how to remove a guitar track from a song

How To Remove A Guitar Track From A Song? Guitar Track Isolation

The recording of the first-ever recorded song Au Claire De La Lune, which Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville sang on April 9th, 1860, and recorded using his invention, the Phonautograph, started the evolution of recorded music.

However, in terms of the music recording that could be played back, the honor goes to Mr. Thoman Edison, with his famous invention, the phonograph. The phonograph recorded an unknown musical piece played on a coronet, followed by the sound of him and others speaking.

Looking back at how things were in music recording, you can really say that the changes have been unimaginable. Today, audio engineers are using large studio mixers, audio interfaces, a digital audio workstation, signal processors, etc., to be able to record a song. They know how to remove a guitar track from a song.

Nowadays, multi-track recording is the norm for recording music. It allows you to tweak the multiple tracks of a song individually. This means that you can adjust each assigned tracks’ volume, EQ, and effects for the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, etc. This gives the audio engineer more flexibility to mix the song perfectly.

Using any digital audio workstation, also known as DAW, allows you to remove tracks from a multi-track recorded song. This means that you can remove any of the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocal tracks. This will allow you to record your own track and integrate it into the other tracks.

Removing instrument or vocal tracks is very useful for those who want to study a part of the song as you can isolate the instrument track you want to listen to. This is also beneficial for those who are recording song covers as you can remove the original instrument or vocal track and let you replace it with your own recorded track.

Removing the lead guitar track from a song can also be useful for a number of reasons. It would be beneficial for guitar players to learn and memorize guitar solos by putting their own sound into the front of the mix and forcing them to play without the aid of the original solo. It also allows the guitar players to create karaoke-like songs for guitar playing instead of singing.

Fortunately, with the technological advancements we have experienced, many musicians will greatly benefit from this technology.

How To Delete The Guitar From A Song?

There are many ways on how to remove a guitar track from a song, but to categorize, it can only be done by a website that specializes in isolating tracks from a song or any third-party software with the same purpose.

One website that offers to isolate or remove an instrument or vocal track from a song is is an open-source application available online that uses AI-based technologies to isolate vocals from a song, as well as other sounds such as drums, bass, guitar, synths, piano, etc.

Using Splitter AI is beneficial for those who want to do some post-production in their own songs. Unfortunately, it does not support the use of unlicensed songs; that is why you need to purchase a song and upload it on the website.

To isolate tracks from, go to their official website. You will need to select a mode of process or model and that is the 5 stem model if you are going to isolate and remove the guitar track. Use the upload box to select the song file and upload it. Remember to make sure that the song file does not exceed within the limits mentioned above in the upload box.

After you upload the song file, a box will show with the word “uploading” with a donation pop-up. You can close that and wait as the application processes the song file. After the application processes the file, you can download it. If you are going the downloaded file into a digital audio workstation, you can remove the guitar track and save it as a new audio file.

Another widely used website to remove or isolate guitar tracks from a song is is a vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy, and precise stem extraction that is available online. It can remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesizer tracks without quality loss.

To remove the guitar track by using, you need to open the website in your browser. You need to click the Vocal and Instrumental button to open the Stem Separation Types list. Select either the acoustic guitar or electric guitar option in the drop-down menu and click the “select file” button to upload your file.

The website allows you to play the previews of the two stems, the one containing the guitar and the other with the rest of the music. Click the “Process the Entire File” if you are satisfied with the preview audio that you’ve heard. After the process, click the download button to download the file, and the file will be sent to your email.

These are the basic methods on how to remove a guitar track from a song.

How Do I Remove Certain Instruments From A Song?

The websites mentioned above can also remove different instrument tracks like the bass, drums, and keyboards. Another web-based application that can remove instrument tracks from a song is the SongSurgeon. It allows you to remove or isolate the vocal, bass, drum, piano, or guitar track, and the processed file can be downloaded after the process.

One of the highly recommended web-based applications is, which is a cloud-based AI application. It allows you to extract the drum track from any public media URL. You can also remove drum tracks from a song using VST Plugins. VST Plugin is an audio plugin software interface that integrates software synthesizers and effects units into digital audio workstations.

You can also use software like Adobe Audition to remove instrumental tracks, but it is really not that great compared to web-based AI applications.

Overall, many web-based AI applications offer their services to remove or isolate guitar tracks from a song. Hopefully, guitar players will be able to use this technology to help them to be better.

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