Are Ludwig Drums Good

Are Ludwig Drums Good? Ludwig Drum Brand Overview

Are Ludwig drums good? Are they durable? Do they sound great? Where are these drums manufactured? These questions are pretty standard if you are curious and interested in Ludwig Drums. If you still do not have any idea what Ludwig Drums are, we will help you learn everything about them.

Ludwig Drums was founded in 1909 by William and Theobald Ludwig in Chicago, Illinois, USA. William was a professional drummer; however, he could not get any regular work, which is why the two brothers decided to open a drum shop named Ludwig & Ludwig. The shop’s first manufactured product was a bass drum pedal.

All entry-level to intermediate drum kits are made in China, though all its professional-level drum kits are handcrafted in its main factory in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Many renowned drummers endorse Ludwig Drums, like Ringo Starr, John Bonham, QuestLove, Alex Van Halen, and many more legendary drummers, which is why Ludwig is a really trusted brand when it comes to drums. Aside from their standard-sized kits, they also produce compact-sized drum kits for children and traveling drummers.

What Are The Ludwig Drum Models That I Can Choose With?

Ludwig Drums offer different models of drum kits from entry-level to professional use. Here are all of them:

Ludwig Accent

If you are looking for a beginner that is looking for an entry-level drum kit that comes with cymbals and stands, then Ludwig Accent is maybe what you are looking for. Its shells are made from a selected 5-ply hardwood, and its bearing edges use a 45-degree design, which is a pretty standard design for drum kits.

The Ludwig Accent is only available in two configurations: a 5-piece Drive setup and a 5-piece Fuse setup. The Drive setup has larger drum shells than the Fuse setup. Both configurations come with a hi-hat cymbal and a ride/crash cymbal which is a pretty great setup if you are still a novice drummer. It also comes with a one cymbal stand and a hi-hat stand.

The Ludwig Accent is equipped with decent drumheads, which is what you expect from an entry-level drum kit. The hardware that comes with the kit is also pretty standard. The drum kit produces excellent attack and sustain, which is impressive for its price point. The bass drum and snare are great for an entry-level drum kit.

Overall, the Ludwig Accent is a great drum kit for those who are still starting in their journey to become professional drummers. It is one of the cheapest drum kits that a renowned drum manufacturing company makes.

Ludwig Evolution

For intermediate-level drum kits, the Ludwig Evolution is a great drum kit that you should look into. The shells are made from poplar wood, which is great for jazz and rock drummers because of its warm and balanced sound. It still uses a 45-degree design for its bearing edges.

The Ludwig Evolution is available in two configurations: a 5-piece setup and a 6-piece setup. Usually, they come with Zildjian cymbals for a complete drumming experience. All the stands that come with the drum kit are double-braced, which is pretty sturdy and is a great plus for the price you will pay.

Overall, the Ludwig Evolution is one of the best intermediate-level kits that are available today in the market. The hardware is durable and can last for a very long time. The kit is pretty versatile, but maybe the drumheads will need to be upgraded so that you will have a faster time tuning the drums.

Ludwig NeuSonic

For professional drum kits with a more affordable price than its competitors, the Ludwig NeuSonic is really an excellent option to look into. The shells are made from a 3-ply maple exterior and a 3-ply cherry interior, which results in a punchy sound and a great projection. These drum kits are made in the U.S.A, so you can be sure that they have excellent build quality and their sound will be as impressive as you’d expect them to be.

The Ludwig NeuSonic is available in three different configurations: a 3-piece downbeat setup, a 3-piece fab setup, and a 3-piece pro beat setup. The downbeat setup has the smallest shell sizes, and the pro beat setup has the largest bass drum in the three configurations.

The Ludwig NeuSonic uses 45-degree bearing edges with a 1/16″ back-cut for its shells as they greatly help in tuning the drums. The NeuSonic drum kits also apply the RFST molding in their shells which is a technology that Ludwig is known for.

The Ludwig NeuSonic comes with the iconic Ludwig Keystone badges and the Mini Classic lugs. It also comes with drumheads that are made in the USA, which is pretty standard for a professional-level drum kit. All Ludwig NeuSonic drum kits do not come with snare drums; that is why you need to buy one to have a complete drumming experience with this kit.

Overall, the Ludwig NeuSonic is a versatile drum kit that can be used for either recording or live performances. For its price, it isn’t easy to find other drum kits that can match what the Ludwig NeuSonic is offering.

Ludwig Vistalite

If you are looking for Acrylic drum kits, then you should look into the Ludwig Vistalite drum kits. If you are a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, then you should also know who John Bonham is. John Bonham is the drummer of Led Zeppelin and is widely known for using the Ludwig Vistalite drum kit.

The shells of the Vistalite are made of 6mm acrylic with reinforced seams and use a 45-degree bearing edge for an elevated sustain and crisp attack. The Vistalite drum kits are really known for their presence, focus and attack.

The Ludwig Vistalite is available in three different configurations: a 3-piece Fab setup, a 3-piece Pro Beat setup, and a 6-piece Zep setup. Both Fab and Pro Beat setups do not come with snare drums, while all of the configurations do not come with cymbal packs and stands.

Overall, the Ludwig Vistalite is one of the best acrylic drum kits available on the market. When a legendary drummer is known for using a specific drum kit, then it is really sure that it is an excellent drum kit. The only drawback for the Ludwig Vistalite is that it is really a bit pricey, but that is what you should really expect for a professional drum kit.

Ludwig Classic

The Ludwig Classic is available in two different options when it comes to the wood used for the shells: Oak and Maple. For the Classic Oak drum kit, the shells are made of 3-ply maple and American red oak in their inner and outer plies. For the Classic Maple, the shells are made from a standard 7-ply maple.

The Classic Oak and Maple are both available in four different configurations: a 3-piece Downbeat setup, a 3-piece Fab setup, a 4-piece Mod setup, and a 3-piece Pro Beat setup. Snare drums are not included in all configurations of the Ludwig Classic. There are also no cymbal packs and stands if you are going to purchase any of these drum kits.

Both Classic Maple and Oak use a 45-degree bearing edge design for better focus and tuning control. All of its shells also underwent RFST molding, resulting in increased stability of the drum kit. The Classic Oak is really known for its balanced, focused, and loud tone, while the Classic Maple is known for its tonality, sustain, and versatility.

Overall, the Ludwig Classic Oak and Maple are excellent options if you are looking for professional drum kits. Both models are great for professional recording or live performances. Its only drawback is that you are really breaking the bank if you get one, which is expected for all professional drum kits.

Ludwig Legacy

For flagship drum kits, the Ludwig Legacy is really one of the best in the business. The Ludwig Legacy is available in two different options for the wood used for the shells: Mahogany and Maple. The Legacy Mahogany shells are made of 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany formula, while the Legacy Maple shells are made of 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple formula.

Both Legacy Mahogany and Maple use a 30-degree bearing edge design as it gives a distinctive sound to the drum kits. Usually, Ludwig Legacy drum kits are only available in a 3-piece configuration, so you purchase a snare drum to enjoy your drum kit fully. There are also no cymbal packs and stands that come with it.

The Legacy Mahogany is known for its rich and warm tone, while the Legacy Maple is known for its bright tone, punchy low-end, and excellent focus. The hardware in the Ludwig Legacy is really exceptional, and you can depend on it to last for a lifetime.

Overall, the Ludwig Legacy is what you expect from what a flagship drum kit should be. Be ready to break the bank if you are going to buy any of the Ludwig Legacy drum kits.

Conclusion On Ludwig Drums

Overall, Ludwig drum kits are exceptional; from their entry-level to professional drum kits, they can really compete with any top brands. Purchasing any Ludwig drum kit is really a great investment that you will never regret as it has been one of the best brands in the market for many years, even today.

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