How Long Do Piano Keyboards Last

How Long Do Piano Keyboards Last? Piano Keyboard Lifespan

How long do piano keyboards last? Do high-end piano keyboards last longer compared to cheaper piano keyboards? How to take good care of my piano keyboards? When it comes to purchasing or having a new musical instrument, one thing we always consider before getting one is whether it is durable or not. Durability and having a reputation for a longer lifespan make a piano keyboard more attractive to buy, so if you are planning to get one, you should be able to figure out that thing.

Although you have purchased a high-end piano keyboard that is known for its durability, if you do not take good care of it, you also risk reducing its lifespan, so aside from being able to point out whether a piano keyboard is durable or not, you should also know how to take care of your musical instrument, as this will help your piano keyboard to have an extended lifespan.

Are you excited? Let us find out how old your new piano keyboard can get and how you can take good care of it.

Lifespan Of Piano Keyboards Depending On Price Point

Entry-Level Piano Keyboards

If you are interested in learning how to play the piano keyboard and are planning to buy one, you might want first to consider purchasing an entry-level one, as this might be the ideal option for you, especially if you are still a novice keyboardist. As it is a much cheaper option, you can still have much to practice with a keyboard before you make a decision to upgrade to a new one.

Entry-level piano keyboards usually have a lifespan of five up to seven years, and can even reach for more, as long as you will take good care of them. They usually have cheaper electronics, which is why they usually fail first compared to more expensive keyboards, but if you are considering a gear that you can practice without breaking the bank, then you should highly consider going for these types of piano keyboards.

Roland GO-61K

An excellent option for entry-level piano keyboards, the Roland GO-61K is a compact digital keyboard that comes with 61 keys and with lots of modern features that you can easily use so that you can adapt to the ever-changing technology of the music industry.

It has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to communicate wirelessly with piano tutorial applications, and you can also stream audio tracks that will go through its built-in speakers. It has 500 sounds and 672 loop mix patterns that you can choose from. It also has a sustain pedal input and a battery slot for an additional power source, which is a huge help if you are traveling.

Intermediate Level Piano Keyboards

If you feel that your skills are already improving and that you have already become an intermediate player or on the verge of becoming one, then you should go for an intermediate-level piano keyboard also. These types of piano keyboards have better features, which will also help you to become a better keyboardist in the long run.

Intermediate-level piano keyboards can reach from seven up to fifteen years before they start to fail you, and if you have taken good care of them, they can even reach up to twenty years. As its electronics have a higher quality, it is also expected to last longer than entry-level piano keyboards.

Kawai ES-110

If you are looking for a mid-level piano keyboard that would match your skill level, then you should highly consider getting a Kawai ES110. It comes with 88 keys that are all fully weighted and has the renowned Kawai Harmonic Imaging sampling for natural response and sound. It also has 19 onboard sounds to choose from that would suit your playing style.

The Kawai ES110 is also made of sturdy and durable materials, so you can really trust its build quality to be excellent for its value. It is also lightweight, so you can easily bring it anywhere you want to, as it won’t break your back. Lastly, it comes with Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity options, which are highly needed-features to stay in touch with the technological developments that come with the instrument.

High-End Piano Keyboards

If you are already an expert keyboardist or a professional musician who is always playing on sessions, gigs, or recordings, then you might need a new piano keyboard that would suit your playing level and experience, as it will also help you in the long run, as there are many things that you cannot do with lower-tier piano keyboards that you can execute using a high-end one.

Although high-end piano keyboards are the most expensive options you can have, they would also give you the best features and sound quality that would be needed if you are a working keyboardist in the music industry. They also have the best electronics used in making them, which is one of the huge factors why they are more expensive than the lower-tier piano keyboards.

High-end level piano keyboards can last from twenty up to thirty years usually; however, if you take extreme care with them, they might even last up to fifty years. Although they are really expensive, you also get the best value out of them, especially if you are using them for your work as a musician, as recording them would be very easy compared to cheaper models.

Nord Piano 5

Nord has always been one of the leading brands when it comes to making keyboards and synthesizers, so if you are looking for a high-end piano keyboard as your new gear, then you should highly consider getting a Nord Piano 5. As it comes with a doubled memory for its Nord Piano Library, it also gives more tone options to choose from.

It has two independent piano layers and three dynamic curves that have the ability to accommodate any playing style. It also has an advanced string resonance and soft release, so it is very comfortable to play with it. You can also try to make your own preferred sound that would suit your playing style.

Alternative Way To Clean Your Piano Keyboard

Although there are cleaning products that you can use to clean your piano keyboard, you can still go for a cheaper way to do it. One method you can use is to secure a liquid dishwashing soap, warm water, and two white and clean cloths. The first step is to mix the warm water and two drops of liquid dishwashing soap in a small bowl.

The next step is to slightly soak the cloth into the mixture. Make sure that the cloth is slightly damp and not totally wet before you start wiping the keys of the piano keyboard. Use the second cloth to clean all the dust and moisture off the keyboard. Make sure that no drops of water will be left on the keyboard. You can also use a Q-tip to clean its corners.

Doing this method will help your keyboard be protected from dust and moisture, which could also help lengthen your keyboard’s lifespan.

So, how long do piano keyboards last? Depending on their price point and quality, they usually have a lifespan of five up to thirty years, depending if it is an entry-level or a high-end piano keyboard. However, with the right care, it will be a huge help to extend its lifespan longer.