Is Simmons A Good Drum Brand

Is Simmons A Good Drum Brand? Simmons Drums

Is Simmons a good drum brand? Who is the owner of the Simmons Drums? Do Simmons drum kits sound good? Are all Simmons drum kits electronic kits? Are Simmons drum kits durable? Where are all Simmons drum kits manufactured, and who manufactures them? When it comes to electronic drum kits, not all are a fan of using them, and not everyone is familiar with some of the companies that manufacture them. 

If you are not familiar with the Simmons Drums, then it is time for you to know everything about them, as they are one of the first companies who were able to develop the electronic drum industry when the world was still not ready for it at that time.

So, Simmons Drums? What’s with them? Simmons was a famous electronic drum brand in the old days, as it was the first British company to manufacture electronic drum kits. The company was established in 1978 by Dave Simmons. From 1980 up to 1994, the company supplied electronic devices in the market. After it closed in 1999, Guitar Center bought the company and relaunched it in 2006.

Simmons SD200

The Simmons SD200 is the lowest in the product line of all the electronic drum kits offered by the Simmons drum brand in the market. Although it is an entry-level electronic drum kit, which means it is typically used as a practice kit for novice drummers, it can still be a great kit you can use when you need to record some drum parts.

The SD200 has ten drum kit presets you can work into, such as Modern Maple, Acrylic, Grunge, and many more. There are also 93 custom drum sounds that you can choose from, so if you want your bass drum to sound like a 22″ x 18″ Maple bass drum, then you have the option to do that. It comes with ten songs you can play along with, so if you need to practice, you can do so by playing through the song.

The SD200 comes with a rack, which is very stable and durable. The snare drum, two rack toms, and the floor toms all come with 8-inch mesh heads, while the ride, crash, and a pair of hi-hat cymbals all come with 10-inch rubber pads. Its hi-hat comes with a controller that responds quickly, like its bass pedal that has an integrated trigger for smooth playing.

The Simmons SD200 has a USB MIDI connection, which allows you to connect the drum kit to your computer or your mobile phone. Its 1/8-inch stereo aux input allows you to plug in your phone and play any song, so you can play along with it. You can also use the free Simmons Drums IOS App for some editing of the sound of the drum kit.

Simmons SD350

The Simmons SD350 is the next entry-level electronic drum kit that the brand is offering in the market. It is an electronic drum kit with a 5-piece configuration, which is an excellent option for drummers who are into recording or for those novice ones who want to play in a high-quality electronic drum kit for its practice gear. It is a full-sized kit, so there is no issue when it comes to setting it up.

The snare and the three toms all come with 8-inch mesh heads, which can survive great tension without breaking, while the hi-hats, ride, and crash cymbals all come with 10-inch durable pads. Its bass drum pedal has an integrated kick trigger for quick response. Its sound module features ten drum kits, which you can navigate to make the drum kit sound appropriate to what you are playing.

It also has 179 custom sounds, where you can freely choose how you would want the whole drum kit to sound in your preference. It comes with ten songs you can play along with, so it is a great way to practice if you are still a beginner.

The drum kit has stereo and headphone outputs to allow you to plug in your monitor headphones and insert them into the mix simultaneously without any issues. Lastly, it can connect to the free Simmons Basic IOS App, where there are some tools you can use to maximize the potential of the drum kit.

Simmons SD600

If you are looking for a mid-level electronic drum kit, the Simmons SD600 is an excellent option that you should look into. This drum kit can be used as practice gear or for rehearsing, although it can also be used for recording purposes. When it comes to connectivity, the Simmons SD600 is a great example of a kit that uses modern technology with an affordable price tag.

The Simmons SD600 comes with a heavy-duty rack for you to mount the drum pads. The steel rack is adjustable, so there will be no problem when it comes to comfort, as you can place it anywhere without having any issues.

It has a dual-ply snare drum with a 10-inch mesh head, while its three dual-ply toms all come with 8-inch mesh heads, which are all very responsive and durable. It also comes with a 10-inch crash cymbal, a 12-inch ride cymbal, and a pair of 10-inch hi-hat cymbals. It has a hi-hat pedal and a bass drum pedal which are both very responsive when you step on it.

The SD600 features a sound module that stores the Simmons Signature Sound Library, giving the kit many options. The SD600 has 35 preset drum kits, which are many for a mid-level electronic drum kit. The kit uses the Variable Attack Response technology, making the drum kit respond better and more accurately. Its cymbals respond similarly to acoustic cymbals used in the typical drum kits.

Aside from the fact that it can connect to the Simmons IOS App, you can also connect to the kit with your phone or laptop from its Bluetooth feature. Using the USB or its Bluetooth function, you can connect an electronic drum kit with your favorite digital audio workstation for a better recording experience.

Simmons SD1250

The Simmons SD1250 is the flagship electronic drum kit of the Simmons drum brand. The SD1250 is a premium gear that drummers should want. The shells of this drum kit have a very nice design, where there is even a rimshot sensor located in the snare drums for more realistic playing.

The SD1250 is a 6-piece electronic drum kit, which comprises four rack toms, a 14-inch mesh snare drum, and a 6-inch mesh kick drum. Different voicings trigger the toms, so there is no repetition of sounds, while the kick drum is designed to accept either a single pedal or a double bass pedal.

The sound module of the SD1250 houses 50 preset drum kits and has a collection of 750 drum sounds for you to choose from. It has dedicated faders, buttons, and knobs for easier customization with the drum kit. You can connect the drum kit to your computer to be able to record what you are playing using a USB or MIDI cable, but you can also connect using its Bluetooth feature.

So, is Simmons a good drum brand? If you are a drummer looking for an electronic drum kit, then yes, Simmons is a good drum brand you should look into. They offer a variety of electronic drum kits from entry-level to premium kits, which is great if you are looking for one.