how long does sweetwater take to ship

How Long Does Sweetwater Take To Ship And Deliver?

If you’ve recently ordered or are thinking about ordering from Sweetwater Sound, you’ll want to know how long does sweetwater take to ship.

Typically, Sweetwater Sound takes 1-5 business days to deliver within the continental U.S.

Because they use FedEx Express Air, even orders going to Canada and to Europe get to their destinations quickly. 

It wouldn’t be rare for an order to reach its’ international destination within the same 1-5 day expectation they give to their U.S. based customers.

Though obviously, international shipping can have it’s complexities.

If you’re ordering something they do not currently have in stock, they’ll still let you order it andship it to you, as soon as they recieve it.

But if you’re waiting on a guitar made in Japan for example, you might be stuck waiting a couple weeks just for the manufacturer to get the guitar to Sweetwater.

Sweetwater then still has to ensure the guitar is what you ordered and there are no problems with the instrument, then they ship to to you!

Where does sweetwater ship from?

Sweetwater Sound ships from their warehouse and distribution centre out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This makes for a decently central location to better serve customers across the U.S. regardless of zip code.

The central location allows them to reduce average shipping costs, which is what helps them offer cheap or usually free shipping option.

Faster delivery means you’ll be getting you Sweetwater order within a week of purchase. Faster delivery isn’t even possible!

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