How Long Does It Take To Learn Drums

How Long Does It Take To Learn Drums? Timeline For Drumming

How long does it take to learn drums? Is learning to play drums an easy or hard task to do? How long does it take to learn all skills for basic drumming? How long should I train to become a professional drummer? These questions usually come out for beginners who are still finding out the ways of playing the drums. So, if you are one of them, we’ll help you find out if learning the drums would be worth it.

Learning new things can be challenging, but having a new skill to add to your arsenal is a great way to improve yourself. Learning how to play the drums is a good skill to learn as it enhances your musical abilities, creativity, and coordination. Pursuing new skills can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you are still a newbie, as you have many things to learn and adjust to being able to master the basics.

Playing the drums can be fun and can also lead you to meet some new friends, but it can also be a way for you to earn some money as professional drumming is also a great way to earn and do what you love at the same time. Drumming can also relieve stress for others but can also give stress to you if you are struggling in playing with it.

There is really no clear formula to being a master of playing the drums, and there is also no shortcut to becoming one. Learning how to play the drums will require you to spend time, even if you are just learning the basics of it. With the right amount of time in practicing, unwavering motivation, and some self-confidence, learning the basics of playing the drums can be easier and faster than just playing without a goal to achieve.

How To Go Over The Hump From Being A Novice Into An Intermediate Drummer

If you are really serious about becoming a great drummer, you will really have to sacrifice your time to get out of being a novice drummer and become an intermediate drummer. Not everyone can learn easily how to play the drums masterfully, so you do not have to worry if you encounter some challenges while you are studying how to play it.

To become an intermediate drummer from a novice drummer, it would be better for you if you have a teacher that will guide you to play the drums, and you will need to have a strong commitment to yourself that you will take drumming seriously.

Having a teacher to learn how to play the drums is a great way to expedite your journey to becoming a great drummer. The source of learning is an important factor in determining how fast you will get the skills needed to become a professional drummer or even an intermediate drummer at most.

Drum teachers or tutors with the right amount of experience in drumming will help you greatly to become the drummer that you want to be, as they have the skills and learnings to share with you that you should also learn. They can correct the bad habits that you could develop if you do not have anyone that can point them out to you.

They will also teach you the fundamentals that you will need to become a great drummer. As they have a better understanding of how to hold the drumstick properly, how hard should you hit the drum kit, and how relaxed should one’s muscles be when playing the drums, you will need to learn it from them as these are the basic skills that you will need to master to become a better drummer in the future.

Other drummers are also self-taught. This means that they are learning how to play the drum by only themselves and with no teacher that guides them personally. Nowadays, novice drummers can learn by watching online videos that teach them how to play the drums.

Most of the videos that you can see, especially on Youtube, are instructional videos on how to play the drum basics or how to play a song on the drums, which is a really great format for novice drummers that are self-learning. The videos are really effective as they explain the steps-by-steps playing of the drum kit. With this method, you can still learn how to play drums without anyone teaching you personally.

Next, you will really need to have a strong commitment to learning how to play the drums, as this is not an easy thing to do, except maybe if you are already a musical genius. Sacrifices are going to be made as you will spend much time practicing and learning the fundamentals of playing the drums.

If you will reach a point where you are stuck on your progress, then this is the most important time to reassess how you are really committed to being a better drummer. Constant practice is the only way to get out of this kind of slump, so you should really ask yourself if you are willing to do the work to become a better drummer.

Next is, you will need to develop your musical maturity in your journey to become a better drummer. Maturity as a drummer will also help you to take to another level, like from a novice to an intermediate drummer. If you are progressing on your skills in playing the drums, your maturity as a drummer and a musician also elevates, which is a good sign.

From a novice drummer to becoming an intermediate drummer, it would usually take three to six months, depending on the factors that could also affect your development. 

Whether you have a teacher or you are learning how to play drums alone, whether how committed you are to getting better, and how much time are you spending on your practice time, these factors will greatly affect the speed of your improvement as you can go over the next level in less than three months if you take things seriously, or more than three months when you only do it without any goals.

How To Become A Professional Drummer?

To become a professional drummer, you will need to spend more time practicing playing the drums, and it would be better for you to join a band, as playing solo and in a group is really different. Yes, there are drummers that play solo, but you only rarely see them as drumming is usually involved in band plays.

Playing in a band will greatly develop the way you feel about playing the drums, and it will also help your attitude on teamwork as playing in a band really needs this to become successful. You can also develop your own playing style when you are in a band rather than when you are playing alone by yourself.

Performing in live gigs will really fast-track your development as a drummer, as you will experience all the things that you will need to become a professional drummer. It is important to become a versatile drummer when you are playing professionally, and there is no better way than playing with different people in live performances.

So, how long does it take to learn drums? There is really no fixed timeline for a drummer going to another level of playing. It really depends on how hard you practiced playing the drums and how serious you are about becoming a better drummer. The source of your learning will also greatly affect the speed of your development to being a better drummer.