Legend Amplifier History

Legend Amplifier History: Legend Guitar Amps Brand

Are you familiar with Legend amplifier history? Does Legend make great guitar amplifiers? Are Legend guitar amplifiers durable? Where are Legend guitar amplifiers made? What kind of guitar amplifiers does the company Legend make? If you are not familiar with the brand, then yes, the brand Legend exists as one of the companies that makes guitar amplifiers. So, if most of you are not familiar with Legend, then now you are going to find out how great their guitar amplifiers are.

The Legend Musical Instruments Inc was established in 1978, and its headquarters and manufacturing facility was located in East Syracuse, New York. Legend is known to make hybrid guitar amplifiers, which means that their guitar amplifiers have a tube pre-amplifier and a solid-state power amplifier. They produced high-quality guitar amplifiers from 1978 until 1984, and they were able to make more than 7,000 guitar amplifiers in their history.

Legend’s Rock N’ Roll Series and Model A series are their most popular guitar amplifiers that, even today, are still sought-after by guitar players who are looking for antique guitar amplifiers. Their guitar amplifiers are really durable, as you can still see many of their products that are sold as used guitar amplifiers in some online musical stores.

Their hybrid guitar amplifiers are built with aircraft-grade Aluminum chassis as they have excellent maximum strength and heat dissipation. They also come with computer-grade electrolytic capacitors and G10 glass epoxy circuit boards. Its cabinet is made of solid oak. The used materials in making their guitar amplifiers are one of the reasons why they are really expensive amps.

All Legend guitar amplifiers were engineered by Richard Newman, a former employee of Woodson Electronics and an employee of Bonne Music Shop. Their guitar amplifiers are available in a head amp and cabinet speaker setup and a combo-guitar amp setup.

Rock N’ Roll 100

The Legend Rock N’ Roll 100 is an ultra-rare version of the renowned Legend Rock N’ Roll 50. It is a hybrid guitar amplifier that has a tube preamp and a solid-state power amplifier. It has three pieces of 12AX7 in its preamp section, and with its solid-state power amplifier, there is really no doubt that this guitar amplifier is really loud.

The guitar amplifier has two inputs; a high and low input. It has master volume and preamp volume knobs, and it also has a colour gain knob and presence knob for its effects. For its equalization, it has bass, mid, and high knobs that you can turn to adjust. Aside from its power switch, it also has a standby switch, and in its back panel, it has a footswitch output and a preamp output.

Its chassis is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, while its cabinet is made of joint solid oak wood. It also has an original cane grille in its front. The guitar amplifier is equipped with a Celestion G12L80 as its speaker. This guitar amplifier became famous as Billy Gibbons used it in his entire Eliminator record. Its clean tones are very beautiful to listen to, so using an electric guitar with single-coil pickups is a perfect match for this amp.

Rock N’ Roll 50

The Legend Rock N’ Roll 50 is maybe the company’s best and most famous guitar amplifier that it ever made. Similar to its 100-Watt version, it is also a hybrid guitar amplifier with a tube preamp and a solid-state power amplifier. It has three pieces of 12AX7A and has a power output of 50 Watts RMS. Lastly, its minimum total load is 4 ohms.

It has a jointed cabinet made of solid oak wood, while it has a cane grille in its front that protects the guitar speaker. Just like its 100-Watt version, it also has two inputs: the high and the low. Its knobs are also identical, from the equalization and the volume knobs for the master and the preamp. It also has similar features with its bigger version when it comes to its back panel.

The guitar amplifier has a dimension of 24″ x 18″ x 9″ and a weight of 42.2 lbs. The Legend Rock N’ Roll 50 comes with a Celestion G12-80 speaker. This guitar amp also has a guitar head amplifier version which has the same power output of 50 Watts. Aside from the head amp variation, it also has a two-speaker variation, which usually comes with either two Celestion G12-80 or two Celestion G12-65.

Super Lead 50

The Legend Super Lead 50 is a guitar amplifier made by the company in the early 1980s. Similar to other guitar amplifiers from Legend, it also has a tube preamp and a solid-state power amplifier, making it a hybrid guitar amplifier. It comes with three 12AX7A tubes and has a power output of 50 Watts.

Like other Legend amps, the Super Lead 50 has two inputs: a high and low input. It also has a master and preamp volume and a colour gain knob. Its difference from other Legend guitar amplifiers is that it has a reverb knob and a bass boost knob from 15 Hz up to 230 Hz. It still has the same high, mid, and bass knobs from its equalization.

All its equalization controls are passive, and when you turn up its treble, it also cuts the bass, resulting in a less muddy sound, which is very effective when you crank up the guitar amp’s volume while it still produces a nice bass response. Its bass boost knob, which has an active circuit, serves as a boost for bass frequencies on low volumes, as well as provides the low-frequency response when the reverb is activated.

Aside from its aircraft-grade aluminum chassis for maximum strength and heat dissipation, and its solid cabinet made from oak wood, it also comes with computer-grade electrolytic capacitors and G10 glass epoxy circuit boards. The Legend Super Lead 50 comes with a combo-guitar amp variation and a head guitar amp setup. Its combo-guitar amp setup comes with a Celestion G12-80 as its speaker.

Model A30 And A60

The Legend Model A30 and A60 are both rare and great-sounding guitar amplifiers. All guitar amps under its series are hybrid amps that have a tube preamp and a solid-state power amplifier. The Model A60 is available in combo-guitar amp and head amp setup, while the Model A30 is only available in a combo-guitar amp variation.

Both amps have two 12AX7 tubes and a solid-state power amp, resulting in a very beautiful and loud guitar sound. Both guitar amps also come with a Celestion G12-80 speaker. The guitar amps have three switch buttons for their power, standby, and polarity options. Like other guitar amps, it has bass, mid, and treble knobs for its equalization.

Their difference from other Legend guitar amps is that they have two channels; the Volume and the 1st Stage Tube Drive. It also has a Master Reverb knob and a 2nd Stage Tube Drive. These guitar amplifiers have an impedance of 4 ohms, and all of them have an effects loop, line out, and a footswitch input.

These amps were also used by The Outlaws and ZZ Top, which both bands are known for in the 1970s and the 1980s.

So, Legend amplifier history? The company has really made great hybrid guitar amplifiers in its time, but unfortunately, it had to stop its operations in 1984 due to undisclosed reasons. Their guitar amps were all highly-touted and are also durable, as you can still see some of them sold in online music stores.