How To Tie Cymbal Straps

How To Tie Cymbal Straps: Tying Straps to Your Cymbals

How to tie cymbal straps? How to properly hold a cymbal strap? What are the best cymbal straps that I should use? If you are interested in learning how to tie cymbal straps, join us as we are going to share the best way for you to do it. However, before anything else, make sure that you have a cymbal and a pair of cymbal straps on you first.

Best Way To Tie Cymbal Straps

So, how to tie cymbal straps? Before learning how to tie cymbal straps, you should always first prepare your cymbal by securing either a hand reamer or sandpaper before anything else. If you already have it, you can then start to smooth out the hole in your cymbals by going around the edge using the hand reamer or sandpaper. Also, remember that you should always do it on both sides of the cymbals.

For your right-side cymbal, get the right-side strap and start to put it over the left. You should line up the four tabs to be able for the right tab to line up on the right and for the left tab to line up on the left. After doing it, start to cross the two over to the left. For your left-side cymbal, you will have to do the complete opposite, as you will have to cross over the left strap to the right and the left tabs over the left.

If you have finished the step and the strap is already nice and straight, you will now have to take those tabs and start to put them through the cymbal pad. Now, take the cymbal strap and put it through the cymbal pad and to the crash cymbal itself. If you are able to pull the tabs, you can now check the cymbal strap by putting your hands on it and making sure that you will feel like the cymbal is hugging your hand.

If it is already tight, you can now flip the cymbal over. You will have to push all four tabs from the cymbal strap flat out, which will result in the tabs looking like the alphabet letter “X” on the bottom of the crash cymbal. In this situation, you will now have to tie a box knot, so you will have to take the opposite tabs and start to make loops by crossing them over, and then you will have to feed the other side over, under, over and then under.

After the last step, you can now start to pull gently on the tabs so that the knot pulls tight. If you feel that there is still an extra slack, you can always do a double knot by doing the box all over again.

As we go to the last step, you will have to tape the knots by using electrical tape, as it surely helps the knots to stay nice and tight, and you will be able to save a huge amount of time, as you won’t have to do it all over again when you are rehearsing, as you do not have to constantly tighten the cymbal straps.

To start, you will have to cut three pieces of electrical tape, with two shorter ones that are almost the same diameter as the knot itself and one longer piece of tape that is long enough to wrap the knot about once or twice. Now, get the two short tapes, and put them in an X-manner across the tabs of the knot, as this will keep the knot in place.

For the longer tape, you will have to wrap it all over the knot maybe once or twice, as it will hold the pieces that are in the X in place and also keep the knot strong and give you a nice nub. So, if you have completed the steps, you can now do it to the other cymbal, and you are then good to go and be able to play it safely.

How To Put On The Cymbals Properly

So, how to properly put on the cymbals? The first step is to make sure that you place the cymbals on the ground, and the cymbal straps should not be twisted. Now, put your hands through the tops of the strap and not through their bottoms. After you are able to put your hand through, start to wrap your hands around so that where the straps come together passes through your thumb and pointer finger.

You should always make sure that the back of the cymbal strap should not be sitting across the palm of your hand but as high up on the wrist as possible. If you perfectly followed the steps, you are now properly holding the crash cymbals.

Best Cymbal Straps To Use

Zildjian Leather Cymbal Straps

Made from premium genuine leather, the Zildjian leather cymbal straps are designed to give you comfort and still be able to get a great hold of your cymbals without any worries. These cymbal straps have been a famous option for the best marching bands and drum corps out there, so you can really trust them when it comes to their value.

Zildjian Nylon Cymbal Straps

If you are looking for a more affordable pair of high-quality cymbal straps, the nylon cymbal straps made by Zildjian might be a good choice for you. Coming with top-quality nylon, you do not have to break the bank to get a pair of cymbal straps from Zildjian.

Sabian EZ Cymbal Straps

If you do not know how to tie cymbal straps, then using the Sabian EZ cymbal straps will allow you not to do anything anymore. Made of leather and coming with ball bearings that are sewn inside that allow you to slip the strap on and off, holding the cymbals would be a very easy thing to do already.

Sabian Premium Leather Cymbal Straps

If you are looking for a pair of premium leather cymbal straps for you to hold on with your cymbals, then Sabian might just have one that is perfect for you. One of the thickest leather cymbal straps on the market and made from top-grain leather, these straps from Sabian are perfect for any professional use, as they come with comfort and durability.

American Drum Cymbal Straps

A brand that is known for its history of providing high-quality percussion accessories, the American Drum is offering its premium cymbal straps made of genuine leather and giving you the comfort of holding your crash cymbals. They also come with grommets. So, if you are planning not to go with the Sabian or Zildjian cymbal straps, then this would be an excellent choice for you.

Ludwig L1392 Cymbal Sling Shot Grips

Another cymbal strap option from a top drum manufacturer, these cymbal straps let you hold your crash cymbals without making any tie knots, as it comes with a metal ball in each strap’s sewn pocket for easy insertion.

So, how to tie cymbal straps? Make sure that you have a cymbal and a pair of cymbal straps, and follow the steps that are discussed above. Make sure to also learn how to hold the cymbal straps to give you more comfort when playing the cymbals.