Is Mitchell A Good Guitar Brand

Is Mitchell A Good Guitar Brand: Mitchell Guitars

Is Mitchell a good guitar brand? Are Mitchell Acoustics any good? Is Mitchell a Guitar Center brand? Who plays a Mitchell guitar? As of now, we are going to take a look at one of the guitar brands owned by Guitar Center and check how good its guitars are.

Since the guitar brand was established in 1986, its reputation has always been making guitars with outstanding playability at an affordable price. They are known to be a go-to guitar brand for professional musicians who are still on a tight budget but would like to have a great-sounding guitar with the top-notch build quality.

Mitchell Acoustic Guitars

Exotic Series

Mitchell’s flagship acoustic guitar line, the Exotic Series acoustic guitars, are real gems in the market and are the perfect gear to choose from if you are looking for excellent sound quality and impressive aesthetics. All the acoustic guitars under the series come with exotic designs that are highly appealing to look at.

All the guitars under the series come with a grand auditorium body style, which is perfect for fingerpicking and strumming, and they are also very comfortable to play because of their smaller size. They are purposely designed for players who like to sit down when performing.

The guitar bodies from the Exotic Series are either made of quilted Ash burl top, back, and sides or spalted Maple top, back, and sides with a whiskey edge-burst gloss finish. They come with a Mahogany neck with a Rosewood fretboard. They all come with an onboard Fishman pickup with an active 3-band EQ and a built-in tuner.

They all have an abalone rosette and multi-ply binding and come with black nickel die-cast tuners. They are equipped with premium D’Addario EXP 16 acoustic strings, which is a perfect complement to the guitar to be able to produce an excellent acoustic guitar tone from the get-go.

Terra Series

One of the latest product lines added from Mitchell’s impressive lineup of acoustic guitars, the Terra Series, are excellently made acoustic guitars with top-notch features that are perfect for anyone’s budget. Aside from being nice-sounding acoustic guitars, they also have impressive looks.

All acoustic guitars under the Terra Series come in two body style options: a dreadnought and an auditorium body design. They also come with either a solid Mahogany or a solid Spruce top, and all come with Mahogany backs and sides. For either of the two options, you are assured that you will get an acoustic guitar-rich sound and robust tone.

They all come with a Mahogany neck and a Rosewood fingerboard, adding warmth to the guitar’s tone. The acoustic guitars have slim necks, which makes them easier to play with. Its auditorium-style guitars also come with a cutaway design to easily play the upper frets, and they also have a contoured forearm rest so you can play the guitar relaxed.

Some of the acoustic guitars under the Terra Series come with Fishman PreSys Plus preamps with a 4-band EQ, and other tone controls like the phase and notch controls. All of them come with forward-shifted X-bracing, giving the guitars deeper resonance. All of these are equipped with the premium D’Addario EXP16 string set.

120 Series

Mitchell’s version of budget-friendly acoustic guitars, the 120 Series acoustic guitars, combines quality features, impressive electronics, and elegant aesthetics perfectly. The acoustic guitar bodies come with a Spruce top and a Mahogany back and sides, giving them the warmth and excellent tone for an entry-level guitar.

The 120 Series guitars are two variations: an acoustic-electric type and a pure acoustic guitar. The acoustic-electric guitars come with outstanding onboard electronics with an active pickup, a3-band EQ, and a tuner, allowing you to shape the guitar’s tone to your preference.

The acoustic guitars also come in three variations regarding body style: dreadnought, dreadnought with a cutaway, and an auditorium with a cutaway design. All the necks are made of Mahogany, but the fingerboard comes in either a Rosewood or a Jatoba. The guitar necks have a slim profile, allowing you to play the guitar comfortably.

Mitchell Electric Guitars

MD Series

Mitchell’s flagship electric guitar line, the MD Series comes in three sub-variations: the MD300, MD200, and the MD150. All electric guitars under the MD Series come with excellent build and sound quality for their value.

The MD300 has a basswood body with a double cutaway design and a bolt-on maple neck. It comes with a set of Alnico V pickups in an H/mini-H pickup configuration, perfect for eliminating unwanted feedback and mitigating tonal dropouts.

The electric guitars also have a deep bevel cutaway design for better access to the fretboard’s higher parts. Its string-through-body design and adjustable TOM-style bridge give the guitar impressive sustain and solid intonation. They come with a set of locking tuning machines and Graph Tech TUSQ XL nuts for improved tuning stability.

Like the MD 300, the MD 200 has similar specifications to the latter. They come with a double cutaway body design made of Basswood and a maple neck. They also have the same set of pickups and pickup configurations as the MD 300. They come with high-tensile strength fret wire for a better playing experience.

On the other hand, the MD 150 guitars come with a Poplar guitar body in a double cutaway design for a comfortable playing experience and improved guitar tone. They come with a pair of ceramic humbuckers for outstanding guitar tones, perfect for any genre. They are also equipped with black nickel hardware.

MS Series

Mitchell Guitars‘ mid-level product line, the MS Series offers electric guitars with a single cutaway design, perfect for guitar players looking for a comfortable playing experience and exceptional tone quality.

The MS450 electric guitars come in a Mahogany body with a flamed Maple top, and their necks and fingerboards are made of Mahogany and Rosewood. They are equipped with a pair of Alnico V humbucker pickups designed to eliminate unwanted feedback. They have a pull coil-tap function for additional tonal options.

They have a deep bevel cutaway design for easier playing in the deeper parts of the fretboard and they have a shallow C-profile and slim-tapered neck for additional comfortability. They are also equipped with a TOM-style bridge and string-through design, giving the guitar an impressive tone and accurate intonation.

The MS400 electric guitars have almost the same specifications as the MS450 Series. They come with a set of high-ratio locking tuners and GraphTech TUSQ XL nuts for improved tuning stability.  They also come with jumbo frets and high-tensile strength fret wire for a smooth playing experience and additional durability. 

The MS100 guitars come with a Basswood body with a single cutaway design. They come with 22-fret Maple necks and Jatoba fretboards. They are equipped with a pair of humbucker pickups with a 3-position pickup selector switch, so you can choose the perfect pickup position for your playing style.

So, is Mitchell a good guitar brand? Yes, for the price tag that they come with, they are really excellent for their values. They also have a variety of guitars to choose from to match your preference. If you are looking for a beginner or mid-level guitar, Mitchell is a great brand name that you should look for.