Is Lindo A Good Guitar Brand

Is Lindo A Good Guitar Brand? Lindo Guitars Electric And Acoustic

Is Lindo a good guitar brand? Where are all Lindo Guitars manufactured? What kind of guitars does Lindo offer? How good do Lindo Guitars sound? How durable are Lindo Guitars? What are the materials used in making Lindo Guitars? These questions usually come out when someone asks about Lindo Guitars. Understandably, many are still not familiar with this guitar brand, so now would be the best time to check the quality of their guitars.

If you are looking for a quality guitar at an affordable price, then maybe you are already familiar with Lindo guitars, as this guitar brand is one of the best in the market for this category, but if you still do not know anything about this guitar brand, then maybe it is time for you to learn how great their guitars are.

So, how good are these Lindo Guitars? Lindo Guitars is a guitar brand based in the United Kingdom that is famous in the country for manufacturing guitars with impressive build and sound quality while having an affordable price which is excellent for inexperienced guitar players who want to have a great guitar to practice without breaking the bank.

Lindo Guitars offers a variety of options for their acoustic, electric, acoustic-electric, and bass guitars. Even though their guitars are designed at their headquarters in Bristol, all the guitars they produce are all manufactured in China. This is the main reason why Lindo guitars are really affordable. However, it is not a reason for concern as the company is still implementing rigorous quality control as they aim to give their buyers high-quality guitars worth more than their value.

The company only employs guitar players, designers, engineers and artists, as they aim to be able to blend some of their innovation and creativity with their products’ functionality and value for their money perfectly.

ZTL Series

The ZTL Series is one of the entry-level guitars that Lindo Guitars are offering on the market. These guitars are copies of the renowned Fender Telecaster. These guitars produce a bright and twangy sound similar to a Tele, as it also has a nice high-end sparkle and clarity. By using its pickup switch and putting it in the neck position, you can also make the guitar sound bluesy, which is really lovely.

The bodies of these guitars are made of Basswood, which is pretty usual for entry-level guitars. The guitar necks are made of Maple, while their fingerboards are made of high-grade Rosewood. The bridge has a vintage style with a chrome finish, and all the machine heads are made of die-cast metal with a chrome finish. These guitars are also equipped with two single-coil pickups and a three-way pickup switch, which is similar to a Tele.

ZST Series

The ZST Series is Lindo Guitars’ version of one of the most famous electric guitar designs that were ever made, which is the Fender Stratocaster. These electric guitars really have a classic look with their glossy finish, and their headstock is really unique to look at. These guitars are versatile as you can use them either as a rhythm or lead guitar.

The bodies of the Lindo ZST guitars are all made of Basswood, as it is one of the most used tonewoods for making guitar bodies, especially for entry-level electric guitars. The fingerboards of these electric guitars are all made of Rosewood, while their necks are all from Maple. The bridge is a die-cast chrome finish but similar to a Strat; it also comes with a tremolo and whammy bar. Lastly, it has three single-coil pickups and a five-way pickup selector.

Victory Series

If you are looking to rock with an electric guitar that can hold its own, then maybe you should look into Lindo’s Victory Series guitars. These guitars have a V-shaped body similar to the Gibson Flying V and have a high-gloss block color finishing. These electric guitars are very versatile as you can use these guitars even if you are playing blues and country, but it is really best for the rock and metal genres.

The V-shaped bodies of these guitars are made of Basswood. They come with a Maple neck and a beautiful-looking Rosewood fingerboard. The guitars are also equipped with two humbucker pickups and a three-way pickup selector, so if you prefer playing with a clean tone or high-gain distortion, then it will be easy for you to achieve that. The bridge is a die-cast that comes with a chrome finish.

The Lindo Victory guitar always stands out with the crowd because of its aggressive aesthetics and tone, so if you are into this kind of guitar, then you should look into the Lindo Victory Series, as it is one of the most affordable options you can see in the market.


Not only does Lindo manufacture some impressive six-stringed electric guitars, but they also make very good seven-stringed guitars. The LGD-7 is similar to those 7-stringed electric guitars produced by guitar brands like Ibanez and Jackson. If you want to improve your creativity as a guitar player, then there is no better way than to try playing with a more modern electric guitar setup like a seven-stringed electric guitar.

The body of the LGD-7 is made of Basswood, while its neck is made of a satin-finished Maple. Its fingerboard is made of A-grade Rosewood, while its inlays are all made of ABS plastic. The guitar comes with a floating tremolo bridge with a locking nut. Lastly, the guitar is equipped with two hot humbucker pickups, which is perfect for a 7-string guitar setup.

Practicing with an additional low ‘B’ string will greatly improve your creativity and overall skill as a guitar player, as it opens up more possibilities for new riffs that you can execute in a 7-stringed electric guitar but not in a normal six-string guitar.

Dark Defender

In my opinion, the Lindo Dark Defender is one of the best-looking electric guitars that the company has ever made. If you are a superhero looking for an electric guitar that will suit you, then you should look into the Dark Defender. This guitar is masked in a black matte disguise and has a hollow-body design similar to the Fender Thinline Telecasters.

The guitar’s body is made of Willow, while its neck is made of Maple with a matte black finish. Even though it is an electric guitar, it can also be used as a semi-acoustic guitar because of its chambered body. It has a C-shape neck profile and a low-string action for a more comfortable guitar-playing experience. Its neck is also able to help to produce the high and mid frequencies needed for playing this type of guitar.

The fingerboard of the guitar is made of Rosewood and has 24 frets overall, so you have more options if you are a lead guitar player. The bridge and the tuning heads are all made of die-cast and come with a chrome finish.

Lastly, the guitar is equipped with two soap bar pickups and a three-way pickup switch, so you can adjust the guitar tone if needed. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, blues, country, or jazz, the Dark Defender is a guitar that you can trust to perform what is needed of it.

So, is Lindo Guitars a good guitar brand? Yes, Lindo Guitars is a good guitar brand to consider if you are looking for a high-quality guitar that comes at an affordable price. They also have many guitar models you can choose from, so there is really a high chance that one of their guitars would suit your taste as a guitar player.