How Much Does Fender Twin Reverb Amps Weigh

How Much Does Fender Twin Reverb Amps Weigh?

A Twin Reverb can provide a lot of meat to your sound, but it is also much heftier in size compared to some of the room amps out there. How much do Fender Twin Reverbs weigh and is it worth acquiring for my setup? The answer will rely on a number of factors, but first let us take a brief look at the development of Fender’s guitar amplifiers.

As soon as the guitar became a fully developed electric instrument back in the day, some of the top brands immediately pushed the boundaries in amplification. Fender, which spearheaded this tremendous evolution, unsurprisingly came up with their own line of new breed of amps to satiate the growing appetite for loudness.

What was once a sonically-challenged instrument that only provided coloring in big jazz bands, is now the most powerful instrument onstage. Leading the rock and roll revolution, the electric guitar also became a mainstay in many homes and small studios, but that doesn’t mean that the demand for tone and volume was limited to bigger venues.

Some cash-strapped popular rock stars began seeking to bring home the full sound of their touring arsenal to their mansions, while young budding ax-men want to replicate this level of intensity in their own bedrooms. Fender became successful not only for turning up the magnitude of their sound to unprecedented levels, their innovations also perfected the quality of tone that can be dialed on their amplifiers.

As expected, this development helped usher in the golden age of electric guitar which not only fueled rock and roll, but also endeared a new generation to previously existing musical styles such as blues, country and jazz. With the tonal possibilities of the latest Fender amplifiers in the mid-60s, guitar-inspired music bloomed to new heights and the world has never been the same.

Enter the ‘65 Twin Reverb

The new Twin Reverb faithfully recreates the original tube-amp powered version utilizing the powerful digital processing, while maintaining its timeless look and dual 12” speakers. 

Its digital power amp shares the same headroom and dynamic range of the vintage icon, as it boasts unmatched clarity and tonal versatility that perfectly fits the world’s continuously-changing musical landscape.

The high-quality reverb and tremolo effects that made the original Twin tube amp famous, has been incorporated in this digital version and the sound is as great as ever. Add to that the presence of various modern features and it is ready once again to push the boundaries in guitar-driven music.

How much do ‘64 Twin Reverbs weigh?

Due to the elimination of burdensome vacuum tubes, this 2×12 reissue weighs much less today. However, at 64 lbs., prepare to do some heavy lifting.

Weight comparison with other Twin Reverb variants

How much do Tone Master Twin Reverbs weigh?

At 33 lbs, the Tone Master provides more relief in the weight department, but with the same size and power.

How much do Fender Super Reverbs weigh?

Surprisingly, Super Reverbs weigh at 64.9 lbs, despite its smaller size and lower wattage (4×10, 40 watts).

How much do Fender Cyber-Twins weigh?

Heavier than the Tone Master, the Cyber-Twin clocks in at 55 lbs.

Pros and cons of Fender Twin Reverb


  • Versatile tone and high-quality effects

That beloved sound that has graced countless hits throughout the decades is what most guitarists are after whenever they hunt for these studio behemoths. Whether you are playing old school bluegrass, SRV-style blues or running some Wes Montgomery jazz licks on your semi-hollow body guitar, Fender Twin Reverbs will provide you the perfect tone for your needs.

  • Rugged build

Just like their 60s forefathers, these guys are built with material that is expected to last for decades, given the proper handling and care. 


  • Twin Reverbs are heavy

Even in an era of solid-state circuitry and digital technology, Twin Reverbs can get quite heavy. This is due its hefty size, dual speakers and durable materials.

Twin Reverbs are not advisable if you don’t have a car and plan to lug it around in subways and buses. A common complaint among musicians is the amp’s weight and the host of back pains and wrist problems that it could create. You might want to “weigh” your options before buying one.

Are Fender Twin Reverbs worth buying?

Due to their weight, most Twin Reverbs are treated as fixed equipment in music studios, as well as small to mid-sized venues such as bars and clubs. If you are not planning to take them around for a stroll, or if you have a vehicle to make your life more convenient, then Twin Reverbs are truly worth it. 

With its legendary sound and features that have captivated many generations, it doesn’t matter how much a Fender Twin Reverb weighs, this iconic amp will always be included in the wishlist of guitar players all over the world.