How Many Guitars Does Fender Make A Year

How Many Guitars Does Fender Make A Year? Fender Output

So, how many guitars does Fender make a year? How many Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, and many more models can Fender make in a year? How many guitars can Fender make in a day? How many guitars can Fender make in a month? Fender is one of the largest manufacturers of electric and bass guitars, which is why it is normal to wonder how many guitars they can make in a year.

So, where does Fender make their guitars? As of today, there are two Fender manufacturing facilities in North America, one in the United States, and one in Mexico. There is also another one in Japan. For Squier guitars, they are either made in Indonesia, China, or Korea.

The main manufacturing facility of Fender is located in Corona, California. The flagship factory was established in 1985 after the company moved out from its original manufacturing facility in Fullerton, California. All American Professional II, Ultra, Ultra Luxe, Original, and Performer guitars are manufactured at Fender’s flagship factory.

Two years after the creation of the company’s flagship factory, Fender decided to establish a second manufacturing facility in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. All Mexican-made Player, Player Plus, Vintera, and Noventa electric and bass guitars are made in Fender’s manufacturing facility in Mexico.

After the joint venture contract with two Japanese companies ended, Fender took over the production of their Japanese-made electric and bass guitars in 2015. All JV Modified, Modern, and Aerodyne model guitars are made in Fender’s factory in Japan.

On the other hand, all Squier guitars, which are also owned by Fender, are all made in either Indonesia, China, or Korea. Squier Mini, Bullet, Affinity, Classic Vibe, Contemporary, and Paranormal guitars are all made in Asian factories where Fender has an original equipment manufacturer contract with them.

History Of The Quantity Of Production For Fender Guitars

In 1996, there was an estimate that Fender manufactures only 50,000 guitars per year. The data does not include the number of guitars that are made in Fender Mexico’s manufacturing facility. Based on the data, the Corona facility only manufactures an estimated 135 guitars per day and 4,050 guitars per month.

If there is a 1:2 ratio between the Fender guitars that are made in the USA and Mexico, it means that there are an estimated 270 guitars that Fender’s Mexican factory can finish in a day. Based on the estimates, there are 405 guitars made per day by Fender and 8,775 guitars made per month by Fender. Overall, Fender can produce 105,300 guitars per year in 1996 and before.

After a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was built inside Fender’s facilities in Corona, California, in 1998, it was estimated the Corona facility could already make 350 guitars per day, which means that it could produce 7,583 guitars per month and 91,000 guitars per year.

Based on the estimated figures, the two Fender factories can produce 620 guitars per day, which means Fender can make 13,430 guitars per month and 161,200 guitars a year.

How Many Guitars Can Fender Produce Per Year In Modern Times?

With the technological advancement in these modern times, producing guitars can be faster and easier than ever. With the utilization of automatic machines, there will be less time needed to make an electric or bass guitar. Fender, as one of the largest guitar manufacturing companies, are known to produce a large number of guitars per day from their factories.

Based on their sales in these pandemic times, the three Fender factories in the United States, Mexico, and Japan can make not less than 1000 guitars per day, which means that these factories overall can make not less than 21,700 guitars per month and not less than 260,000 guitars per year.

These estimated data do not include the number of Squier guitars that are manufactured per year and all those other guitar companies that are owned by Fender like EVH, Charvel, Jackson, Gretsch, and many more.

All in all, how many guitars does Fender make a year? Just by the three Fender factories located in the United States, Mexico, and Japan, they can produce a total of 260,000 up to 300,000 guitars each year. The estimated figure does not include all the companies that are owned by Fender, like the Squier guitars and many more.

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