Is luna a good guitar brand

Is Luna A Good Guitar Brand? Luna Guitars

Is Luna a good guitar brand? How good are Luna guitars? Are Luna guitars durable? Who makes Luna guitars? Where are Luna guitars manufactured? What are the materials used in making Luna guitars? It is really normal to ask these questions when it comes to choosing which guitar is the best for you. It is important that you know the little details about the companies that make the guitars you are choosing from to know their reputation in the industry.

If you are unfamiliar with the guitar brand Luna or you are curious about how good their guitars are, then maybe you are in the right place at the right time. We are going to look at the different models that Luna guitars have to offer and what are the materials used in making them, which is one of the main factors to check when it comes to the quality of a guitar.

So, when did Luna Guitars start? The guitar manufacturing company was established in 2005. Luna is naturally a company that makes string and percussion instruments. Mainly, its range of products includes acoustic guitars, bass guitars, steel-stringed guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, cajons, and kalimbas. As of this moment, the company is a subsidiary of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc.

All Luna guitars are designed by Yvonne de Villiers and Alex Morgan in the US and the UK, respectively. Their guitars are all manufactured under strict specifications and quality control by instrument specialists in South Korea and China. Luna guitars usually feature artwork from famous artists, henna designs, and other patterns that add an artistic look to the guitars. Even some of their concepts are from historic symbols like the dragon and the phoenix.

Their guitars are built to have slimmer necks and lighter bodies, which is why they are sought-after by most female guitar players. Their guitars really stood out because of the designs. Luna has become a lifestyle brand as it became relatable to all guitar players no matter what their skill levels are, as these guitars are also one of the best value-for-money guitars in the market.

One of the most famous artists who used a Luna guitar in his performances is Rick Springfield. He is known for playing with the Luna Steel Magnolia Resonator, which is considered by many a specialty guitar, as you can play with different tuning options and can be played with different varieties of guitar playing techniques, like sliding and finger picking.

Safari Series

The Safari Series is the company offering to the public and musicians a high-quality acoustic guitar that you can bring anywhere, especially if you are a traveling musician. These acoustic guitars all have 3/4 sizes, which is smaller than the standard acoustic guitar size, which is better for those who have smaller hands. It is also lighter than normal acoustic guitars, which is why they are very comfortable to bring when you are traveling.

All acoustic guitars under the Safari Series have similar specifications except for the top material and fingerboard. The top material on these guitars is available in either Spruce, Bamboo, Koa, Eastern Mahogany, or Quilted Sapele, while its fingerboard, it is either made of Walnut or Pau Ferro. All guitar necks under this product series are made of Eastern Mahogany.

Gypsy Series

The Gypsy Series is one of Luna Guitar’s offerings for those who are looking for entry-level acoustic guitars with unique looks and great sound. These acoustic guitars are really appealing to the eyes to look at because of the designs. The Gypsy Series is available in either a six-string or a twelve-string guitar setup.

These guitars are available in either Quilt Ash, Eastern Mahogany, Spruce, Caidie, or Zebrawood for their top material, but all their guitar necks are made of Eastern Mahogany. Like the Safari Series, the fingerboard is also either made of Walnut or Pau Ferro. You can also choose if you want your acoustic guitar to have a built-in pre-amp or not.

Flora And Fauna Series

The Flora and Fauna Series from Luna Guitars are two of the best acoustic guitar product lines that the company has produced lately. The acoustic guitars have a refreshing design as for the Flora Series; you can see many flowery designs, which are very beautiful to look at. The Fauna Series has its designs come from the earth’s majestic creatures, which are laid out in the guitar using Pearloid and abalones.

The bodies of the Flora Series guitars are all made of Maple, while their neck is either made of Pau Ferro or Nyatoh. The guitars have set necks. All these guitars are equipped with a Fishman Presys II preamp and a piezo bridge pickup.

For the Fauna Series, all the bodies of these guitars are made of Sapele, while their fingerboards are made of Pau Ferro. Similar to Flora Series, these guitars also have a piezo bridge pickup but have a Fisman Presys+ as their preamp system.

Heartsong Series

The Heartsong Series is one of the most technologically-advanced acoustic guitar product lines that Luna has ever produced. It is designed for guitar players that need to improve their creativity as a musician significantly. The guitar has a USB feature, which gives musicians a way to record with their guitar using their own preferred digital software.

The guitar’s body is made of Mahogany, while its neck is also made of Mahogany. Its fretboard is made of Pau Ferro, and it has 21 frets overall. The guitar is equipped with a piezo pickup and a Fishman Presys II USB as its pre-amp, which is really good. It also has EQ controls that allow the guitar player to shape the sound of the acoustic guitar, which is a pretty nice feature.

Vineyard Series

The Vineyard Series is one of the latest product lines that Luna Guitars has introduced in the market. These guitars are considered to be for professional guitar players and musicians. If you are looking for high-end guitars with beautiful designs, then the Vineyard Series is a great option you should look into.

The body of the guitars under the Vineyard Series is made of Koa, and their top material is a solid Spruce. It has a set neck made of Eastern Mahogany, and its fingerboard is made of Rosewood. It is equipped with either a Fishman Presys II or a Fishman Clasica II as its pre-amp system, depending on the model of the guitar.

So, is Luna Guitars a good guitar brand? Yes, Luna Guitars is an excellent option if you are looking for an acoustic guitar that has not only a very unique and beautiful design but also has a great acoustic sound that can be used for live and recording performances.