How Much Does It Cost To Replace Piano Strings

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Piano Strings? Piano Restringing

How much does it cost to replace piano strings? If you have your old piano at your home that might need some servicing, including maybe replacing its old strings, and are hesitant as you do not know yet how much it is going to cost you, then join us, as we are going to have a discussion on the budget needed for replacing piano strings.

How Many Strings Are There In A Piano

Before we talk about replacing piano strings and how much it would cost, we are going to find out first how many strings are there in a piano. So, how many piano strings are really there? In general, the range of the number of piano strings starts from 220 up to 240, or on average, there are usually 230 strings on a piano. So, if you are going to replace them all, that is the number of strings that you are also going to change.

So, why is it that there is no specific number when it comes to the number of strings in every piano? The reason for it is that in the lower section of the piano strings, those that were wrapped in copper with just a string per pitch stretch between one and two octaves from their bottom, but for it to change into two strings per note, it will mainly depend in the manufacturer with other factors also can affect from it.

Top Piano Strings

Steinway & Sons Piano Strings

If you own a Steinway & Sons piano and are looking to replace its old strings, there is no better option than to replace all of them with a set of piano strings that are also made by Steinway & Sons. They have been known to be one of the best manufacturers of premium grand and upright pianos, so there is also no doubt that they make high-quality replacement piano strings for their products.

As there are different types of pianos that the brand is offering at the market, it also means that there are also different types of piano strings that they are offering. From Model A, AA, B, C, D, L, M, O, to S, the price range for their piano strings starts from more than $280 up to almost $440. For their quality, they are really worth their value.

Sejung Piano Strings

On the other hand, if you also own a Sejung piano and you want to change your piano strings with a new set, why not go for Sejung piano strings, as they also make their own set strings for their pianos? Not only are they specifically made to work better for their pianos, but they are also of high quality, so although it is a rare moment that you would need to replace your piano strings, why not go for the best option available?

As they made many different models for their acoustic pianos, you also have many options for your replacement piano strings. Their strings are priced from more than $300 up to $410 per set, which is reasonable for the quality you are paying for. Although it is pretty unusual for piano strings to be replaced most of the time, it would still be ideal to use the same brand with your piano manufacturer if it is already required to get the best result out of the musical instrument.

Baldwin Piano Strings

With more than a century of experience in making and selling top-quality acoustic pianos, whether they would be grand or upright, Baldwin has been a mainstay brand in the piano scene for a very long time. As they are known for making excellent pianos, they also offer replacement strings for their very own pianos, so when you need to replace yours, don’t bother to make your own strings, as you can easily grab a set of their strings that matches your piano.

From Baldwin piano models, SD10, SF10, R, M, L, and many others, you have the option to replace your piano’s old strings if it is really needed. They are priced starting at almost $350 up to nearly $450, which is pretty reasonable for the quality of the strings you are paying for.

Yamaha Piano Strings

When it comes to acoustic pianos, the brand Yamaha has always been popular with musicians, so if you are looking to replace the piano strings, whether it belongs to the G3, G2, G1, or C Series, there is no better option than to use a set of replacement piano strings made by the same company. As they are known for making high-quality musical instruments, including pianos, you can also trust their piano strings to do the job for you.

With the price of their piano string sets ranging from more than $300 up to almost $550, you can get a new set of high-quality strings without having to sacrifice the sound that comes from your premium Yamaha acoustic piano. So, there is now no reason for you to go to another brand to replace the strings on your Yamaha piano, as they make their own, specifically as the perfect replacement for your old piano strings.

Basic Steps In Restringing A Piano

In restringing a piano, you must be very careful in every step you are executing, or you risk damaging the musical instrument, which can really be very costly for you to repair or replace. After securing the tools, which can really be very expensive, you will have to expose all the piano strings by flipping the piano on its back and removing its entire front, including the keys, action, and panels.

The next step is to loosen all of the piano strings, which is not an easy task to execute with. As these strings typically hold 30,000 pounds of pressure, you must lose them over several passes and not clip them immediately, as it can injure you and damage the piano as well. By passing over the strings, you give more time for them to be able to adjust to the pressure

After the strings have already been adjusted to the pressure, you can start to clip them and replace the old tuning pins. When replacing tuning pins, you should consider replacing them with a larger one, as these holes may already be loosened with time. The last step is to add new strings and tune them before putting all the parts back that you have removed. 

So, as you now know, piano tuning is not as easy as how it sounds; it is very important that you get the best piano technician to do these things for you. As it is a difficult job, it is also the main reason why replacing your piano strings can be very expensive aside from the string set that you are going to buy.

So, how much does it cost to replace piano strings? Typically, replacing piano strings and tuning them can cost you $1,000 to $10,000, depending on whether it is a grand or an upright piano. The cost of a piano string set is still not included in this item. Aside from the fact that it is a difficult thing to do, the experience of your piano technician will also be a huge factor to consider in how much it would be going to cost you to replace your piano strings.