning.

Randy Potter School Of Piano Technology

Another famous piano school where you can learn how to tune a piano at your own home is the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology. Located in Oregon, USA, the school not only teaches you how to tune a piano but they also give you some lessons on how to repair one, regulate, voice it, or how to do business when it comes to the piano, especially on being a dealer, and also on dealing with manufacturers. It is a complete course, which is great if you are thinking of entering the piano business in the near future.

As their students can do the lessons at their own pace, the course they are offering can be done in 6 to 12 months. They will provide training manuals, instructional videos, photos, diagrams, and more materials to help you fully understand and learn what it takes to become a piano tuner. Aside from the videos that feature their experienced faculty, you can also contact them through phone or email if you think that you still need more support from them.

Aside from learning in your home, you can also join their hands-on training seminars as long as you have completed more than half of their online lessons. Within a span of one week, you get 60 hours of intensive training, which are usually one-on-one for better results. So, if you are determined to take your piano tuning skills to the next level, these seminars will really be a huge help to you.

Their lessons are also open to all ages, as their youngest graduate is about 13, and the oldest is 82 years of age. So, whether you are still a student or already retired, you can learn a new skill while also having the potential to earn from it and make a living out of it.

Their course offering is also designed to help students who want to take the Piano Technicians Guild’s Registered Piano Technicians Examinations, which can be used as a certification that you gained the proper knowledge and training in tuning a piano. Passing the examinations will be a huge help to you if you are going to make piano tuning a job.

Registered Piano Technician

To become a registered piano technician and be recognized by the Piano Technicians Guild, you have to pass examinations that tackle maintaining, repairing, and tuning pianos. Although the trade of piano tuning is unregulated, being a member of this institution means that you have achieved a high-standard skill of being a piano tuner.

The test is divided into three parts: the first is the written exam, and the next two are separate practical exams, where your skills in tuning and technical abilities will be tested. The written part would take an hour, while the two other tests would take four hours each. Passing the examinations would be an excellent thing for you, as you can use it to advertise yourself in public as a piano tuner if you are thinking of becoming one in the future.

So, how long does it take to learn piano tuning? Learning how to tune a piano can take a year or two, while schools offer the same course for up to three years. Gaining experience and knowledge will possibly need an additional two years or more.