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How To Store Guitar Picks: Where Should I Keep My Guitar Picks

It’s always good to have a bunch of extra guitar picks at the ready for when you inevitably lose one. You might be wanting to know how to store guitar picks, if you should get a pick hold and if there are any creative ways you can store your guitar picks, or plectrums. 

For as long as guitar picks have been around, there’s been running jokes among guitarists about losing guitar picks and finding them all over their home or studio, in the strangest places.

One of the best and easiest ways to store your guitar pick is in between the strings, i.e. between the strings and the first fret.

Best way to store guitar picks

Finding the best way to store guitar picks is of course dependent on what your  needs are.

Do you need a few picks within arms reach of your guitar stool, or do you need a method of keeping picks at the ready while you’re on stage?

Here are some methods of storing guitar picks:

  1. Between the strings and fret
  2. In a pick holder on the back of the neck, or strap
  3. In your pocket
  4. In a glass or shallow dish
  5. Double sided tape stuck to your guitar
  6. Between the guitar and pick guard
  7. Classic Altoids tin
  8. Scattered all over your home
  9. Reusing jewelry box/pouch

Number 8 is of course a joke, but also the harsh reality of being a guitarist.

While you’re not going to go broke from losing guitar picks, everyone that plays understands what I mean.

You’re going to lose guitar picks, and that’s oko, let’s just get a good method of trying to keep them in a general area, so we don’t need to look as far.

Is it ok to store a guitar pick in the strings?

is it ok to store guitar picks in the strings

Yes, storing a guitar pick between the strings and a fret on the neck is no problem, and won’t harm your guitar.

There is no need for concern here, as you’re storing a usually thin and bendable piece of plastic between metal.

This means that if anything is going to be damaged, it’s going to be the pick itself long before the strings, frets or nut see issues.

Some might be concerned about the pick imparting the tuning of the guitar if it is stored in this manner, however, the strings typically move much more during a jam session.

If storing your pick in the strings is actually causing issues, you likey have bigger issues, such as poor action or intonation.

In sum, storing the pick in the strings is super common and never a direct issue for your guitar.

Creative ways to store guitar picks

Many guitarists like to get creative with how they keep their guitar picks. Everyone has their own style and method for keeping a stash of guitar picks at the ready.

One common sight is an Altoids tin.

These small candy tins are quite good at storing dozens of picks, while being nice and compact.

Others use a small dish or fancy bar glass to keep the picks safe. 

Going to a thrift store you can likely find a very fancy piece of glassware that is no longer part of a set.

Alternatively you might find a small pouch to keep them in.

Many people like to have a fun, quirky box or dish to store their picks in, it’s a neat little way of keeping track of your guitar picks.

creative ways to store guitar picks

Should I get a Guitar pick holder?

I used a guitar holder for a few years. What I found was that while I could store about 5-8 picks in the holder, I only ever used the first one.

So when my pick holder fell off my guitar neck one day, I went with storing my pick between the strings on the neck, rather than reattaching the pick holder.

Get a pick holder if you’re considering it, they’re cheap, handy and a great way of storing your guitar picks.

However, you by no means NEED to have a pick holder, there are lots of other methods to store your picks, this is just one solid option.

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